Review Ultimate Support jsms70 speaker stands

The Ultimate support jsms70 speaker stands are probably the most affordable, adjustable height speaker stands on the market.

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The Ultimate support js ms70 is the baseline model of Ultimate Support speaker stands and their best-selling product. If you are looking for cheap studio monitor stands but that are stable enough to carry medium to heavy monitors, the js ms 70 will most certainly be a good option.


Pro’s & Con’s


  • wide,low profile base
  • intuitive locking mechanism
  • non slick strips on the platform
  • hight adjustable
  • easy to assemble
  • solid
  • affordable and good price/quality
  • compatible with almost every speaker

  • unstable with very heavy speakers


Rating : 9/10

Price : 79,99$

Best place to buy : Amazon 

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  • Ultimate support jsms 70 base  Stable, low profile base that fits in tight places , that  includes both leveling floor spikes for carpeted areas and rubber feet for hard wood and tile surfaces


Ultimate support jsms height adjustable



  • Height adjustable ( 4 heights from 32.5″ to 44.25″,) secured with lock in pins



Ultimate support jsms70 platform


  • 9″ platform with non-slick strips



The Ultimate support jsms70 speaker stands are the best choice if you are have a low budget but you are looking for quality and they can be used with any monitor even heavy ones.

Ultimate support jsms 70 monitor stands

I use mine for my KRK Rokit 8 G 3 monitors ( see picture ) and I am very happy with with them. They don’t take a lot of space, are really easy to assemble and you can easily adjust the height with secured lock pins.

The only minus thing I could say is that they the platform is little bit tiny for my KRK Rokit 8 G 3 and they might give an impression of instability for monitors above 25 lbs… but they certainly do the job for any speaker bellow.





Monitor acoustic isolation pads

In addition I’d recommend to buy monitor acoustic isolation pads . They will provide a more accurate sound and will tighten up the bass response of your monitors.


mo padsI added  Auralex MoPad Monitor isolation pads in addition to my Ultimate Support jsms 70 and my Rokit 8 G3,  and honestly , they do really prevent sonic resonance and coloration from the monitors on their resting surface providing a clearer and more articulate sound.

There are 5 different positioning options to adapt your speakers different listening angles (upwards or downwards). They are designed so that they can be used to support virtually all sizes of loudspeakers up t0 100 Lbs each. The can be used to calm vibration that degrade the performance in such a way as not to restrict the airflow.


Rating: 8,5/10 isolation

Price : $34,99

Best place to buy: Amazon 



  • Provide sonic isolation between your monitors and whatever your monitors are resting on, INSTANTLY improving the accuracy of your monitoring system.
  • MoPADs are affordable, easy to implement and really effective at decoupling your monitors from your room and all its contents
  • Each MoPAD Unit is 12″x4″ with a Weight Limit of 100lbs.
  • 1- Set of MoPADs in Charcoal
  • The included wedge piece allows you to tilt your monitors or speakers forward or backwards up to 8 degrees!
  • Suitable for low-budget computer monitors


The perfect combination for the most accurate sound possible to Produce, Master and Remix your music and become a pro.

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