The 10 Best Home Recording Studio Desks For Less Than $200

The 10 Best Home Recording Studio Desks for less than $200

You bought yourself some fine studio equipment and your home studio is slowly building up.

At some point, you might realize that you don’t have enough space to add some new equipment or that your current desk isn’t functional enough to offer you the workspace you need.

A studio desk is often overshadowed by other equipment such as monitors, an audio interface or a keyboard but it is an essential piece of your home studio.

As a music producer, I know that gear is quickly building up, leaving only a little space for more stuff. With all the cabling it can also become a real mess!

Another thing is that you spend long hours behind your studio desk, so the least to expect is comfort and functionality.

I created this article for music producers on a budget. That means that I looked up to what I consider being the best deals in home recording studio desks for less than $200.

How To Find A Cheap Deal That Meets Your Needs!

Since we are on a budget, it’s important to check some basic requirements that your home recording studio desk you will need to dispose of.

Some high-end studio desks can rise up to more than $3000! It’s obvious that these will possess all the specificities that you expect from a more professional studio setup.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a desk that meets your needs for a much lower price.

Ideally, your studio workstation will be functional and possess a large enough surface for all your gear. It must also be sturdy enough to support heavy audio equipment such as studio monitors.

It should have an ergonomic design where everything is within reach distance and meet the size of your room.

One of the most crucial elements for studio desks is a pull-out keyboard tray.  Additionally, it should provide enough leg support and have good cable management.

Your final choice will depend on your personal taste and budget.

Without further ado, here are my picks for the 10 best Home recording Studio Desks under $200.

The 10 Best Home Recording Studio Desks

OneSpace 50-1001 Stanton Computer Desk with Pullout Keyboard Tray

The 10 Best Home Recording Studio Desks For Less Than $200”The Cheapest”

The Stanton OneSpace Computer Desk is basic, cheap and sleek. It is small, compact and a cost-effective choice for small spaces.

It’s a good option for minimalistic studios with little equipment that doesn’t require too much space.

What I like the most about this desk is the pullout keyboard tray which is a major requirement for studio desks that most cheap desks don’t have.

The Stanton Desk is made with a tubular steel frame and PVC-lined MDF boards which makes strong and stable enough to support up to 150 pounds.

It is also durable enough while remaining lightweight and easy to move when needed.

If your budget on home studio desks is less than $50, then you got yourself a great deal on this one!

Pros: Cost-effectiveness for small spaces. The keyboard tray.

Cons: Not the most ergonomic studio desk. Not much leg room. The mechanism for the keyboard isn’t very smooth.

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Flash Furniture Glass Computer Desk

The 10 Best Home Recording Studio Desks For Less Than $200”Compact and Contemporary”

The Flash Furniture Glass Computer Desk is a compact solution if you are looking for a basic desk with a modern appeal.

It is compact but ergonomic and large enough for basic music production equipment and a keyboard.

It has a clear tempered glass surface with a black powder coated frame finish. The crisscross Cherry Finished Leg Design give it a contemporary design.

The Black Sliding Keyboard Tray (23.5”W x 11.75”D) is large enough for small to medium keyboards.

This desk is a good deal when your budget is less than $100.

Pros: Compact and attractive design

Cons: Not enough space for multiple audio gear and large monitors. Glass surface isn’t ideal to support heavy weight.

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On Stage WS7500 Series Wood Workstation

The 10 Best Home Recording Studio Desks For Less Than $200”Perfect for Home Studio”

The WS7500 Series is an ergonomic Z-frame wood workstation with a slide-out keyboard tray. It exists in 2 colors ( Black or Rosewood/Black).

The rectangular steel tube frame is sturdy enough to support your audio equipment and the dimensions are good enough (46 x 6 x 30 inches) for a basic home recording studio.

It is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and work efficiency and makes it a great desk for your home studio.

I Especially like the minimalistic design with the 3 layered surface and horizontal floor legs which gives a clean a sleek look at your home studio. 

Its top panel is also wide and solid enough for studio speakers and the keyboard tray has sufficient space for medium keyboards or midi controllers.

Pros: Easy to put together. Solid.

Cons: Your monitors might be just a little too low, even with isolation pads. The keyboard tray is not wide enough for larger keyboards.

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OneSpace 50-JN110500 Ultramodern Glass L-Shape Desk

The 10 Best Home Recording Studio Desks For Less Than $200”Sleek and Space Saving Design”

The OneSpace50 is an L-Shaped desk that consists of 2 desktop areas, 2 CPU stands, and a keyboard tray. It has a modern, minimalistic look and is ideal for corner placement.

This desk is made of sturdy black steel frame and 3-piece clear tempered safety glass which is durable against scratches and other surface damage. 

Its space-saving design and ample surface make it a good deal for less than $100.

Furthermore, the good cable management results in a modern but clean looking workstation.

Pros: Modern look and capacity.

Cons: Difficult to assemble. The keyboard slide tray is too small for larger keyboards and might not pull out of its full extension evenly. The safety glass can’t support very heavy audio equipment such as 8” monitors.

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Z-Line Claremont Desk

The 10 Best Home Recording Studio Desks For Less Than $200”Aesthetic and Modern design”

Z-Line Claremont is a spacious desktop workspace with pull-out keyboard tray. It is large and very aesthetically pleasing in design.

It has a modern wooden design with 6mm smoked tempered safety glass and chrome cylinder glass supports.

The pull-out keyboard area has enough room for a large keyboard and a mouse/mousepad.

Pros: Aesthetic and modern design with a nice finish. Sturdy, stable and functional. Easy to assemble.

Cons: No top panel for monitors. Instruction manual and screw packaging may not match up.

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Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

The 10 Best Home Recording Studio Desks For Less Than $200”Sturdy and Space-Saving”

Z-Line Cyrus is a mobile, wooden workstation with a glass surface, top panel, and large keyboard tray.

The dimensions of the desk are 48 x 26 x 36 and its 3 layered space-saving design makes it spacious enough to support any studio equipment.

The main desk is made out of clear tempered glass which is designed to hold maximum weight up to 200lbs. Though, you should always double check the weight of your monitors. It’s sturdy but the top panel may not hold large driver studio monitors.

The long keyboard tray is definitely a plus. You can easily put a 61key controller, maybe even an 88 key controller.

Pros: The long keyboard tray. Its space-saving and sturdy design.

Cons: The glass surface may shatter. Some users experienced any misaligned holes or messed up points of entry.

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HomCom 61 in. Modern L-Shaped Office Workstation

The 10 Best Home Recording Studio Desks For Less Than $200” Maximum Space”

HomCom 61 is a Modern L-Shaped Workstation that offers maximum space, even for small rooms. Its space-saving design is functional and large enough ( 61 x 51 x 30) for multiple pieces of audio equipment.

The desk is made of high-quality materials and its powder-coated steel frame makes it strong and stable. Its PVC laminated surface is designed for long-lasting durability.

It also includes a sliding pull-out keyboard tray, a mobile CPU rack, anti-slip feet and an extra shelf for books or other accessories.

Pros: The desks offers lots of space and is made of high-quality materials. It’s convenient and robust. The Keyboard tray.

Cons: Difficult to put together. Would be ideal if the top panel was larger so it could support monitor speakers.

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Arch Tower

The 10 Best Home Recording Studio Desks For Less Than $200”Compact and Efficient”

The Arch Tower is a compact and functional tower station. It is the ideal studio desk if you have limited space and a lot of storage needs.

It features two large upper shelves, a spacious lower shelf, 2 speaker stands and a slide-out keyboard. The manufacturer also added metal/wood rear panels and floor levelers to offer more stability to the whole structure.

The tower is available in Pewter/Teak, Black/Silver, and Black/Cherry.

Pros: Great deal for really small spaces and minimalistic home studios.

Cons: The side shelves are too small for larger studio monitors.The slider shelf the keyboard rests on doesn’t slide very smooth. CD storage is outdated.

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Walker Edison 3-Piece Contemporary Desk

The 10 Best Home Recording Studio Desks For Less Than $200

”Simple and Sophisticated”

The Walker Edison desk is a three-piece corner desk crafted from beveled tempered safety glass and powder coated steel legs. it looks modern, sleek, and professional. It also exists in a black and white shiny metal design.

It includes an autonomous CPU stand and a sliding keyboard tray that can be mounted on either side of the desk and can even be disassembled and used as two stand-alone desks.

Its corner design provides a surprisingly large amount of work area.

Pros: Leg space. Easy to assemble.

Cons: Keyboard tray may be too small for large keyboards. No cable management.

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HomCom 69″ Modern L-Shaped Symmetrical Desk

The 10 Best Home Recording Studio Desks For Less Than $200”Stylish, Large and Functional”

I already recommended The HomCom 61 before because of its ergonomic and functional design and the quality of the materials that the brand uses to design their desks.

But if I really had to make a choice I would go for the HomCom69”. First of all, because it’s larger than its predecessor and also because of its ergonomic design that’s ideal for a home recording desk under $200.

The space-saving, wrap-around style offers plenty of surface space for your audio equipment. The convenient built-in tray slides out for your keyboard to sit on and then slides back in and out of the way when not in use.

It’s made out of powder-coated steel frame and long-lasting MDF material in a black wood finish with a smoked glass desktop.

It also has a detached computer tower cart on smooth-rolling wheels making it a convenient way to store and transport your CPU tower.

Pros: It’s huge, so plenty of space for your gear. Sturdy and durable.

Cons: The long table Max Capacity is only 55lbs. Would have been even better without the glass surface for more weight capacity.

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I hope you like my picks of the 10 best home recording studio desks. I picked those specific desks because they are great options if you are a music producer on a budget and I made sure to only review desks that were ergonomic for smaller rooms but also functional enough to be used a home recording studio desk.

This means that the ideal desk has a keyboard tray and a large and sturdy enough surface to support heavy audio equipment. A top panel for studio monitors can also save you some money on speakers stands but if the desk is large enough, you can always add some desktop stands and risers or to get them at the right height.

If you are a Do-It-Yourself kind of person you can save yourself some more bucks by building your own home studio desk. If you think you have the abilities to do so, then this will be the cheapest option to customize the perfect desk that suits your needs.

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know about your personal choice!

Any experience with the above-mentioned desks can also help other users in making their final decision.

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