118 Free Big Room Samples that will blow your speakers!

Free Big Room Samples

Looking for Free Big Room Samples? I got just what you are looking for! 118 FREE Big Room Samples that will BLOW your SPEAKERS… and annoy your neighbors!

I created this Sample Pack because, when I started out, I was looking all over the web to find some Free Sounds, acapella’s, Samples and Sample Packs.

Although I discovered some great websites where to get Sample packs, most of them were not free and finding awesome, Royalty Samples could quickly become an expensive matter!

For this reason and also because I know that starting out is quite difficult, I decided to give away 1 of the sample packs I have created just for you and FREE TO DOWNLOAD!

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Free Big Room Samples Video Preview

Listen here! All the samples are included in the Sample Pack! ( Youtube video preview below)

Or watch the video:

10 Kicks

8 Claps/ Snares

10 Hats

9 Dry Basslines

9 Wet Basslines

5 Sub Bas

22 Leads

2 Guitars

14 Percs

9 FX

2 Backings

9 Loops

6 Additives

3 Vocal Glitches

How to get them?

There are 2 simple ways to get instant access to your Free Big Room Samples!

  1. Watch my Youtube Video Preview and click on the download link in the description!
  2. Click on this link ! Just enter your email and a download link will be sent directly to you ( no spam! )
  3. Download your 118 Free Big Room samples
  4. ENJOY!

Or Click on the button!

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Yes, it’s THAT easy!

I hope you will enjoy your free big room samples and I am looking forward to hearing the results.

Post your creations in the comment section below and you might be receiving a bonus price!

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