About Angélique

    Hi guys,

    Just me

    My name is Angélique and I am originally from Belgium but I am living in Barcelona for 5 years.

    I am an independent music producer and although I hate to put a name on a genre you could categorize my style as Deep House , Minimal and Tech House but as I say I don’t like the whole ‘genre’ discussions and being myself very eclectic, I love to incorporate different styles into my music and I might be ending doing something crazy style wise in the future ….

    I am the proud creator and owner of Children Of The Electronic Revolution! 


    Why did I create Children of The Electronic Revolution?

    When I started off as an amateur electronic music producer a few years ago I was overwhelmed by all the information on the web.

    I had absolutely no idea where to start so I googled for hours trying to make out how I should start, what DAW to use, where to find tutorials,.. before I actually could finally start what I came there for and is… producing electronic music.

    Years later I am still searching the net because things change fast in the music industry and you have to stay up to date with new programs, social media,… but I learned a few things and I will share everything I find interesting with you, because you deserve more than spending hours looking up for things while you could be making music

    ”I want to help beginners, get the best information right way so they don’t spend hours trying to figure out how to get started!”

    How can I help you succeed as a music producer ?

    That’s why I wanted to help others giving all the info you guys need so you get all the information you need to start right away!

    On this website, I’d like to share my passion to Electronic music and bring a little bit of my knowledge to those who like me want to make it as a music producer.

    • I will teach you how to start making music from scratch as well as teaching you how to make music on Ableton , FL Studio, …
    • Tutorials ( coming soon)
    • Give you some tips & tricks
    • The best software reviews
    • Some free stuff!
    • The best websites to find acapella’s, Samples, sound effects,…
    • News about the Electronic music scene
    • Festivals
    • Artists
    • And much more

    I am not a professional nor do I know everything about the music industry ( I am still learning myself and I am sure I can learn a lot from all of  you guys ) .

    But what I can do is sharing everything I know with you so you can do what you really want to do… MAKING MUSIC!

    I was always searching for a community where mind related people can connect and help each other… because what we do all want is be recognized for our art!

    If you like my website… You CAN help Children Of the Electronic Revolution!

    Although I created this website to help beginners into their music production venture it takes a sustainable of money, time and effort to put such a website in place.

    I have created everything myself from scratch and as some of you may know, logo creators, plugins, themes are not free.

    To be able to maintain this website alive, I am working with affiliate programs and I do get a small percentage of benefits when you click on my product links and buy on Amazon or any other affiliate program.

    This is without any additional fee and I am always making sure to find out the best price for you but this really helps me keep my website alive!

    So if like Children of the Electronic Revolution and you’d like to keep this website alive…

    • Please click on the links on my website to make your purchase and help me keeping Children of the Electronic Revolution alive!
    • Another way you can help is by sharing on your favorite social media 
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    Any ideas on how to improve Children Of The Electronic Revolution are welcome!

    Are you in the music industry yourself?

    I am looking to collaborate with other music producers and audio engineers in the future so don’t hesitate to send me an email if you have some creative ideas and you wish to be part of my project!

    [email protected]

    Wishing you a happy stay full of music and if you need any help don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I’ll be more than happy to help you 🙂

    Cheers and great to have you!