AKG K 240 MK II Review

    AKG K 240 MK II Review

    AKG K 240 MK II Review


    Overal rating



    • Stunning , accurate mids
    • clear, airy highs
    • Excellent sound imaging
    • Varimotion 30 mm XXL transducers
    • Comfortable and light


    • lack of authority in bass department
    • quite big for average head
    • quality of material has decreased (made in China)


    Complete AKG K 240 MK II Review

    AKG K 240 MK II Stereo Studio Headphones (k241 for french market) are professional semi-open ear headphones. They have been a standard in many studios for more than 3 decades now and are one of the world’s most used professional headphones in the world.

    The AKG 24o MK II is the newest, improved version of the AKG K 240, who had already nothing to envy to other much more expensive headphones. AKG K 240 MK II Review

    AKG most definitely offer an unbeatable sound quality for a -much than-affordable price and deserve a place in my top 10 of best studio headphones! They have proven be one of the top choices when you are a starting producer on a budget, a musician, video editor or audiophile.

    Whether it is the cheap AKG K 240 or the AKG K 240 MK II, you can’t miss by and I encourage you to try them out. Discover it here!



    The Black and grey semi open headphones come in with 2 cables, that are replaceable and interchangeable via the mini xlr connectors. There is 1 straight 3 m long cable and 1 coiled cable. You’ll also get a srew on 1/8” to ¼” adaptor.

    They might be slightly bigger than other headphones in that range but they are light weighted too.

    The self-adjusted headband is not too tight and doesn’t pressure your head.

    There 2 sets of ear pads (1 pleather and 1 velours). The ear cushions are extremely soft and comfortable. They are big enough to envelop the ear and airy enough to avoid sweat during extended sessions.

    The sound isolation isn’t optimal because they are semi-open headphones but there is not too sound leakage either.


    How do they sound ?

    AKG K 240 MK II Review

    The AKG 240 MK II have xxl transducers with Varimotion duaphragms that reproduce an accurate signal transfer and dynamic range.

    They reproduce a well balanced and detailed sound. The sound is flat and neutral but not hyped anywhere in the spectrum.

    The highs are amazingly clear and airy and the mids are detailed and accurate with quite responsive bass and low ends due to the xxl transducers.

    The bass response has been improved compared to the AKG 240, but isn’t still very much present like it’s intended to be.

    It still reproduces a more light weight bass than many other headphones, so if you are looking for heavy bass headphones you might want to go for something else.

    The sound stage is wide, spacious and airy and stereo imaging is excellent. There is a good separation of instruments, vocals, drums and percs and a well balanced and detailed overall sound.

    The AKG MK 240 II reflects the initial intent of the track and doesn’t fake the sound.

    It is recommend to burn them in for about 8 h before going all the way and you might need to add an amp to optimize the sound quality to the max. As they are initially made for studio purposes, the might sound soft on I pod due to their high resistance.


    AKG K 240 MK II VS AKG K 240?

    First noticeable difference of all the price! The AKG K 240 can be considered cheap but they cost almost half the price of the MKII and even thought the sound quality is about the same, there has been some improvements on the bass.

    The K 240 is even less centered on the bass, which can sound lightweight and might lack some punch. You will need a strong amp to improve this or get the full capacity. They possess the same 55 ohm driver and sound quality and soundstage are equivalent.

    The ear pads are more comfortable in MKII and you get 2 sets instead of one. They are overall more comfortable and have a better design. I am personally not a big fan of their black & Gold design. One thing to take in consideration is it that most models of the AKG 240 have been built in Austria, while the 240 MK II is built in China and lost some built quality since then. 

    AKG 240 gold


    For the very little price ($64.82 on Amazon) the AKG K 240 you will hardly find better sound ! but if you can afford to spend a little bit more you’ll have the improvements that go along with the extra money you’ll put in them and even they are almost double as expensive , they are still very affordable for what you get 






    • 50 Ohm impedence
    • Self-adjusting headband for optimum fit
    • Single cable for ease of use
    • Semi-open, circumaural design
    • 15hz to 25khz frequency range

     AKG K 240 MK II Review


    I can highly recommend them for starters because they have a very good price/ quality value. Besides the great sound quality, they are extremely comfortable and just look stylish enough to wear them on the streets.

    The only negative thing I could say is the lack of bass. Although the bass is sufficient, it is too weak for many people and it is also for me too. I know it’s not recommended, but I master and mix with headphones before I finish the work with my monitors and producing electronic music this lack of bass affects the true intention I have behind it. Not enough with the headphones and too overwhelming with monitors. So it  needs a lot of monitor tweaks to adjust the bass.

    Despite of that, the audio quality is absolutely mind blowing considering the price and if you are not really searching for a heavy bass, but a flat and accurate frequency response, you can guarantee that you will absolutely pleased with them because they have proven to be remarkable headphones!

    Pros & Cons


    • Stunning , accurate mids
    • clear, airy highs
    • Excellent sound imaging
    • Varimotion 30 mm XXL transducers
    • Comfortable and light

    • lack of authority in bass department
    • quite big for average head
    • quality of material has decreased since they are made in China

    4,5 stars




    USA: $130.74

    UK: £75.95   

    EU: EUR 118,00  


    Best place to buy






    Grado Prestige Series SR80e

    grado 3



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