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JAXX DE LUXE- I’m taking you high: Most SEXY Tune Of This Spring!

Jaxx De Luxe-I’m Taking You High – Feat. Aphra

JAXX DE LUXE is one of the latest releases on Nervous Records, currently one of the longest standing underground record labels. Nervous Records is known for early productions by notables including Armand Van Helden, Mood II Swing, Masters At Work and Josh Wink. It also involved in producing some of the biggest nightclub events with artists including Oscar G, Chus+ Ceballos, and DJ Boris.

This fresh, clubby and sexy Disco House Track tastes like a sweet like a sweet honey pie with a cherry on top. 

Add a strong and funky bassline and seductive vocals and you get an uplifting track that will make you want to shake your booty till the early dawn… And booty is exactly what you get to see in the aesthetically beautiful and sexy video. I’m Taking You High – Feat. Aphra.

The man behind Jaxx De Luxe is no one less than Mathieu Gendreau, best know for the acclaimed and awarded indie-electronic duo Plastic Operator. 

The track is already available on Tracksource, Beatport, and Itunes.

If you like booties, whip cream, strawberries, and honey check out the Sexyyy Video (UNRATED version only on VIMEO)


Mat Gendreau is a Philadelphia- based music producer, composer and recording artist. He started Audio Production at the University of Westminster in London where he met Pieter Van Dessel to form the electro-indie duo Plastic Operator. Their music collaboration started in 2001, just after they graduated their MA. The band caught the attention of BBC Radio 1 DJ Rob Da Bank with the song “Folder” in 2005 and the single was signed to Sunday Best Recordings.

In 2007, Mathieu launched his own label, Fine Day Records, and released Plastic Operator’s album “Different Places” to critical acclaim. The band performed live in many of Europe’s largest clubs, events, and festivals including Bestival (Isle of Wight), Razzmatazz Club (Barcelona), Petrol, Culture Club (Belgium) and Paris Fashion Week.

Mathieu has produced numerous remixes, including “Chains of Love – Plastic Operator remix” for chart-topping band Erasure (Mute/EMI) and his music productions have been released by labels such as EMI, Mute, Virgin, Sony, Tommy Boy, Ministry of Sound and Universal, and artists including Goldfrapp, New Order, Arthur Baker, Tommie Sunshine, CLIENT, Erasure and King Britt.

He also works on different projects such original music and sound design for tv commercials, film, television, and video games. His work as a composer has been featured in films and videos, television programs, advertisements, and video games for Ubisoft, Autodesk, MIT, WYBE, Coca-Cola, Radio-Canada Television and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Games Awards.




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Studio albums

  • Different Places (2007)
  • Before The Day Is Out (2012)


  • Folder single (2005)
  • Why Don’t You? EP (2007)
  • Home 0207 single (2008)
  • Peppermint EP (2009)
  • Parasols Remixes (2010)
  • Singing All The Time Remixes (2011)
  • Sometimes It’s Easy (King Britt Nightrider Mix) (2012) 


  • 2007 Pajaro Sunrise – Automatic (Plastic Operator Remix)
  • 2008 Hermanos Inglesos – Komodo (Plastic Operator Edit)
  • 2008 Cato Canari – We Are Together (Plastic Operator Remix)
  • 2009 Erasure – Chains of Love (Plastic Operator Remix)
  • Frost – My Plastic Heart (Plastic Operator Remix) (2009)
  • Booka Shade vs Plastic Operator – Won’t Back Down (2009)
  • 2010 Winter Gloves – Let Me Drive (Plastic Operator Remix)


Setting Up A Basic Home Recording Studio On The Cheap: 5 Essentials!

Setting Up A Basic Home Recording Studio

If you are thinking of becoming a music producer or if you are a beginner, the first step is setting up a basic home recording studio.

Most beginners are on a budget so your home studio will need to be cheap but functional enough to start making some music.

As a beginner, you need to start with the basics. There is no point in spending thousands of dollars on audio equipment at first.

You will have plenty of time to build up a recording studio that evolves with your music skills!

There are a few essentials though that you will utterly need!

In this post, I will give you some tips on how to set up a basic home recording studio on the cheap! Really, you don’t need to ruin yourself to start making music.

Setting Up A Basic Home Recording Studio On The Cheap: 5 Essentials!

I. Laptop or Desktop Computer

Best Budget Laptop for Music productionYou probably own a computer but the question you have to ask yourself is if it is performant enough for music production. The performance of your laptop is the main priority to focus on when purchasing a laptop for music production.

Your music production laptop or computer will utterly need some of the following specifications in order to perform: A high CPU performance, 8GB Ram as a comfortable minimum and 1+ TB Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

It should also be compatible with your DAW Software.

There are some budget laptops for music production for less than $500.

The Dell Inspiron Flagship 15.6-Inch, for example, is a friendly PC that comes with an Intel Core i5-6200 processor which is above the +6000 CPU Benchmark recommended for music production.

Under the $600 benchmark, you can find the Lenovo 17.3-inch HD High-Performance Premium Laptop PC and ASUS F555LA-EH51 15.6 Inch. Both are excellent laptops for music producers on a budget.

II. DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

FL Studio 12A DAW stands for ‘Digital Audio Workstation‘. It as a computer-based software that allows you to produce, edit and record audio files.

If your budget is really tight you may consider trying one of the free DAWs available. I would rather recommend you to start with a trial version of paid DAWs.

The best DAWs offer a trial version of 30 days, which is plenty of time to decide whether or not it suits your needs and expectations.

Most DAWS come with a sound library, instruments, integrated plugins and FX. How many will depend on which edition you are going to buy.

Although most DAWS have similar features, as you will find out later, your final decision on which one to go for will be based on different aspects. Your operation system, your preferences towards workflow, your experience (beginner or pro), how much you are willing to invest and your purposes.

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III. Headphones

Sony MDR-7506 professional headphonesThere are many different types of headphones with distinct features and specifications. Active vs passive noise canceling headphones, open back headphones vs closed back headphones, on-ear headphones vs over-ear headphones, and the list goes on.

Finding the right professional studio headphones can be tricky and your final choice will mainly depend on your budget, needs, and preferences.

So how to choose professional headphones that will fit your needs and your budget?

The best studio headphones must be able to reproduce a neutral, flat and well-balanced sound.  they will utterly need good noise isolation.

Since you will probably spend long hours with your headphones on, they also better be comfortable and solid.

Luckily there are some affordable professional studio headphones that can reproduce an unbeatable sound quality for a tiny price.

IV. Monitors

Studio monitors are an absolute must for any music producer and an essential part ( if not THE most important part ) of a home recording studio.

Even the best studio headphones, cannot reproduce frequencies at the exact response rate as studio monitors and you can’t exclusively rely on them.

Again, investing in the right monitors doesn’t have to kill your budget. It’s true that more expensive monitors will often have better value for the money than cheaper ones but there are some great deals out there for less than $200!

Ideally, studio monitors will produce a clear and defined stereo image, clear mid-range, high, crisp highs and a tight bass. They should also adapt to the size of your room and possess some specifications that allow you get the most accurate and neutral reproduction of your sound, without any distortion of the original track.

If you are on a tight budget, it’s even more important to check out if the monitors of your choice possess some of the basic specs that are required for recording and mixing.

The genre of music you produce will also define your final choice.

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V. An Audio Interface

What is an audio interface

At some point, you’ll eventually need an external output device to connect all your audio devices such as studio monitors, headphones, mics or synths.

The best audio interface will also be able to reproduce the most accurate playback without any latency or distortion.

The built-in soundcards of laptops or computers are often too limited for music producer’s needs. Their drivers will never reproduce the same sound quality as an audio interface.

Like any other audio device, exceptional sound quality comes with a price. The good thing as a beginner is that you won’t need an elaborated configuration at first.

You can start with only 2 preamp inputs, which is a basic setting for most of the most affordable models and sufficient to handle a basic home recording setup.

You should be aware though, that you might need a more elaborated configuration in the future when you are building your home studio with more sophisticated gear.

For beginners, I’d recommend the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2 2 out USB Recording interface. It’s a great value for a basic home studio configuration at a reasonable price.


It takes years to build up a home recording studio and most producers know that it is a never-ending story anyways.  Music production is an expensive passion!

Actually, you can make it as cheap or expensive as you want but you can’t get around the basics. If you are a singer or if you already play an instrument you will have some additional needs

There are other elements that are crucial in setting up a basic home recording studio, such as acoustic isolation which is an aspect often ignored by producers. A comfortable workstation can also have a great impact on your productivity.

The 10 Best Home Recording Studio Desks For Less Than $200

The 10 Best Home Recording Studio Desks for less than $200

You bought yourself some fine studio equipment and your home studio is slowly building up.

At some point, you might realize that you don’t have enough space to add some new equipment or that your current desk isn’t functional enough to offer you the workspace you need.

A studio desk is often overshadowed by other equipment such as monitors, an audio interface or a keyboard but it is an essential piece of your home studio.

As a music producer, I know that gear is quickly building up, leaving only a little space for more stuff. With all the cabling it can also become a real mess!

Another thing is that you spend long hours behind your studio desk, so the least to expect is comfort and functionality.

I created this article for music producers on a budget. That means that I looked up to what I consider being the best deals in home recording studio desks for less than $200.

How To Find A Cheap Deal That Meets Your Needs!

Since we are on a budget, it’s important to check some basic requirements that your home recording studio desk you will need to dispose of.

Some high-end studio desks can rise up to more than $3000! It’s obvious that these will possess all the specificities that you expect from a more professional studio setup.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a desk that meets your needs for a much lower price.

Ideally, your studio workstation will be functional and possess a large enough surface for all your gear. It must also be sturdy enough to support heavy audio equipment such as studio monitors.

It should have an ergonomic design where everything is within reach distance and meet the size of your room.

One of the most crucial elements for studio desks is a pull-out keyboard tray.  Additionally, it should provide enough leg support and have good cable management.

Your final choice will depend on your personal taste and budget.

Without further ado, here are my picks for the 10 best Home recording Studio Desks under $200.

The 10 Best Home Recording Studio Desks

OneSpace 50-1001 Stanton Computer Desk with Pullout Keyboard Tray

The 10 Best Home Recording Studio Desks For Less Than $200”The Cheapest”

The Stanton OneSpace Computer Desk is basic, cheap and sleek. It is small, compact and a cost-effective choice for small spaces.

It’s a good option for minimalistic studios with little equipment that doesn’t require too much space.

What I like the most about this desk is the pullout keyboard tray which is a major requirement for studio desks that most cheap desks don’t have.

The Stanton Desk is made with a tubular steel frame and PVC-lined MDF boards which makes strong and stable enough to support up to 150 pounds.

It is also durable enough while remaining lightweight and easy to move when needed.

If your budget on home studio desks is less than $50, then you got yourself a great deal on this one!

Pros: Cost-effectiveness for small spaces. The keyboard tray.

Cons: Not the most ergonomic studio desk. Not much leg room. The mechanism for the keyboard isn’t very smooth.

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Flash Furniture Glass Computer Desk

The 10 Best Home Recording Studio Desks For Less Than $200”Compact and Contemporary”

The Flash Furniture Glass Computer Desk is a compact solution if you are looking for a basic desk with a modern appeal.

It is compact but ergonomic and large enough for basic music production equipment and a keyboard.

It has a clear tempered glass surface with a black powder coated frame finish. The crisscross Cherry Finished Leg Design give it a contemporary design.

The Black Sliding Keyboard Tray (23.5”W x 11.75”D) is large enough for small to medium keyboards.

This desk is a good deal when your budget is less than $100.

Pros: Compact and attractive design

Cons: Not enough space for multiple audio gear and large monitors. Glass surface isn’t ideal to support heavy weight.

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On Stage WS7500 Series Wood Workstation

The 10 Best Home Recording Studio Desks For Less Than $200”Perfect for Home Studio”

The WS7500 Series is an ergonomic Z-frame wood workstation with a slide-out keyboard tray. It exists in 2 colors ( Black or Rosewood/Black).

The rectangular steel tube frame is sturdy enough to support your audio equipment and the dimensions are good enough (46 x 6 x 30 inches) for a basic home recording studio.

It is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and work efficiency and makes it a great desk for your home studio.

I Especially like the minimalistic design with the 3 layered surface and horizontal floor legs which gives a clean a sleek look at your home studio. 

Its top panel is also wide and solid enough for studio speakers and the keyboard tray has sufficient space for medium keyboards or midi controllers.

Pros: Easy to put together. Solid.

Cons: Your monitors might be just a little too low, even with isolation pads. The keyboard tray is not wide enough for larger keyboards.

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OneSpace 50-JN110500 Ultramodern Glass L-Shape Desk

The 10 Best Home Recording Studio Desks For Less Than $200”Sleek and Space Saving Design”

The OneSpace50 is an L-Shaped desk that consists of 2 desktop areas, 2 CPU stands, and a keyboard tray. It has a modern, minimalistic look and is ideal for corner placement.

This desk is made of sturdy black steel frame and 3-piece clear tempered safety glass which is durable against scratches and other surface damage. 

Its space-saving design and ample surface make it a good deal for less than $100.

Furthermore, the good cable management results in a modern but clean looking workstation.

Pros: Modern look and capacity.

Cons: Difficult to assemble. The keyboard slide tray is too small for larger keyboards and might not pull out of its full extension evenly. The safety glass can’t support very heavy audio equipment such as 8” monitors.

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Z-Line Claremont Desk

The 10 Best Home Recording Studio Desks For Less Than $200”Aesthetic and Modern design”

Z-Line Claremont is a spacious desktop workspace with pull-out keyboard tray. It is large and very aesthetically pleasing in design.

It has a modern wooden design with 6mm smoked tempered safety glass and chrome cylinder glass supports.

The pull-out keyboard area has enough room for a large keyboard and a mouse/mousepad.

Pros: Aesthetic and modern design with a nice finish. Sturdy, stable and functional. Easy to assemble.

Cons: No top panel for monitors. Instruction manual and screw packaging may not match up.

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Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

The 10 Best Home Recording Studio Desks For Less Than $200”Sturdy and Space-Saving”

Z-Line Cyrus is a mobile, wooden workstation with a glass surface, top panel, and large keyboard tray.

The dimensions of the desk are 48 x 26 x 36 and its 3 layered space-saving design makes it spacious enough to support any studio equipment.

The main desk is made out of clear tempered glass which is designed to hold maximum weight up to 200lbs. Though, you should always double check the weight of your monitors. It’s sturdy but the top panel may not hold large driver studio monitors.

The long keyboard tray is definitely a plus. You can easily put a 61key controller, maybe even an 88 key controller.

Pros: The long keyboard tray. Its space-saving and sturdy design.

Cons: The glass surface may shatter. Some users experienced any misaligned holes or messed up points of entry.

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HomCom 61 in. Modern L-Shaped Office Workstation

The 10 Best Home Recording Studio Desks For Less Than $200” Maximum Space”

HomCom 61 is a Modern L-Shaped Workstation that offers maximum space, even for small rooms. Its space-saving design is functional and large enough ( 61 x 51 x 30) for multiple pieces of audio equipment.

The desk is made of high-quality materials and its powder-coated steel frame makes it strong and stable. Its PVC laminated surface is designed for long-lasting durability.

It also includes a sliding pull-out keyboard tray, a mobile CPU rack, anti-slip feet and an extra shelf for books or other accessories.

Pros: The desks offers lots of space and is made of high-quality materials. It’s convenient and robust. The Keyboard tray.

Cons: Difficult to put together. Would be ideal if the top panel was larger so it could support monitor speakers.

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Arch Tower

The 10 Best Home Recording Studio Desks For Less Than $200”Compact and Efficient”

The Arch Tower is a compact and functional tower station. It is the ideal studio desk if you have limited space and a lot of storage needs.

It features two large upper shelves, a spacious lower shelf, 2 speaker stands and a slide-out keyboard. The manufacturer also added metal/wood rear panels and floor levelers to offer more stability to the whole structure.

The tower is available in Pewter/Teak, Black/Silver, and Black/Cherry.

Pros: Great deal for really small spaces and minimalistic home studios.

Cons: The side shelves are too small for larger studio monitors.The slider shelf the keyboard rests on doesn’t slide very smooth. CD storage is outdated.

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Walker Edison 3-Piece Contemporary Desk

The 10 Best Home Recording Studio Desks For Less Than $200

”Simple and Sophisticated”

The Walker Edison desk is a three-piece corner desk crafted from beveled tempered safety glass and powder coated steel legs. it looks modern, sleek, and professional. It also exists in a black and white shiny metal design.

It includes an autonomous CPU stand and a sliding keyboard tray that can be mounted on either side of the desk and can even be disassembled and used as two stand-alone desks.

Its corner design provides a surprisingly large amount of work area.

Pros: Leg space. Easy to assemble.

Cons: Keyboard tray may be too small for large keyboards. No cable management.

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HomCom 69″ Modern L-Shaped Symmetrical Desk

The 10 Best Home Recording Studio Desks For Less Than $200”Stylish, Large and Functional”

I already recommended The HomCom 61 before because of its ergonomic and functional design and the quality of the materials that the brand uses to design their desks.

But if I really had to make a choice I would go for the HomCom69”. First of all, because it’s larger than its predecessor and also because of its ergonomic design that’s ideal for a home recording desk under $200.

The space-saving, wrap-around style offers plenty of surface space for your audio equipment. The convenient built-in tray slides out for your keyboard to sit on and then slides back in and out of the way when not in use.

It’s made out of powder-coated steel frame and long-lasting MDF material in a black wood finish with a smoked glass desktop.

It also has a detached computer tower cart on smooth-rolling wheels making it a convenient way to store and transport your CPU tower.

Pros: It’s huge, so plenty of space for your gear. Sturdy and durable.

Cons: The long table Max Capacity is only 55lbs. Would have been even better without the glass surface for more weight capacity.

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I hope you like my picks of the 10 best home recording studio desks. I picked those specific desks because they are great options if you are a music producer on a budget and I made sure to only review desks that were ergonomic for smaller rooms but also functional enough to be used a home recording studio desk.

This means that the ideal desk has a keyboard tray and a large and sturdy enough surface to support heavy audio equipment. A top panel for studio monitors can also save you some money on speakers stands but if the desk is large enough, you can always add some desktop stands and risers or to get them at the right height.

If you are a Do-It-Yourself kind of person you can save yourself some more bucks by building your own home studio desk. If you think you have the abilities to do so, then this will be the cheapest option to customize the perfect desk that suits your needs.

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know about your personal choice!

Any experience with the above-mentioned desks can also help other users in making their final decision.

The 6 Best Subwoofer Isolation Pads and Risers For Your Home Studio

The 6 Best Subwoofer Isolation Pads and Risers For Your Home Studio

Did you know that crappy speakers in an acoustically treated room can sound better than high-end monitors in an untreated room?

You wouldn’t believe how much impact good isolation can have on the sound quality of your speakers or subs!

Speakers and Subwoofers produce vibrations and resonant energy. If they are not properly isolated, these vibrations will be transmitted to your walls, floors, and ceilings.

Which leaves you with a muddy bass … and angry neighbors!

Subwoofer Isolation pads reduce these vibrations by decoupling your sub from the structure it rests on.

They will not only improve bass performance and eliminate room rattle, they will also provide a cleaner, tighter bass while reducing floor and wall vibrations, noise artifacts and complaints from neighbors or roommates.

Therefore, your subwoofer’s performance will be instantly improved and the accuracy of the original audio track preserved.

The sound transferred through the floor is minimized, resulting in reduced coloration, and a more accurate low-frequency response.

Without further ado, here are my picks for the Best Subwoofer Isolation Pads and Risers as for November 2017!

The 6 Best Subwoofer Isolation Pads and Risers For Your Home Studio

1. Auralex Acoustics SubDude

The 6 Best Subwoofer Isolation Pads and Risers For Your Home Studio”Best Choice For Small to Large Subwoofers”

When it comes to isolation, Aurelex is the first brand that comes to mind. The great thing about Auralex is that they have a solution for every acoustic isolation issue.

The MoPads are their bestselling product in that category and provide excellent acoustic isolation for monitor speakers! 

But if you are looking for a product that is specially designed for subwoofers, then SubDude is a great option.

SubDude is an isolation platform that comes in 2 different sizes, for smaller to larger subwoofers.

The platform dramatically reduces structural vibrations through walls, floor, and ceilings so that it preserves the accuracy of the original audio track.

Auralex SubDude-II has been designed for smaller subwoofers. It is a 15” x 15” x 1.75” Isolation platform and supports Subwoofers up to 200 lbs.

The larger version is The SubDude HT Subwoofer Acoustic Isolation Platform.  This one is a larger, lower-profile version of SubDude-II. The dimensions are 18” x 22” x 1.75” and it supports up to 300 lbs.

Pros: Immediate and noticeable effect on the sound quality. Cleaner bass.

Cons: Maybe overpriced for the material which it is made from.

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2. Pyle PSi08 Acoustic Subwoofer Monitor Sound Isolation Pad 

The 6 Best Subwoofer Isolation Pads and Risers For Your Home Studio

”Recoil Stabilizer Speaker Riser Platform Base”

The Pyle PSio8 Acoustic Subwoofer Stabilizer is sold as a unit, It is made of high-density, anti-slip foam.

It stabilizes and isolates your speaker or subwoofer for optimal audio performance and eliminates unwanted levels of resonance

This helps promote the flow of ‘clean’ sound projection from your speaker. The result is a deeper and more natural bass clarity.

They do a great job to keep reverberating throughout your desk surface, walls and doors.

The size of 13.0” x 11.0” x 2.4 is large enough to support any larger monitor or subwoofer.

If you are looking for a smaller model, you can check out the Pyle PSi03  Recoil Stabilizer Speaker Risers, which are designed for smaller speakers.

Pros: Cheaper alternative than Auarelx SubDude. Even works with heavy, bulky speakers that other foam pads can’t hold.

Cons: Attention to detail in the finished product ( badly glued).

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3. 2″ Sorbothane Hemisphere Rubber Bumper  (70 Durometer)

The 6 Best Subwoofer Isolation Pads and Risers For Your Home Studio”Multi-Application”

The Sorbothane Hemisphere Rubber Bumpers are adhesive-backed hemispheres that can be used as feet, stops, spacers, and protectors in many applications.

They are pressure-sensitive and made out of durable and resilient polymer. 

A package contains 4 pads. There are different models for any possible application.

Each one is especially elaborated to support lighter to heavier loads ( 30-50-70 Durometer).

The bumpers with Durometer 70 can carry between 25 lbs and 38 lbs each. This makes it the ideal model for subwoofers or heavier speakers! 

They absorb up to  94.7% of vibration in sensitive equipment which has a measurable effect on sound improvement and bass.

Pros: Can be used for all sorts of applications or sensitive equipment. Easy installation: You simply need to remove the protective backing liner, position the Sorbothane rubber hemisphere and press it into place.

Cons: It does stick to wood and might leave some leftover residue when you remove it. The plasticizer inside the product may cause discoloration to wood. The adhesive does weaken in time.

4. Vibrapod – Isolator Isolation Feet (Model 5)

The 6 Best Subwoofer Isolation Pads and Risers For Your Home Studio” Ideal For Heavy Subs”

The Vibropods come in a set of 4 and exist in 5 different models. Each model is designed according to the weigh of the equipment they are meant to support.

For subwoofers, I’d recommend model 5 since it can carry extremely heavy amps, turntables, and speakers. The rubber pods provide a good vibration isolation on components. 

Most of all, they decrease rumbled from a hardwood floor. Your subwoofer will deliver a more distinct, cleaner sound and sharper, more detailed video images.

Pros: Still allows you to slide the speaker without damaging the floor.

Cons: Does not take heat well.

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5. Auray IP-M Isolation Pad (Medium, Single)

The 6 Best Subwoofer Isolation Pads and Risers For Your Home Studio

”Medium Sized Isolation”

Sold per unit, the Auray IP-M is a medium-sized isolation pad of 10.25 x 13″.

It is made of high-density acoustic foam and prevents resonant coupling. The pad stops the reverberation through the desk or speaker stands, therefore preventing unwanted resonance. 

It gives greater detail across the frequency spectrum and a tighter low-end response.

They can be set at 3 three different angles:

‘Up position’ to angle your speakers up for desktop use.

‘Down position‘ to angle your speakers down for use on a monitor bridge or shelf.

‘Flat position’ to flip the pads upside down to set your speakers flat on adjustable speaker stands.

Pros: The 3 different angle positions.

Cons: Price.

Click Here To Check Price


6. XL Studio Monitors Pad Soundproofing Foam Dampening Isolation Platform

The 6 Best Subwoofer Isolation Pads and Risers For Your Home Studio”Cheapest Option”

Each pack comes with 1 Platform and 2 Reversible Wedges. With their size of 12 x 9 x 4 inches, they are a great match for subwoofers or larger monitors.

First of all, the pads do a great job at eliminating unwanted vibrations at a reasonable price. Furthermore, they provide excellent isolation from your subwoofer’s resting surface and eliminate high-frequency sound waves up to 70-80%. 

Pros: Cheap option when you are on a budget.

Cons: Foam is softer than other more expensive brands.


I hope that my article about the 6 Best Subwoofer Isolation Pads and risers helped you understand the importance of acoustic isolation in your home studio.

Please note that you should always double check the dimensions and weight of your subs before making any hasty decision. The material of which the floor is made ( wood, carpet, ..) can also have an impact on structural vibrations and performance.

Please, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below t share your personal experience and let us know which sub isolation pad or riser is your favorite and why.

The 13 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads and Stands (2017)

The 13 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads and Stands (2017)
  • Why Use Acoustic Isolation Pads?
  • Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads
  • Best Deals (Less than $30)
  • Cheapest (Less than $20)
  • Desktop Isolation Stands
  • My Pick!
  • Conclusion and Tips Before Buying

You bought yourself some new studio monitors, but you feel like your recordings don’t sound like they should.

You invested quite some money on one of the most critical components of your home studio, so at least you expect your speakers to deliver a flawless, bright and balanced reproduction of your mix.

Instead, your desk is buzzing and the sound is blurred, unbalanced and distorted. You are not getting a precise bass response and the higher frequencies are obscured… 

Don’t blame your speakers…

Why Use Acoustic Isolation Pads?

The issue here is probably that you haven’t properly isolated your loudspeakers from their supporting furniture.

Speakers produce vibrations and resonant energy. If they are not properly isolated, these vibrations will be transmitted into your desk or monitor stand and degrade the stereo image of your sound.

Acoustic Isolation Pads prevent this from happening. They improve the sound by isolating your speakers from their supporting surface.

Isolation Pads are extremely useful for decoupling monitors, reducing structural vibrations and prevent sonic artifacts.

They also have an impact on both high- and low frequencies. Your monitors will reproduce brighter highs and a more precise bass response, which is much appreciated, especially by electronic music producers.

So, to get the right sound, you may want to consider getting some isolation pads … but which ones to choose?

Here are my picks for the 13 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads and Stands of October 2017!

Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads

MoPAD Monitor Isolators from Auralex Acoustics

Mo PADS Auralex

” The Best-Seller’!’

Award-winning Company Auralex Acoustics is the industry leader in acoustical treatment products.

The MoPAD Monitor isolators have been their best-selling product in that category for years!

Mo PADs are made of firm foam and are sold in pairs. A pair includes 4 base pieces and 4 angling wedge pieces.

They are designed so that they can be used to support virtually all sizes of loudspeakers or recording monitors ( even horizontal speakers) up to 100lbs, each.

ProsWhat I like about the MoPADs are the 5 different positioning options. You can easily tilt your speakers forward or backward to give you the perfect listening angle.

MoPADs can be used to calm vibrations that degrade the performance of delicate electronics.

The isolation pads also offer a clearer, cleaner and more articulate sound.

They decouple your loudspeakers to prevent sonic resonance and coloration.

Yields a tighter, more precise bass response while un-masking otherwise obscured higher frequencies.

ConsThey can be a little unstable with large monitors unless you use 2 pads to place them on.

You might find also it difficult to correctly fix the Wedge Adjusters at first but once you get the right position and angle, you’ll be glad to have spent some time doing it.

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Auralex ProPAD

The 8 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads

” Premium Version of the MoPADs”

Auralex ProPADS is a premium version of Auralex’s best-selling MoPADs.

They are more expensive than their predecessor but they are well built and more solid.

ProPADs are made of a three-layer foam construction. They added a Melamine-wrapped MDF base and their trademarked ISO-Plate on top to eliminate slippage and increase acoustic isolation.

ProsThey provide superior sonic isolation from the vibrations that are created from your speakers and the surface they are resting on.

Second, they moved the foam wedge to the bottom…meaning upward tilts are now possible, without needing to awkwardly reverse the pads, as you would with the MoPads.

The ProPads definitely provide a deeper soundstage and finer resolution in the midrange.

Cons: Though they really improve the sound, they are quite expensive.

They also could have been made a little bit wider for that price. There is a ProPAD-XL version (19 x 13 x 3 inches) but they cost double!

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 Primacoustic RX7 Recoil Stabilizer– 10 Degree Up Fire

The 13 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads and Stands (2017)

” The Stabilizer”

The Primacoustic RX7 Recoil Stabilizer is a platform for the loudspeaker that is different than your ‘usual’ foam pads.

The main difference is that it features a high-density urethane base that isolates the speaker from the shelf, monitor-bridge or stands, a heavy4″ laser-cut steel plate; and a thin neoprene top surface.

While resting on a foam-base, the steel plate introduces significant mass to the structure and stabilizes the speaker.

What I like about this version is the 10-degree Up Fire which gives you a perfect listening angle. As the speaker coil pushes energy forward, the initial transient no longer suffers lag and the sharpness of the resulting impulse is more defined.

The transient response and imaging are improved and it tightens up the bass response for greater accuracy.

Pro: The non-slipping surface ensures the stability of your studio monitors. The 10 degree Up Fire. They are built to last!

Cons: They are quite expensive (Sold per unit).

Click Here To Check Price


KING DO WAY Two 5” Inch Quality Monitor Isolator Pads

The 13 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads and Stands (2017)

”Good Choice for 5” Speakers”

The King Do Way isolation pad is made out of high-density foam and high-quality elastic rose cotton material. The pads are shock-resistant.

It controls unwanted reverb and echo sound effectively and reduces unwanted protuberances that mix up with your original sound. It will offer a more clear and precise sound.

These do the job as well as the other brands that cost considerably more.

The dimensions are made to match 5” Studio Monitors. They are also available for 8” monitors.

Pros:  More precise sound and good isolation.

Cons: Tilt is minimal.

Click Here To Check Price


Best Deals (Less Than $30)

Adam Hall SPADECO2

The 8 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads

” Best Price-Quality Deal”

The Adam Hall SPADECO2 isolation pads are a pretty good alternative for those who look for quality isolation pads without spending too many bucks on them.

These pads will definitely improve your sound and their high-density acoustic foam will avoid disturbing resonances with the surface on which they stand.

They can handle the weigh with ease and are broad enough to cover larger monitors.

Pros: They are cheaper than Auralex isolation pads and they are a good alternative to consider if you can’t spend too much.

Cons: There is only one unit for each speaker. There are no different positioning options which are a loss in value compared to the MoPADs.

Click Here To Check Price


LyxPro MNS -4 

The 13 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads and Stands (2017)

”Great inexpensive solution”

They come in a package of 8 dense foam pads.  The wedges allow you to tilt your monitors or speakers forward or backward up to 8 degrees.

In terms of isolation, acoustic isolation pads do the job quite well any hard surface.

They provide improved accuracy of the entire monitoring system and will eliminate unwanted vibration and the Bass will sound accurate.

Pros: The tilted wedges for a better listening angle.

Cons: They sometimes come in slightly different sizes and/or colors. 

Click Here To Check Price

MoFo Rizers

The 13 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads and Stands (2017)

”Rize and Shine”

The Mo Rizers come in 1 pair of Monitor Focusing Rizers. They are larger and higher than most foam pads available (12″ wide x 15″ deep x 4″ high).

The package also includes a pair of self-adhesive black tiles to place on the Rizer decks to stabilizes your speakers. 

A unique and nice touch is that they are adjustable. They have the ability to angle the monitors in any angle configuration you need. 

What I like about the MoFo Rizers is that they bring your monitor speakers up to ear level.  This can be an all-in-one cheap alternative to buying a speaker stand and pads all together.

They make the highs crisper, better defines the mid-range and tightens up the bass for a more defined sound. They also improve the overall imaging and soundstage. 

Pros: Since they bring your monitors at ear level, they can replace a speaker stand so you don’t need to buy both.

Cons: They are quite large for standard 8″ studio reference monitors and take some space on your desk.  They are not defined for monitor stands.

Click Here To Check Price


Cheapest (Less Than $20)

Pyle PSi03  Recoil Stabilizer Speaker Risers 

The 13 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads and Stands (2017)”Stabilization, isolation, and absorption at a tiny price”

A great choice when your maximum budget on acoustic isolation pads doesn’t exceed $20.

Sold as a pair, the 2 Universal Recoil Stabilizers, assist in achieving optimal audio performance.

The platform bases are reversible to create upward or downward firing audio effects.

These risers efficiently eliminate unwanted levels of resonance and reversibility. They isolate vibrations with unwanted noise that confuses the ear. The vibrations might reach your neighbors.

Pros: They adapt to any speaker and subwoofers. The wedges are cut properly and present no color variations.

Cons:  Should have an extra wedge to add more adjustability.

Click Here To Check Price


Studio Solutions High-Density Studio Monitor Isolation Pads Pair ( 5 Inch Monitors)

The 13 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads and Stands (2017)”Good product at better price”

These acoustic foam pads have the same characteristics as most of the other brands. They are a cheap alternative to Auralexs MoPads.

The main difference is that they are smaller than other acoustic foam pads on the market (7.4 x 11 x 1.5 inches) which might explain the low price.

They are sized to fit 5″ Studio Monitors but won’t be broad enough for 8′ monitors.

The foam wedge cut out for 5 different angle configurations which allow you to angle the drivers more appropriately.

Pros: No logo in the front.

Cons: Too small for 8′ monitors

Click Here To Check Price


RightChoice XL-Pro

”Sleek & Minimalistic”

RichtChoice XL-Pro is a good choice when you are looking for cheap acoustic isolation pads with a low profile design. 

They come in a set of 2 high-density foam pads and allows for multiple configurations like flat, tilt up, and tilt down positions.

With their 6 x 9 inch dimensions, they are made to support smaller speakers.

Pros: Ideal for small 3′ or 4′ monitors. The pads are precisely cut. Again, no logo in the front which is appreciable for a lot of people.

Cons: The  ‘XL’ in RightChoice XL-Pro is misleading, their small size won’t suit 8’monitors.

Click Here To Check Price


Rockville RRS190S 

The 13 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads and Stands (2017)”The Cheapest”

Each package contains 2 charcoal gray Isolation Pads. They have a 2-part angled design that provides you with a wide range of tilt options

The pads decouple and isolate your studio monitors and any sensitive studio device. 

For the price, they do a great job at eliminating vibrations and unwanted noises in your studio and will increase monitoring accuracy

The larger dimensions will fit 6 to 8-inch monitors. They can be easily cut for smaller speakers.

Pros: Lowest price for overall good isolation. Work as expected for the price you are paying. 

Cons:  Although the foam is thick and sturdy, I am not sure how long they can last in time.

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Desktop Isolation Stands

IsoAcoustics ISO-L8 Large Acoustic Isolation Stands

The 13 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads and Stands (2017)

” Excellent Choice for LARGER Monitors”

The IsoAcoustics Isolation Stands use patented isolation technology effectively to eliminate energy transfer to surrounding surfaces.

They also have 2 KEY features the others don’t.

First, the Precision Tilt Adjustment that lets you easily fine-tune the tilt angle to exactly as you wish rather than only offering 2 or 3 tilt options.

Second, the decoupling spikes.  Beneath the metal base plate is 4 spikes designed to reduce sound transfer by minimizing direct contact with your desk.

The structure is made out of plastic but fairly robust and allows to raise speaker height to ear level.

They allow your speakers to perform to their full potential and the overall image is enhanced.

Pros: Better listening experience and immediate improvement of sound. Sold in pair. Exists in small and medium.

Cons: Difficult to assemble. For the price, they could have used a metal frame instead of plastic.

Click Here To Check Price


Ultimate Support MS-8

 Hi, I am Angélique. Let Me Help You Take Your Music To The Next Level! Categories Artist of the week Building your home studio Headphones laptops music production Make money with music Make music online : Getting started ! Music Nightlife Product reviews Samples and Sample Packs Studio Monitors Recent Posts The 10 Best Hardstyle Sample Packs of 2017 Best Budget Laptop for Music Production 2017 52 Creative Ways To Make Money As A Musician The 6 best Studio Monitors on a Budget 118 Free Big Room Samples that will blow your speakers! Need some Music Production Tips & Tricks? Email Yes, Send me my Free Ebook We respect your email Privacy! I hate spamming as much as you do! No spamming, ever! Complete Reviews focusrite scarlett 2i2 2 2 out usb recording interface focusrite scarlett 2i2 2 2 out usb recording interface 9.8 JBL LSR305 studio monitor JBL LSR305 studio monitor – The right sound@The right price! 9.6 FL Studio 12 FL Studio 12 review 9.5 Sennheiser HD25-1 II review Sennheiser HD25-1 II review 9.5 Beyerdynamics DT 880 pro review Beyerdynamics DT 880 pro review 9.4 Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker ii carbon Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker ii carbon – review 9.4 Presonus Eris e4.5 Presonus Eris e4.5 Review – The Top of Low Budget Monitors! 9.4 AKG K 240 MK II Review AKG K 240 MK II Review 9.2 Sennheiser HD 280 headphones Sennheiser HD 280 Pro review 9 shure srh840 review shure srh840 review 9 Music Samples for DJ's from The 13 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads and Stands (2017)

”Way More Than Just Isolation”

The Ultimate Support MS-8 is an angling desktop studio monitor stand that offers both great sonic isolation and 4 layers of mechanical decoupling.

The frame is made of sleek anodized aluminum columns with 3 chambers.

One for routing power cables, one for audio cables, and a large central chamber to fill with the ballast of your choice.

The conductive aluminum effectively shields the cables, allowing them to live together in harmony without noise or interference. The ballast chamber means the MS Series performs as well or better than custom designs costing thousands more.

They are made so you can easily adjust the angle and axis of your monitors.

Pros: Top quality build and more reliable than foam pads in terms of stability. They will also last much longer so consider the investment.

Cons: Pricey when money is an issue.

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My Pick!

I use the MoPAD Monitor isolators from Auralex Acoustics together with my Ultimate Support jsms70 speaker stands.

As for my studio monitors, I have the  KRK’s Rokit G3 8. They are quite larger and heavier than most studio monitors. I have to admit that I had some doubts about these fitting into both the Speaker Stand and The Isolations Pads but once correctly settled, the whole thing was stable enough to do the job!

It’s been more than 3 years and my disposition is still as reliable and steady as the first day!

The 13 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads and Stands (2017)

Conclusion and Tips Before Buying

I hope you like my review of the 13 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads and Desktop Stands.

Before you make your final decision I have a few tips:

The price of isolation pads often comes with the size of the pads. Before making any hasty decision, check out the dimensions of your monitors to make sure they fit.

You should also check double check if they come per piece or per pair. You might think you have a great deal just to realize you only got 1 piece.

The 10 Best Hardstyle Sample Packs of 2017

The 10 Best Hardstyle Sample Packs of 2017

What is Hardstyle EDM?

Before we discover the 10 best hardstyle sample packs of 2017, let’s dig a little bit deeper in this music genre that had gained quite popularity over the last years.

Hardstyle is an EDM Genre ( Electronic Dance Music) that finds its roots in Holland but fast gained popularity in the rest of Europe and the USA. Hardstyle is characterized by hard drum kicks, heavy, sometimes reversed basslines, distorted and detuned sounds and synths. It has a BPM count that lies between 130 to 150 beats per minute.

Hardstyle is an EDM Genre ( Electronic Dance Music) that finds its roots in Holland but fast gained popularity in the rest of Europe and the USA. Hardstyle is characterized by hard drum kicks, heavy, sometimes reversed basslines, distorted and detuned sounds and synths. It has a BPM count that lies between 130 to 150 beats per minute.

Hardstyle mixes influences from Hardcore, Hard Techno and Trance. It is characterized by hard drum kicks, heavy, sometimes reversed basslines, distorted and detuned sounds and synths. It has a BPM count that lies between 130 to 150 beats per minute.

If you want to learn more about Hardstyle and its subgenres make sure to read this awesome post from EDM Sauce Hardstyle for Dummies: Subgenres explained

The 10 Best Hardstyle Sample Packs of 2017

 Mrotek – Rawstyle

The 10 Best Hardstyle Sample Packs of 2017

Genre: Hardstyle

Additional Styles: Techno, Hardcore and Trance

BPM: 150

Loops, One-Shots, Synth Presents, Midi, Sample Patches

Listen to Preview

Rawstyle is a creation of American Hardstyle Producer Mrotek and Industrial Strength Samples. Mrotek’s sound is already making waves in the international Hardstyle scene, having received support from the likes of MC Villain, Regain, Riiho, Caine, and many more.

Rawstyle features 3 amazing sound sets for Sylenth, Massive and Access Virus. The pack includes Banging Kick Drums, Tight Percussion Shots, Solid Synth Loops, Music Loops and Fx.

Hard Style VS Raw Style

The 10 Best Hardstyle Sample Packs of 2017

Genre: Hard Dance

Additional Styles: Hardcore and Techno

BPM: 150-158

Loops, One-Shots, Midi

Listen to Preview

The hottest new styles from Holland are now bundled up in one studio power pack. Industrial Strength samples presents Hard Style Vs Raw Style.

Producer, sound designer, mixer and mastering engineer General Guyble combines these two hot Dutch styles in one huge mega construction kit bundle.

Tidy Trax Hard Dance And Trance

The 10 Best Hardstyle Sample Packs of 2017

Genre: Hard Dance

Additional Styles: Label series, sound archives

BPM: 140

Loops and Sampler Patches

Listen to Preview

This exclusive sample pack is a creation from Loopmasters and Tidy Trax, that is considered the world’s number 1 Hard Dance brand.

Only the most qualified contributors of a collection of labels have crafted a unique selection of 850 MB of basses, beats, bleeps, single shots, vocals, FX and loops.

Hardstyle EDM: Production Toolkits

The 10 Best Hardstyle Sample Packs of 2017

Genre: Hard Dance

Additional Styles: EDM and Progressive House

BPM: 128

Loops, 1 shots, MIDI

Listen to Preview

Hardstyle EDM was produced by French sound designer Floxy on Industrial Strenght records.

This award winning Hardstyle Sample pack features five Hardstyle EDM Production Kits with Wav stems, NI Massive presets and  Sylenth 1 presets along with the Midi files so you can match the riff and patch with ease.

Organ Donors – Future Hard Dance

The 10 Best Hardstyle Sample Packs of 2017

Genre: Hard Dance

Additional Styles: Techno

BPM: 150-200

Loops, 1 shots, Sampler Patches

Listen to Preview

This Sample Pack is the fourth release of Monster Sounds in conjunction with Organ Donors.

This brand new collection of sounds is a 1.1 GB includes 24bit samples, Loops at 140 Bpm, and 530 Single Sounds, ready to play Bass, Fx, Synth, Pad, Vox and Drum Kit Patches for Reason NNXT, Halion, EXS, SFZ and Kontakt soft samplers. Apple Loops, Reason Refill and Ableton Live Pack versions are also available separately.

Music Samples for DJ's from

The Machine – Hardstyle Essentials

The Machine-Hardstyle Essentials

Genre: Hard Dance

Additional Styles: Hardcore and Techno

BPM: na

Synth presets

Listen to Preview

Industrial Strength Samples is back with another Hard-style Synth pack that is produced by none other than The Machine, recognized as one of the early pioneers of Raw Hardstyle.

This pack includes a wide selection of Pads, Arps, Plucks, Drums, Fx, Bass and of course heavy Screech sounds to rip thru your next production or remix. The Machine even included 4 signature Bass Drums to get you inspired right away.

Skullstep – The Panacea & Limewax

The 10 Best Hardstyle Sample Packs of 2017

Genre: Hard Dance

Additional Styles: Drum&Bass

BPM: 161- 175

Loops, one shots, Sample Patches

Listen to Preview

Probably the darkest and most terrorizing Sample Pack of the list!

Skullstep splits open a set of formidable effects, dark drones, distorted drums, ruff breaks, and edgy acid tones. Ominous textures and pounding assaults send sonic wrath straight to your DAW.

404 Studio Hard Dance Production Bundle

The 10 Best Hardstyle Sample Packs of 2017

Genre: Hard Dance

Additional Styles: Techno, Trance

BPM: na

Loops, one shots, Sample Patches, Synth Presets

Listen to Preview

This huge production pack fusses the edges of Electronic Music into one sonic tool kit that can’t be passed up.

This pack can find its way into any production. such as EDM, Hard Style, Hard dance, Raw Style, Techno, Trance and of course Subground.

Rawstyle Synths

The 10 Best Hardstyle Sample Packs of 2017

Genre: Hard Dance

Additional Styles: Hardcore, Synths and Techno

BPM: na

Synth Presets

Listen to Preview

Rawstyle Synths features a heavy set of monster presets for Native instruments Massive, Spire and Sylenth 1.

This incredible set of sounds gives you the power to have that Rawstyle edge in your next track or remix.

D.Tox – Ultimate Frenchcore

The 10 Best Hardstyle Sample Packs of 2017

Genre: Hard Dance

Additional Styles: na

BPM: 180-210

Loops, One Shots, Sampler Patches

Listen to Preview

This ear crushing Monster Pack has been produced by top notch producer D Tox, who released some of the hottest Frenchcore tracks on labels such as Audiogenic, R-909, Noistorm, Headfuck Records, Astrofonik.

If you are ready to pimp your track into high-powered Frenchcore monster then there is no need to look any further. This 24 Bit audio pack is loaded to the max with the best license free Frenchcore kicks and loops you can’t find anywhere.


I hope you enjoyed my selection of the 10 Best Hardstyle Sample Packs of 2017. I made to sure to leave some place for any subgenre from the rawest to the most euphoric!

Feel free to add some of your favorite Hardstyle Sample Packs to the list by leaving a comment in the comment box below! And don’t forget to share if you like this post.

Best Budget Laptop for Music Production 2018

Best Budget Laptop for Music Production

Best Budget Laptop for Music Production 2018

Before we dig into the best budget laptop for music production, it’s important to know that the performance of your laptop is the main priority to focus on when purchasing a laptop for music production and recording.

Generally, a laptop will offer less performance than a desktop in the same price range. Since it’s also tricky to upgrade a laptop’s hardware specs, you better make sure to see everything through before making the wrong choice.

This especially counts if you are on a budget. If your budget is less than $500 I’d still suggest you go for a desktop unless you unconditionally need a laptop because of its portability.

Pc or Mac?

When it comes to buying a laptop for music production and recording, there is no doubt that a Mac will be the best choice overall. For laptops, the MacBook Pro will provide the highest performance when it comes to music production but they are generally much more expensive than a PC laptop.

And since we are discussing the best budget laptops for music production under $500, it would be irrelevant to discuss the advantages of owning a Mac, unless you are considering buying a used one. (Be careful with that unless you know what you are doing).

Specs of a Music Production Laptop

Some of the specifications that you will utterly need are a high CPU performance, 8GB Ram as a comfortable minimum and 1+ TB Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

Operating System: Windows 8 or 10 is required if you want to use more than the dual-touch available with Windows 7, preferably a 64-bit system can handle large amounts of memory more efficiently than a 32-bit operating system, a 64-bit system can be more responsive when running several programs at the same time. This can make a difference if you are loading and using large sample libraries or RAM-intensive plugins.

CPU: CPU or Central Processing Unit is the primary factor to consider when buying a music production laptop. Make sure to go for i5 or i7 Intel processors and preferably aim for a +6000 CPU Benchmark. Two ideal CPU performance scores for music production are i7–4720HQ and  i7-4810MQ.

RAM: Typically 8 GB is the recommended minimum but you might want to go up to 16 GB if you have a huge sample library and/or if you use a lot of VST- plugins. If you are not sure how much RAM you will need, the best choice will be to buy a laptop that allows you to expand the RAM from 8Gb to 16GB. 32 GB is not necessary for music production purposes.

HDD: HDD or Hard Disk Drive. The biggest factor for music production HDD’s is hosting audio files and sound libraries. Most users will need a 1+ TB HDD. Any traditional 7200 RPM HDD should serve you well, given large SSD’s are still prohibitively expensive. SSD storage is much faster than its HDD equivalent but also more expensive.

Soundcard: The sound cards that come with even the most advanced computers rarely handle music production well. You will eventually have to upgrade your soundcard or use an audio interface anyways if you want a professional studio setup so it shouldn’t be a priority in your choice of a music production laptop. If you are not sure what an audio interface is, here’s an explanation What is an audio interface?

USB-ports: Most devices and professional audio hardware are USB connected so make sure to have enough USB Ports to connect them all.

Compatibility: Make sure that your laptop is compatible with your DAW Software. Most DAWs are compatible both with PC and Mac but FL Studio, which is one of the most used DAWs, has only a beta version on Mac. This is a custom Crossover wrapped version of FL Studio for Mac OS X and so is bit-identical to the Windows installer but it seriously lacks some of the features compared to the Windows version.

Luckily, there are some affordable laptops that DO possess all the specifications needed for music production.

After comparing tens of laptops that possess the Must Have specs that you need for music production and analyzing their price/value, I picked, what I think, is THE best value on the market for low budgets music producers ( less than $500).

So, without further ado, let me present to you the best budget laptop for music production of 2018 for less than $500

Best Budget Laptop for Music Production for less than $500

Dell Inspiron Flagship 15.6-Inch

Best Budget Laptop for Music production

This Touchscreen and friendly PC comes with an Intel Core i5-6200 processor which is above the +6000 CPU Benchmark recommended for music production.

It has a 1 TB Hard Drive Size and a 8 GB RAM- size that’s expandable up to 16GB. It works on Windows 10 (64 bit). The HDD hard drive is replaceable with SDD.

It has  a 2 2.0 USB; 1 3.0 USB, 1 SD card,1 hdmi, 1 CD/DVD, 1 headphone/audio output and 1 ethernet.

The Dell Inspiron has a15.6 inch display which the most popular display size range for laptops. This provides enough space to have a good view of your music software application.

This laptop comes equipped with a touchscreen, enabling users to more closely interact with the operating system.

Click For More Information


Since I was digging deep into the realm of Music Production Laptops, trying to find the best value for you, I thought I’d share 2 other great laptops that I found in the same price range. There are just a little bit more expensive but still under the $600 bar.

If you can afford to put a few more bucks into your laptop, make sure to have a look at similar laptops with equal specifications.

2 Extra Picks for less than $600

Lenovo 17.3-inch HD High-Performance Premium Laptop PC (2017)

Best Budget Laptop for Music Production 2017This laptop has a larger 17.3-inch screen and weighs 6.61 lbs so if you are a producer on the go, this is something to consider and you might want something more lightweight and portable.

It has 6th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-7200U mobile processor, which a bit higher than the Dell Inspiron and 8GB DDR4 system memory for advanced multitasking (expandable to 16GB)

It operates on Windows 10 operating system and has a 1TB hard drive for ample file storage space.

Bluetooth 4.0 interface syncs with compatible devices and 1 USB 3.0 port maximizes the latest high-speed devices.

Also includes 1 USB 2.0 ports to connect more accessories and peripherals, HDMI output that expands your viewing options and additional ports.

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ASUS F555LA-EH51 15.6 Inch

Best Budget laptop for Music Production

A little bit smaller and lightweight than the Lenovo, this laptop is certainly a good pick because it comes with the Asus Sonic Master technology, which makes it an excellent laptop for music producers on a budget.

The ASUS Sonic Master uses a codec to deliver a professional sound performance. It has also an optimized amplifier and larger speakers for a powerful audio output.

Like the Dell and the Lenovo, it has all the specifications that you need for music production, like an Intel Core i5-5200U  processor and a 1TB Hard-Drive size.

The operation system is Windows 10 (64bit) and it has an 8GB RAM-size that can’t be upgraded.

Click For More Information

So, there you have it. My best pick for the Best Budget Laptop for Music Production under $500 for 2018.

It wasn’t easy to find laptops that have all the specificities for music production at such a low price but luckily for small budget producers, good budget laptops exist.

That doesn’t mean that you should go for these laptops if your budget is higher than $500. You always get what you pay for and I’d recommend pushing the price a little bit higher if you want optimal performances for your music production.

If you have any questions or you’d like to comment, please feel free to use the comment box below.

And… don’t hesitate to share if you thought this information was useful.

52 Creative Ways To Make Money As A Musician

52 Creative Ways to Male Money as a Musician

In this age of digital revolution, there are multiple ways to make money as a musician!

The internet is massively growing, with new daily opportunities for music producers, songwriters, audio engineers and everyone who wants to make a living with their music.

In this post, I will teach you how I am generating a full-time income online from my passion for music and I will share with you all the best resources I found over the years to make money as a musician!

Table of Content- Categories

  • Create a Music Website, Blog or eCommerce Store (3)
  • Monetize your Website (4)
  • Write about Music (4)
  • Video Tutorials and Courses (3)
  • Create and Sell a Product (2)
  • Sell Digital Products (8)
  • Sell Physical Products (4)
  • Sell your Music Online (3)
  • Music related Freelance Jobs (8)
  • In the Real World! (12)

Use Your Music Skills to Pay The Bills!

Music download -and streaming websites sure have had a bad influence on record sales over the last years but these sites are a great deal when it comes to gaining exposure and even to make money as a musician.

Though it gets tougher to sell an album or track (you can now download almost everything for free), you can still take the advantages of digitalization and use it for your own benefits.

Because even if it’s getting easier to get exposure, it’s also getting more difficult to get noticed between the millions of musicians you have to compete with on the net.

If you are a music producer, your ambition is to make it as a musician!

Sign a contract with a record label, sell your songs, perform and why not get famous and travel the world!

I feel you … This is what we are all tending to and this should always stay your priority!

But … if you are reading this post, chances are big that it’s not the case (yet!)

Maybe you are still working a 9 to 5 job using your savings to build up your home studio?

Maybe you are still studying and it’s even harder to find the money to buy the latest gear or software?

Or maybe you start getting some exposure already but you are just not making enough right now to pay the bills?

A couple of years ago, I was just like you!

I had a crappy call center job and I made music in my free time but I always dreamt of being my own boss, work from home and make a living from my passion.

And you know what?!

”I succeeded in living the life I always wanted!”

No, I am not a famous music producer but that’s ok since kinda forgot about the idea when growing older.

Time has offered me different opportunities to make it without being in the spotlight and for me, this is such as great! Who wants to become famous anyway … sigh… but…

  • I am my own boss! 
  • I work from the comfort of my own home
  • And I am able to make a living from my passion!

Whatever your ambitions are, earning money from your passion is still better than not making money at all!

So let’s dig into the world of opportunities for music producers!

I will tell you the methods I used to make money as a musician and I will share with you everything I have learned so that YOU TOO can make an extra with your passion for music or even leave your 9 to 5 job and make a living out of it!

Use your creative spirit and find the perfect way to make money as a musician!


52 Creative Ways To Make Money As A Musician


Create a Music Website, Blog or eCommerce Store

52 Creative Ways To Make Money As A Musician

1. Create a Music Website

Not the shortest way to make money but most definitely one of the most efficient ways in the list to make a passive income from your music in the long run AND get exposure.

Why create a music website?

The reason why I am starting my post with ‘creating a music website’ is because of the endless opportunities that open up to you when you have your own website.

I will share a lot of different methods with you but as you will continue reading you will see that a lot of these methods can be easily applicable on your website.

There a many ways you can monetize a website, such as:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • List Building
  • Make money with ads ( ex. Google adds, Bing adds,..)
  • Sell Digital or physical products ( Through affiliate marketing or by creating an e-commerce store)
  • And much more!

I will go more into details about all the different methods to make money with a website as you continue reading.

Even if it’s not the shortest way and it takes quite some work, the possibilities of earning a passive income over time are real!

Creating a website has never been easier! No more coding and design skills needed!

You can easily create a website from scratch by using a Site Building Platform like WordPress, Drupall or Joomla, in a few easy steps.

Choose your platform:

For beginners, I’d recommend WordPress.

  • It’s FREE
  • Many designed, beautiful themes and templates
  • Beginner friendly
  • Responsive
  • Great support team

Choose your domain name and hosting platform:

Bluehost is one of the better hosting platforms.

  • Cheap hosting ( Starting from 2,75$ a month)
  • 1 Free domain name
  • Free site builder
  • 1 click WordPress Install
  • 24/7 Support


2. Create a Music Blog

The main difference between a website and a blog is content management and interactivity.

A website has static content and is more professional/business related while a blog’s content is regularly updated and has more of an informative and educational purpose.

But these differences might be more subtle and it’s sometimes hard to even notice the difference.

It is possible to make money both with a website and a blog as you will read in the examples below.


3. Create an E-commerce Website

Creating an online store seems too difficult?

Yes, It will need some work in the beginning, especially if you have no experience with it what so ever.

But imagine the money you can make in the long run with selling physical or digital products online!

Maybe you have some products you can start to sell, like T-shirts or a software you created?

If not you can run an online store from the comfort of your home by working with a retailer, that owns, sells and sends the product, so the only thing left for you to do, is promoting the products through your online store.

Most of the E-commerce platforms like Shopify teach you how to easily build and run your online store,

These websites also make it possible for you to create a shop on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, so if this is something that interests you make sure to have a look.

Shopify is helping people who don’t necessarily have the web development skills to connect directly to consumers. I see that as a real shift in the opportunities available.

Patrick Buckley Co Founder of Dodo Case


Monetize your Website

Monetize Your Website


There are many ways you can monetize a website or blog!

I would take a whole website just to explain a few of them so I will try to give you a short overview of the most common methods used by online marketers and bloggers to make money with a website.


4. Affiliate Marketing ( Music Affiliation)

# My Number 1 recommendation!

One of the best ways to monetize your website or blog is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning commissions by promoting products online.

If Amazon is one of the best-known affiliate platforms, there are several other affiliate programs that are music related.

If you are visiting music websites yourself, chances are that you came across some affiliate programs without even knowing it.

Some examples of  Music related affiliate programs are:

  • Jamorama: Jamorama teaches guitar through online video lessons. Affiliates receive 75 percent commission on new subscriptions, with each subscription giving a further 25 percent commission from recurring fees.
  • PianoForAll: PianoForAll is another learn-to-play-the-piano course. The lessons are a combination of eBooks and audio and video lessons. The affiliate commissions are slightly lower, at 60 percent for each sale.
  • BTV Solo: BTVSolo offers software that turns your computer into a music studio. BTVSolo offers affiliates 60 percent to 70 percent commission.
  • Dr. Drum: Dr.Drum is another beat-making software, similar to BTVSolo, but offering a higher commission at 75 percent per sale. Dr.Drum has a lot of resources for affiliates and even offers a course for affiliates free of charge.
  • ITuneStore: The Apple iTunes store is the biggest music vendor across the globe. It started out as a music download site where you could purchase and download songs. It now offers films, apps, and television programs along with music downloads.
  • Loopmasters and PluginBoutique : The commission rate for is 20% and for 15%. You will also earn a further 5% from a targetted bonus which starts when you achieve £250 of sales in either campaign.
  • Musician’s Friend: Musician’s Friend has an extensive store of musical instruments and accessories. Affiliates earn 6 percent commission for each sale.

Some of these affiliate programs are linked to bigger Affiliate Networks.


5. Adds

Internet advertising and Google Adsense is the main source of income for many bloggers!

There are many ways to generate an income with ads ( Pay per Click advertising, selling ads on your blog, popups,…)

Now, before you will start to make an income, you have to be aware that this method of monetizing a website has some shortcomings as well.

  • You will need a lot of traffic in order to get a decent income from adds.
  • Most people hate ads and will leave your website if there are too many.
  • A lot of people use adblockers
  • You AdSense account might be disproved
  • You can easily get banned or your account deactivated from Adsense for reasons unbeknown to you.


6. Create an email list

It’s often said, that the money is the list!

Get subscribers, by installing an opt-in form on your website or blog and promote products by regularly sending out newsletters with your latest blog posts, product reviews, and affiliate offers.

I won’t go further into detail about creating an email list as there would be too much to say and it really belongs to the realm of online marketing, though feel free to ask me more information about how to create an email list and I’d be happy to help you out!


7. Social Media

Did you know that your favorite social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can make your earn cash?

Instead of wasting time on your favorite social platform, why don’t you use it to make money!

If you have a website or blog, you can create a FB-or Twitter page related to your website or blog.

This way you’ll get more exposure and followers.

But these platforms are also a great way to get subscribers to your list and make money with adds.

You don’t need to have a website or blog to make money because you can promote affiliate programs directly through adds, though I recommend having at least small website or landing page because people are not keen on buying from someone they never heard of or has nothing to show.

You can even create online stores through your favorite social media. ( See create an E-commerce store)


Small Conclusion about Creating and Monetizing a Website

I haven’t been too much in detail about creating and monetizing a music website because there is way too much to cover!

The purpose of this post is to give you an overview of all the options available to musicians to make money.

Now, since you are reading this post you are aware that this IS a music website and like I told you before I am able to make a living from my online endeavors.

Do you want to learn everything about how to turn your passion into a thriving business?

And how I did it? 

Join Me Inside!


If you are really interested in creating a website and you’d like to learn everything about how to monetize your website, get access the most complete training on affiliate marketing and connect with thousands of like-minded striving online marketers, then meet me inside!

I’d be more than happy to help you out!

It’s Completely free to start with and you can have a running, hosted music website by the end of the day!

I’ll meet you there if you have any questions!


Write about Music

52 Creative Ways To Make Money As A Musician


8. Write Product reviews

What if you used your experience by making product reviews about your favorite DAW, Midi controller, Synth, mic or audio interphase?

If you already have a website, there must be thousands of products related to your niche that you can write a review about.

Product review + Affiliate Program= $$

On Dooyoo for example, you can get paid by reviewing product or services after testing them.Some websites even pay you to write product reviews on their website.

Other websites like Review Me or review stream pay you to review software, electronics, hotels, restaurants, books, and clothes among other categories.

Another great website is sponsored reviews. It connects bloggers SEO’s, marketers and advertisers looking to build links, traffic, and buzz.

Their system allows you to write articles or post advertiser provided content to your blog in exchange for cash.

They have thousands of advertisers looking to have articles posted for many different industries!


9. Create Viral Blog posts

Now you think, ok, this all sounds great but if nobody finds my website, how the hell will be able to sell anything?

Now there are different ways to get your website exposed.

SEO techniques and Keyword research can teach you how to get ranked in the search engines and social media ( as you will see below) can help your website getting noticed.

But creating great content is still the best way to get ranked, create a brand and gain followers!

In fact, you need your blog posts to go viral!

If you already have a passion for music, I am sure you can up with a topic that you know well.

Talking about something you know and you’re passionate about will be much easier.

” It’s much easier to gain loyal followers when you speak from your heart!”

”Anyone can start a blog but the real test is getting readers”

Jon Morrow CEO of Smartblogger


10. Guest blogging

An awesome way to get exposure is to write for other websites or blogs.

A lot of quality websites are looking for talented people to write blog posts for them.

You’ll gain notoriety and some websites even pay to get guest posts!

If you type music + guest blogging in the search engines, you will be able to find some websites that accept guest bloggers.

It’s not easy to get accepted if you have nothing to show, though.

Having your own website or blog already will definitely help you get a gig.

There are other platforms where you can apply as a freelance copywriter and get hired and paid to write for websites but more on this later….


11. Write an Ebook

Musicians are creative people! Usually, we tend to be creative in other forms as well, such as writing.

You can use your experience to write an Ebook and sell it online or if you have some money aside, you can invest into hiring someone to write it for you.

It doesn’t have to be a bestselling novel of course, but if you can teach beginners how to make music, give some production techniques and tips or why not write your BIO.

Here is an article with a list of websites where you can sell your EbookHongkiat.

If you don’t feel like you should get paid for your writings, you can still use your e-book as a freebie to get people to subscribe to your email list.


Video Tutorials and Courses



If you are an expert in music production, an audio engineer, a singer or if you can play an instrument, you can use your experience to teach others!

12. Create an online course

Teach others online and monetize your expertise!

The way we educate people has changed a lot of the years and the internet has opened many ways for experts to share their knowledge.

Of course, you will need to be comfortable in front of a camera but if you are not you can still create an audio podcast.

I am of number 1 recommendation to sell your online music courses is Udemy.

Udemy is the largest marketplace for online courses.

There are more than 12M hungry students eager to learn and more than 20K passionate instructors who are making money every day by selling online courses.

They give you all the tools you need to create your own online course, create a brand and inspire and teach students all over the world!


52 Creative ways to make money as a musician


13. Youtube

Create a Youtube channel and monetize your videos!

There are several ways to monetize your videos on Youtube, by using the Youtube Partner Program, with ads or whenever your music is used in a video ( licensing).

A lot of famous websites such as Loopmasters, Future Music Magazine, and Point Blank Music School have created Youtube channels to promote their online courses.

Another way to monetize your tutorials is to create a few free tutorials to teach the basics and redirect your ‘students’ to your website where they will pay to get the full course.


14. Fiverr

How I just love Fiverr!!!

There are so many possibilities to make money with Fiverr that it’s almost impossible NOT to make money once you get involved.

I will talk a lot about Fiverr in the next paragraphs and give you some ideas about how to make money with Fiverr.With a little bit of creativity, you might even be able to get a full-time income just by selling gigs!

Basically,  you can create a gig and sell your gig for a tiny basic price starting from 5$. 

Actually, you can earn a lot more by offer premium service or more related gigs. It also depends on the time it took you to perform your gig and the type of service you are offering.

With a little bit of creativity, you might even be able to get a full-time income just by selling gigs!

Some of the weirdest gigs I came across are:

”I will dance in a music video on any music style”

”I will be crazy in love with you in a prank video”

”I will sing depressing happy birthday as a mouse”

”I will be your girlfriend on social media”

But more seriously, try to find out what other musicians are offering and get ideas of what service you could offer regarding your experience.

52 Creative ways to make money as a musician


Create and sell a Product

52 Creative Ways To Make Money As A Musician

15. Create an app

You are probably using music applications yourself to listen to music or even to create music.

All the main music websites like Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify have smartphone applications.

There are tons of applications related to music like beat making apps, Piano apps, music production apps, and even karaoke apps.

When I think about my favorite music apps, the one comes in mind in Shazam!

The guys who invented Shazam were pure geniuses! They came with up with a simple idea which was something that everybody wished they had: An application that helps you figure out a song you hear, wherever you hear it!

Dig some ideas and be creative. I am sure you can come up with some innovative app that will make the day of thousands of music aficionados just like you!

You can use the Google Cloud Platform or check out for appmakr or getapp.


16. Create a Software

Maybe a bit more complicated but creating an Audio Production Software can be a great idea but you need the skills or connections to do so.

The same DAW ( Digital Audio Workstation) you use has been created once by someone just like who!

It will be difficult to compete with the big names like Ableton, Logic Pro or FL Studio but you don’t have to make it as complex either.

Many producers are on the look for some cheaper and less complex alternatives!


Sell Digital Products


52 Creative Ways To Make Money As A Musician

There are plenty of websites where you sell your creations and make money as a musician!

The advantage you have as a musician is that you are in number 1 position of selling a digital product you have created yourself!

Another huge benefit is that digital products don’t need an investment, space or shipping, you can sell them in just 1 click!

You only need to create it once and you will be able to sell the same product over and over again!

17. Create and Sell Sample packs

If you have been making music for some time, you probably have created a lot of Melodies, Drum Loops, Leads, One-shots, FX and/or Vocals.

Some of them you used in your productions and some you didn’t.

What if I told you that you can sell them online! 

As an audio engineer, you can create Sample packs and why not create an online store to sell them.

Or, you can sell them through other existing websites without having to bother creating a website yourself.

Make sure to check Rightsify and Sampleism if you already have a sample library!


18. Sell DAW or Software Presets

Same goes for DAW, Synth or other presets you have created.

There is a huge demand for custom sounds!

You can try to sell directly to software companies such as NI Massive or NI Kontakt or find resellers that will buy and sell your packs for you.


19. Sell Beats and Drumkits

Beats and Drum Loops are still the best selling products in Sample Stores.

Some people manage to get a steady income just by selling their beats online!

Check out these websites if you want to sell your drum kits and beats: Gum road and Sellfy


20. Create Sound effects

Sound effects can be used for a variety of purposes such as gaming, commercials, cartoons, …

Nature sounds, industrial sounds, human sounds and Urban sounds sell very well and there are a lot of specialized websites offering free or paid sounds.

If you check this post, you will get a list of the 8 best websites for free sounds. Uploading your sounds and give them away for free is a great way to get exposure, but some of these websites are also selling them.

Uploading your sounds and give them away for free is a great way to get exposure, but some of these websites are also selling them.


21. Create background music

Creating background music is also a great way for musicians to make an income!

background music can be licensed for movies, cartoons,  games,…

My number 1 recommendation to sell sound effects, background music, and even sample packs is AudioJungle.

I have heard of people that are able to make a living just by Audio Jungle

52 creative ways to make money as a musician


22. Sell Vocals

If you are a singer or vocalist you can sell your vocals or a Capella’s to specialized websites. ( see sell lyrics).

You can upload your vocals indaba music which is an online community for musicians and a great place to find opportunities.

You can also connect with other artists. is a very cool website that helps musicians, vocalists, and DJ/ Producers connect.

Musicians upload original samples + vocalists upload a Capella’s = Producer or DJ creates remix


23. Sell lyrics

If you wrote some music lyrics or even poems, you can sell them online.

Songbay is a cool website that allows you to buy and sell lyrics of every style.

They are the world leader in original music and lyric sale and they massively promote the work of sellers and buyers.

Songbay is also an awesome marketplace to connect musicians together to collaborate on songwriting projects.


24. Create DJ Drops

Do you have a hot voice?!

Why don’t use that voice to create DJDrops for radio stations, DJ intros or commercials?

If you already own the rich software, it will be a piece of cake to put together a short message, catchy sound or brand signature for any kind of podcast.

Make a demo and contact the best selling DJ Drops stores online, like Dj Drop Central  or The Beat Boss.

You can also create a gig on Fiverr and sell your drops from there!


Sell Physical Products

52 Creative Ways To Make Money As A Musician


25. Sell or Rent your Gear

If you have been a musician for a long time you have probably a lot of music gear or software you are not using anymore.

Some retro synths and instruments have increased in value and you will always be able to find collectors or passionate people to pay for it.

If you don’t feel like selling your gear ( I completely feel you), you can rent it out and make some money that way!


26. Buy and Resell Merchandise

You can also buy gear and material and try to resell it for a higher price.

I know a guy who is specialized in Roland Synths. He is buying damaged synths, repairs them and resells them for a good price.


27. Vinyl Sales

The vinyl is back and what a great news that is!

I have always liked vinyl and I think it’s been a great loss when people started to mix digitally.

If you have been a DJ in the ‘early’ stages or if you still have a collection, you can sell them for a good price.

Collectors can go for hot prices these days and there is a huge demand for this kind of items.

DJ turntables, like the famous Technics SL, can be sold for prices up to 300$!

If you don’t have any vinyls, you can still dig into your parents or grandparent’s attic and find some hidden gems!


28. Rent out your Studio

If you have a professional studio you can rent it out to other musicians and make a nice income and return on investment of your studio.


Sell Your Music Online



What better way to make money as a musician that to sell your own music!

You can start by getting exposure on streaming websites like Youtube or Soundcloud but if you want to make money from your music you will need to bring it out there!


29. Sell Your Music on Spotify

You don’t need to be signed or have a record deal to get your music on Spotify.

If you have a label or aggregator they can easily get the job done for you.

If you don’t you can use one the aggregation companies ( Like TuneCore) that Spotify works with to deliver the music for you, handle the licensing and collect royalties.

For more information visit Spotify.


30. Sell Your Music on Amazon Music

And again for Amazon Music.

My recommendation would be to use Tune Core , like I already mentioned above.

Tunecore is an independent artist community that helps you sell your music on several music platforms such as Spotify, Itunes, Amazon Music and so on.


31. Sell your music on Itunes

Same goes for Itunes and other music streaming websites!


Music Related Freelance Jobs

52 Creative Ways To Make Money As A Musician


Getting a Freelance job is a great idea to make money as a musician because it allows you to make a steady income by offering your music skills on may levels.


32. Sync licencing 

”A music synchronization license, or “sync” for short, is a music license granted by the holder of the copyright of a particular composition, allowing the licensee to synchronize music with some kind of visual media output (film, television shows, advertisements, video games, accompanying website music, movie …” Wikipedia

Start making money by licensing your songs for videos, TV, movies, video games and much more and get paid every time your song is used as part of a project.

CDBaby is a website that manages sync licensing for you! It’s the web’s biggest independent music store but it has so much more to offer!

Their Licensing program is a free add-on so you can start making money by licensing your songs too, from YouTube ad revenue and micro-sync licensing.

“CD Baby is a great source for music. On several occasions, the only place I could find an obscure artist’s recording was on CD Baby. CD Baby is a place that values the smaller bands and by doing so, performs a very important role in keeping independent music alive.”

Henry Rollins singer-songwriter, spoken-word artist


33. Movie scores

Imaging composing the music for your favorite movie or tv series?

Sounds too good to be true?

Though you need a strong musical background and skills such as music notation, sight-reading, active listening, critical thinking and an awareness of both music history and current trends, you don’t have to be the next Hans Zimmer to make a living out of it.

You can make music for websites, independent film studios, local theatrical performances, art expositions and more.

It’s useful to have connections with broadcast networks or advertising agencies but you can still put your creations on specialized websites in order to have professionals to buy from you.

There are other careers in movie scoring than just composing.

Use your skills to become a music editor, copyist or sound designer.

Check out specialized Freelance websites like Freelancer or Upwork.


34. Make Music for Videogames

Video game composers write music scores by watching the game and create evocative music to bring emotions to the characters and happenings of the game.

Although it’s not required to be a professional music composer to be hired as a video composer, you must have a solid understanding of music theory and music scoring techniques.

You must have to ability to write any kind of genre and experience with video games is required.

Wake up, sync up computers with [the] latest game builds, eat breakfast, create music and sound until lunch, eat lunch, feel drowsy and haphazardly work, read and respond to email, make sure my team is doing what they are supposed to, repeat.

Chris Rockwood Video Game Composer


35. Jingle writing

Advertising agencies often employ musicians to compose melodies and songs for commercials for radio, television, podcasts or local advertising.

You can apply to jingle houses or jingle smart that look for talented people just like you or you can try to work as a freelancer on Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer.


36. Voice over

”Voice-over is a production technique where a voice—that is not part of the narrative —is used in a radio, television production, filmmaking, theater, or other presentations. Wikipedia”.

You can apply for voice over jobs through specialized websites such as voices.comvoice bunny and Edge Studio

Or you can use freelancer websites such as Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer to get hired for a voice over job. ( More on that later)


37. Become a Ghost Producer

Ghost Producers create a music production for a certain DJ without being credited for this creation. The track will be released under the DJ’s name.

Now, as you may know, I am not a huge defender of ghost producers as you may have read in my post.

But, some people don’t like to be in the spotlight and have a real passion for the creating music without wanting to become a Super Star Dj/ Producer.

If that’s your case and you can live with the idea of never being credited for your productions, ghost producing is definitely something to consider, especially if you are into EDM.

Make sure to check out these websites EDM Ghost production, DCC Studios and House of Tracks 


38. Audio Mastering and Mixing

Audio engineers can make a living by offering mastering and mixing services to clients.

There are plenty of ways for engineers to generate an income online and most engineers are able to live from their skills.

You can create songs, offer feedback on songs, make arrangements, do some basic mixing or offer full packages to your clients.

Creating tutorials, videos and writing a book to teach others can be a great way to get exposure and earn money.


39. Open an online Record Label

Opening a record label won’t be an easy task unless you have a degree in music business or if you don’t have serious connections in the music industry or with artists.

If do have some connections and you want to promote your own music, it’s a good way to get exposure but it might take some time to make money from it.

You need to establish your sound and presence, find artists and have a solid business plan.

If creating your own record label is something that you consider, you can have a look at this post, which gives an easy to follow overview of the steps to take to get started.


In the Real World! 

52 Creative Ways To Make Money As A Musician


If the online world isn’t really your thing, you can still make money as a musician the ‘old fashioned ‘ way.

New careers and opportunities open every day as the music industry is in constant progress.

New technologies appear almost every day and some non-traditional methods have emerged from the healing sector.


40. Become a Music Therapist

Music therapists use music to help people that are dealing with emotional, physical or social problems.

You can work in the private sector or as a freelance music therapist.

A Music therapist is an established health profession and you will need personal qualifications that include a genuine interest in people and a desire to help others empower themselves and a strong knowledge of music.


41. Become a music teacher in a school or association

You like to teach others but you are not too much into creating a video tutorial?

Becoming a music teacher can be the perfect job for you and it might be more rewarding for you to be face to face with your students.


42. Sponsorships

Music sponsorships include all musical types from classical to jazz to experimental.

Music sponsors provide a means by funding by which musicians may provide their audience with live performances while showcasing the best aspects of their talent with possibly millions of people who love the individual or group.

Music sponsors provide a means by funding by which musicians may provide their audience with live performances while showcasing the best aspects of their talent with possibly millions of people who love the individual or group.


43. Cruise ship entertainer

If you like traveling, you can use your experience as a musician or singer to find a job on a cruise ship.

There are a lot of jobs available for DJ’s, singers, and entertainers!


44. Become a Radio DJ

A couple of years ago I worked for a local dance radio station.

It was a lot of fun and even though I hardly got paid for it, it opened doors for me!

I met a lot of interesting people and I got hired to be the lead voice in a house music track.

Gaine some experience and exposure by starting to work for a local radio station and who know, you might just find your path into the world of radio animation on a bigger scale!


45. Become a DJ

If you are an electronic producer, the easiest way to get your music noticed is by being becoming a DJ/ Producer.

You will gain money as a DJ but even better, you will be able to play your own creations and get your music get noticed.


46. Participate at a Music Contest

While you might not always make money by winning a music contest, you can make a chance to win a price such as Music Production software to build your home studio and make a name in the industry.

It’s also a great way to share your productions and get more skilled as you produce music for a contest.


47. Go out and make connections 

Hang out at local music stores, go to events, parties and try to meet the right people.

By getting out there you might just meet the right people to maybe connect or collaborate with later.


48. Perform for parties, at small clubs

Get your music out there and spread it to the world!


50.Listen to music

Some websites pay you to listen to music.

You won’t get paid a lot but if you are working at home or if you can have access to streaming websites, you can put the music on and just get paid to listen to your favorite genre.

Try Musicray or radio loyalty !


51. Perform a Street Act

Now I see you think … but a good street act can make you make more money than your think.

I live in Barcelona, where street acts are everywhere. Some are even paid by the city to perform in metro stations or on the streets.

And… good street acts are often filmed and put on Youtube!


52. Crowdfunding campaigns

Crowdfunding campaigns can be a great way to raise money for their projects.



First I’d like to thank you thank you for reading my post.

Since I started making money with music online, I had this blog post idea in mind, so that I could use my experience and research into helping others achieve the same.

We, musicians, are not made for boring 9 to 5 jobs, let’s admit it ( and who is anyways)!

When I first started to look for opportunities for musicians and music producers, I never thought that I would manage to quit my job and be able to earn a living from home.

I used some of the methods above but not all of them of course.

It’s up to you to find out which of these ways to make money as a musician suits you the best!

I like to write, I like to learn and I can spend hours doing online research so was looking for a way to share my creativity and experience to help others.

Since I wanted to use my skills to help others, creating a website was the most obvious direction to take for me and affiliate marketing the best way I found to monetize this website.

Discovering Wealthy Affiliate has definitely changed my life! 

And it could change yours too!

So, join me inside and we can work on your future together! It’s completely free to start with!


52 creative ways to make music as a musician


I am using several methods to make money from music but creating a website and share my knowledge is the way that fulfills me the most!

I would say that the fastest way to make money, would be through Freelance websites such as Fiverr, Udemy, and Upwork.

I am doing some freelance jobs on Upwork ( which are not directly music related but bring a steady income from home) and I have some gigs on Fiverr.

So, whatever it is you decide to go for, don’t think it’s not possible not make money from your music skills but it IS possible!

The 6 best Studio Monitors on a Budget

The 6 Best Studio Monitors on a Budget
The 6 Best Studio Monitors on a Budget

While Studio Monitors are an essential part of your home studio set up, they don't have to kill your budget.

The best studio monitors must be able to deliver that neutral sound that you need for mixing your tracks.

They should be able to deliver a balanced and natural spectrum response, low distortion and superior stereo imaging.

And of course, you'd like to add some clear midranges, a tight bass and crisp highs...

Now, you might think that finding cheap studio monitors that offer all those features is impossible ?

So, you keep on mixing with your headphones .... 

But, even the best studio headphones, can not reproduce frequencies at the exact response rate as studio monitors and you can't exclusively rely on them.

You will also lose stereo balance when mixing down your tracks with headphones and you will eventually have to make corrections with your monitors.

​Now, I have some good news for you!

Some Studio Monitors do offer all those features and they will not ruin your budget!

Find your best match from The 6 best Studio Monitors under $100 to max $200!

Mackie CR Series CR3

Great quality for an affordable price!

Compact and lightweight, these versatile monitors deliver clear, crisp and natural sound.

Lacking some low-end​

M-Audio AV32

M-Audio AV32

Great value for multi-media purposes

Detailed sound, clear crisp highs and tight accurate bass.

​Less adapted for music production.

Behringer ms16 studio monitors

Behringer MS16

Do price and size matter?

Cheap and compact self-powered monitors.

Not ideal for mixing purposes

Presonus Eris e4.5 Review

Presonus Eris e4.5

The Top of low budget monitors!

Great value high definition studio monitors for a clear, neutral sound and punchy bass!

Lacking some low-end​

JBL LSR305 studio monitor


The right sound@The right price

Most accurate sound for price range!

Impressive sound quality and excellent stereo imaging.

  KRK Rokit 5

Music Producer's favorite! And mine..

Optimized, rich and defined stereo imaging.

Clear mid-ranges, high, crisp highs​ and tight bass.

Any questions? Or maybe you want to add YOUR FAVORITE to the list?

Please, feel free to leave a comment below!

And don't hesitate to spread the word!

118 Free Big Room Samples that will blow your speakers!

Free Big Room Samples

Looking for Free Big Room Samples? I got just what you are looking for! 118 FREE Big Room Samples that will BLOW your SPEAKERS… and annoy your neighbors!

I created this Sample Pack because, when I started out, I was looking all over the web to find some Free Sounds, acapella’s, Samples and Sample Packs.

Although I discovered some great websites where to get Sample packs, most of them were not free and finding awesome, Royalty Samples could quickly become an expensive matter!

For this reason and also because I know that starting out is quite difficult, I decided to give away 1 of the sample packs I have created just for you and FREE TO DOWNLOAD!

Download here


Free Big Room Samples Video Preview

Listen here! All the samples are included in the Sample Pack! ( Youtube video preview below)

Or watch the video:

10 Kicks

8 Claps/ Snares

10 Hats

9 Dry Basslines

9 Wet Basslines

5 Sub Bas

22 Leads

2 Guitars

14 Percs

9 FX

2 Backings

9 Loops

6 Additives

3 Vocal Glitches

How to get them?

There are 2 simple ways to get instant access to your Free Big Room Samples!

  1. Watch my Youtube Video Preview and click on the download link in the description!
  2. Click on this link ! Just enter your email and a download link will be sent directly to you ( no spam! )
  3. Download your 118 Free Big Room samples
  4. ENJOY!

Or Click on the button!

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Yes, it’s THAT easy!

I hope you will enjoy your free big room samples and I am looking forward to hearing the results.

Post your creations in the comment section below and you might be receiving a bonus price!

Feel free to like and share my post AND Youtube video so others can enjoy my gift!

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