Behringer ms16 studio monitors – Do size and price matter?

    Behringer ms16 studio monitors

    behringer ms16 compact stereo speaker system


    Overall rating



    • Very cheap and compact
    • Good for pc speakers and entertainment


    • Pastic Buildup ( Made in China)
    • Not good for mixing purposes

    Behringer ms16 Studio Monitors are cheap, compact self-powered monitors that will suit about any multimedia purposes like video editing, vocal monitoring, gaming,.. and anyone looking for an improved listening experience.

    They do have some lackings and will not be the best choice for mixing purposes but Hey! For that price, you can’t have it all don’t you?

    They are a choice to consider though if you are on a budget and definitely deserved to be reviewed!

    Lets’ have a look at the features and help you find out of these low-cost monitors could suit your needs.

    Features of the Behringer ms16 Studio Monitors

    The first thing you will notice when they come out of the box is their compact size and buildup.

    They haven’t been made out of quality material and they look kind of cheap (which they are) with their plastic design. (They have been manufactured in China).

    Both speakers are connected with an RCA cable.

    Each speaker has a 4” woofer and the tweeters are powered by 8 Watt amplifiers each.

    In the front of the speakers, you have the on/off button, the volume, Bass and Treble controls.

    You also have a 1/4 ” adjustable mic input (with mic level control for playback and voice monitoring ) and a 1/8” TRS  headphone input.

    The Behringer ms16 studio monitors also possess RCA inputs that allow you to connect a keyboard, sound cards,…

    Behringer ms16 studio monitors

    Sound quality

    Don’t expect an amazing sound quality…maybe it is too much to ask for low-cost studio monitors but if you are looking for a neutral, flat sound you won’t get it from the Behringer ms16 studio monitors.

    They are pretty good in the highs and mids but do really seriously lack some bass. 

    They also have some distortion of the amps on high volumes.

    Don’t get me wrong! They do offer some clean and comfortable sound for entertainment but from a Music producers point of view, they have some lackings.

    If you go for them, you might want to consider adding an amp and/or subwoofer if you want to get maximum sound quality.


    Weight: 8,8 pounds

    Dimensions: 5.9 x 5.5 x 9.5 inches

    16 Watt amplifiers: ( 8 Watt per speaker)


    I could have given a  higher rating if I was making a review for PC monitors but this a music producing website and even though they are definitely a choice to consider for entertainment purposes, they will have too many lackings from a producers point of view.

    I wouldn’ recommend them for mixing purposes unless you add an amp and sub-woofer.

    They are good PC speakers and for purposes like gaming,  watching movies or listen to music they might be a valuable add but since this is a music production website…

    So why do I speak about them on a music production website? 

    Because I know that a lot of starting music producers don’t have a budget to buy expensive monitor speakers.

    I was looking for ‘the most budget-friendly’ studio monitors and as you might know, it’s difficult to find quality studio monitors under 100 $.

    But for some of you 100 $ is the most you can spend on a pair of monitors, so it’s good to know that such options exist and if 100$ is the maximum you can spend on your monitors then the Behringer ms16 studio monitors might be an option for you!

    In the same price range, I would recommend the Mackie CR Series CR3 instead of the Behringer ms16 studio monitors.


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