Electronic music for beginners part 2: Building your home studio

Building your home studio

Building your home studio but you don’t know where to start? In part 1 of How to make electronic music for beginners, you have learned the 5 steps to start making music right away.

Let’s go to the next step and let’s learn more about building your home studio.

Building your home studio

Monitors + Monitor Stands + Monitor acoustic isolation pads                                         

Building your home studioPeople tend to think that building your home studio is an expensive matter and this is mostly true. Nevertheless, there is no hurry in putting too much money at first.

The truth is that a lot of famous tracks have been produced using the most basic studio settings: a laptop, a DAW and headphones.

You might want to do the remastering and let’s be honest, it’s almost impossible, even with the best quality headphones out there. As a result, you will eventually need to invest in a pair of quality monitors because they are an essential part of your recording studio.

You have set up your computer and chosen the DAW you are going to work with. Furthermore, you have a decent pair of headphones. Now it’s time for building your home studio with a good pair of monitors!

I will introduce you to the best monitor speakers for music production, according to most home based producers and professional reviews.

I. Monitors

One of the most important software you will need as an electronic music producer is good studio monitors!

There is a very high variety of monitors, from affordable to very expensive. Your definitive choice will, therefore, depend on different aspects and preferences.

Knowing that you are most likely to produce electronic music if you are reading this post, it is a good thing to know is that most monitors have similar transparency requirements and frequency response. This is also true for whatever genre you are likely to produce and most monitors will possess similar basic features.

Another important thing to consider is the size of your room. There is also no point in buying 12ich monitors if your room is about a big as your home studio itself …

To start with, I would recommend buying a more affordable model and grow to a mor

e expensive one in the future. Unless you have the budget to afford an expensive model right away.

The best studio monitors must also be able to deliver that neutral sound that you need for mixing your tracks. Furthermore, they should deliver a balanced and natural spectrum response, low distortion and superior stereo imaging.

And of course, you’d like to add some clear midranges, a tight bass, and crisp highs…

Building your home studio

What do I recommend?

The most acclaimed professional music production monitors for an affordable price are the KRK Rokit 8 G3, the 3 generation audio speakers from KRK. There are 3 models. The Rokit 5 G3, The Rokit 6 G3 and my personal favorite and the one. I am using on a daily basis are The KRK Rokit 8 3 generation.

There are many reasons why The KRK 3 generation monitors are the best-selling and most acclaimed monitors for music production. The Rokit 5, 6 and 8 possess similar features but there are differences and your ultimate choice will be based on your personal choice and needs, preferences and budget.

I will give a complete overview of the features of Rokit G3 studio monitors and my opinion so that you will be able to compare each model and price and find the monitors that best suit you.

To connect your Monitors ( and just because it is the next essential part of your studio)  you’ll eventually need an Audio Interface. I am using the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2 2 out USB recording audio interface which is a great value for my recordings.

Not sure what an audio interface is?

II. Monitor stands 

Building your home studioYou might need monitor stands if you don’t have enough place in your workspace. Make sure to buy adjustable ones with a stable platform and a low profile base.

The model in the picture is the  Ultimate support js ms 70

I use the Ultimate support speakers stands. They are some of the best adjustable height monitor stands for an affordable price. You won’t find cheap monitor stands that have the features of the Ultimate support JSMS speaker stand and are capable of supporting high weights. So, this is definitely the best price/ quality monitor stands when you are on a budget.

Please read complete review and price here

III. Monitor acoustic isolation pads 

Building your home studio

With or without the stand it is recommended to have isolation pads.

Monitor acoustic isolation pads prevent sonic resonance and coloration from the monitors on their resting surface providing a clearer and more articulate sound.

Speakers produce vibrations and resonant energy. If they are not properly isolated, these vibrations will be transmitted onto your desk or monitor stand and degrade the stereo image of your sound.

Acoustic Isolation Pads prevent this from happening. They improve the sound by isolating your speakers from their supporting surface.

Isolation Pads are even more extremely useful for decoupling monitors because they reduce structural vibrations and prevent sonic artifacts.

I recommend The Auralex MoPad monitor Isolators with it’s 5 different positioning options. Mo Pads have been designed to support any type of monitors…



scarlett 2

The audio interface 

More to come soon : 

  • MIDI Keyboard/Controller
  • microphone
  • studio Isolation

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