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The 10 Best Hardstyle Sample Packs of 2018

The 10 Best Hardstyle Sample Packs of 2017

What is Hardstyle EDM?

Before we discover the 10 best hardstyle sample packs of 2018, let’s dig a little bit deeper in this music genre that had gained quite popularity over the last years.

Hardstyle is an EDM Genre ( Electronic Dance Music) that finds its roots in Holland but fast gained popularity in the rest of Europe and the USA. Hardstyle is characterized by hard drum kicks, heavy, sometimes reversed basslines, distorted and detuned sounds and synths. It has a BPM count that lies between 130 to 150 beats per minute.

Hardstyle is an EDM Genre ( Electronic Dance Music) that finds its roots in Holland but fast gained popularity in the rest of Europe and the USA. Hardstyle is characterized by hard drum kicks, heavy, sometimes reversed basslines, distorted and detuned sounds and synths. It has a BPM count that lies between 130 to 150 beats per minute.

Hardstyle mixes influences from Hardcore, Hard Techno and Trance. It is characterized by hard drum kicks, heavy, sometimes reversed basslines, distorted and detuned sounds and synths. It has a BPM count that lies between 130 to 150 beats per minute.

If you want to learn more about Hardstyle and its subgenres make sure to read this awesome post from EDM Sauce Hardstyle for Dummies: Subgenres explained

The 10 Best Hardstyle Sample Packs of 2018

 Mrotek – Rawstyle

The 10 Best Hardstyle Sample Packs of 2017

Genre: Hardstyle

Additional Styles: Techno, Hardcore and Trance

BPM: 150

Loops, One-Shots, Synth Presents, Midi, Sample Patches

Listen to Preview

Rawstyle is a creation of American Hardstyle Producer Mrotek and Industrial Strength Samples. Mrotek’s sound is already making waves in the international Hardstyle scene, having received support from the likes of MC Villain, Regain, Riiho, Caine, and many more.

Rawstyle features 3 amazing sound sets for Sylenth, Massive and Access Virus. The pack includes Banging Kick Drums, Tight Percussion Shots, Solid Synth Loops, Music Loops and Fx.

Hard Style VS Raw Style

The 10 Best Hardstyle Sample Packs of 2017

Genre: Hard Dance

Additional Styles: Hardcore and Techno

BPM: 150-158

Loops, One-Shots, Midi

Listen to Preview

The hottest new styles from Holland are now bundled up in one studio power pack. Industrial Strength samples presents Hard Style Vs Raw Style.

Producer, sound designer, mixer and mastering engineer General Guyble combines these two hot Dutch styles in one huge mega construction kit bundle.

Tidy Trax Hard Dance And Trance

The 10 Best Hardstyle Sample Packs of 2017

Genre: Hard Dance

Additional Styles: Label series, sound archives

BPM: 140

Loops and Sampler Patches

Listen to Preview

This exclusive sample pack is a creation from Loopmasters and Tidy Trax, that is considered the world’s number 1 Hard Dance brand.

Only the most qualified contributors of a collection of labels have crafted a unique selection of 850 MB of basses, beats, bleeps, single shots, vocals, FX and loops.

Hardstyle EDM: Production Toolkits

The 10 Best Hardstyle Sample Packs of 2017

Genre: Hard Dance

Additional Styles: EDM and Progressive House

BPM: 128

Loops, 1 shots, MIDI

Listen to Preview

Hardstyle EDM was produced by French sound designer Floxy on Industrial Strenght records.

This award winning Hardstyle Sample pack features five Hardstyle EDM Production Kits with Wav stems, NI Massive presets and  Sylenth 1 presets along with the Midi files so you can match the riff and patch with ease.

Organ Donors – Future Hard Dance

The 10 Best Hardstyle Sample Packs of 2017

Genre: Hard Dance

Additional Styles: Techno

BPM: 150-200

Loops, 1 shots, Sampler Patches

Listen to Preview

This Sample Pack is the fourth release of Monster Sounds in conjunction with Organ Donors.

This brand new collection of sounds is a 1.1 GB includes 24bit samples, Loops at 140 Bpm, and 530 Single Sounds, ready to play Bass, Fx, Synth, Pad, Vox and Drum Kit Patches for Reason NNXT, Halion, EXS, SFZ and Kontakt soft samplers. Apple Loops, Reason Refill and Ableton Live Pack versions are also available separately.

Music Samples for DJ's from

The Machine – Hardstyle Essentials

The Machine-Hardstyle Essentials

Genre: Hard Dance

Additional Styles: Hardcore and Techno

BPM: na

Synth presets

Listen to Preview

Industrial Strength Samples is back with another Hard-style Synth pack that is produced by none other than The Machine, recognized as one of the early pioneers of Raw Hardstyle.

This pack includes a wide selection of Pads, Arps, Plucks, Drums, Fx, Bass and of course heavy Screech sounds to rip thru your next production or remix. The Machine even included 4 signature Bass Drums to get you inspired right away.

Skullstep – The Panacea & Limewax

The 10 Best Hardstyle Sample Packs of 2017

Genre: Hard Dance

Additional Styles: Drum&Bass

BPM: 161- 175

Loops, one shots, Sample Patches

Listen to Preview

Probably the darkest and most terrorizing Sample Pack of the list!

Skullstep splits open a set of formidable effects, dark drones, distorted drums, ruff breaks, and edgy acid tones. Ominous textures and pounding assaults send sonic wrath straight to your DAW.

404 Studio Hard Dance Production Bundle

The 10 Best Hardstyle Sample Packs of 2017

Genre: Hard Dance

Additional Styles: Techno, Trance

BPM: na

Loops, one shots, Sample Patches, Synth Presets

Listen to Preview

This huge production pack fusses the edges of Electronic Music into one sonic tool kit that can’t be passed up.

This pack can find its way into any production. such as EDM, Hard Style, Hard dance, Raw Style, Techno, Trance and of course Subground.

Rawstyle Synths

The 10 Best Hardstyle Sample Packs of 2017

Genre: Hard Dance

Additional Styles: Hardcore, Synths and Techno

BPM: na

Synth Presets

Listen to Preview

Rawstyle Synths features a heavy set of monster presets for Native instruments Massive, Spire and Sylenth 1.

This incredible set of sounds gives you the power to have that Rawstyle edge in your next track or remix.

D.Tox – Ultimate Frenchcore

The 10 Best Hardstyle Sample Packs of 2017

Genre: Hard Dance

Additional Styles: na

BPM: 180-210

Loops, One Shots, Sampler Patches

Listen to Preview

This ear crushing Monster Pack has been produced by top notch producer D Tox, who released some of the hottest Frenchcore tracks on labels such as Audiogenic, R-909, Noistorm, Headfuck Records, Astrofonik.

If you are ready to pimp your track into high-powered Frenchcore monster then there is no need to look any further. This 24 Bit audio pack is loaded to the max with the best license free Frenchcore kicks and loops you can’t find anywhere.


I hope you enjoyed my selection of the 10 Best Hardstyle Sample Packs of 2017. I made to sure to leave some place for any subgenre from the rawest to the most euphoric!

Feel free to add some of your favorite Hardstyle Sample Packs to the list by leaving a comment in the comment box below! And don’t forget to share if you like this post.

118 Free Big Room Samples that will blow your speakers!

Free Big Room Samples

Looking for Free Big Room Samples? I got just what you are looking for! 118 FREE Big Room Samples that will BLOW your SPEAKERS… and annoy your neighbors!

I created this Sample Pack because, when I started out, I was looking all over the web to find some Free Sounds, acapella’s, Samples and Sample Packs.

Although I discovered some great websites where to get Sample packs, most of them were not free and finding awesome, Royalty Samples could quickly become an expensive matter!

For this reason and also because I know that starting out is quite difficult, I decided to give away 1 of the sample packs I have created just for you and FREE TO DOWNLOAD!

Download here


Free Big Room Samples Video Preview

Listen here! All the samples are included in the Sample Pack! ( Youtube video preview below)

Or watch the video:

10 Kicks

8 Claps/ Snares

10 Hats

9 Dry Basslines

9 Wet Basslines

5 Sub Bas

22 Leads

2 Guitars

14 Percs

9 FX

2 Backings

9 Loops

6 Additives

3 Vocal Glitches

How to get them?

There are 2 simple ways to get instant access to your Free Big Room Samples!

  1. Watch my Youtube Video Preview and click on the download link in the description!
  2. Click on this link ! Just enter your email and a download link will be sent directly to you ( no spam! )
  3. Download your 118 Free Big Room samples
  4. ENJOY!

Or Click on the button!

Download here


Yes, it’s THAT easy!

I hope you will enjoy your free big room samples and I am looking forward to hearing the results.

Post your creations in the comment section below and you might be receiving a bonus price!

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The 8 best websites for free sound effects

The 8 best websites for free sound effects


Are you looking for free sound effects to use for video editing, game design, movie score or to spice up your music productions? You are at the right place! Discover

Discover The 8 best websites for free sound effects.

Freesound. org

I spoke about this website in my previous article The best acapella websites .

Free Sound is a collaborative database of creative-commons licensed sound for musicians and sound lovers.

You can browse, upload and share free sounds like percussions, FX, Loops, nature and outdoor sounds and about every possible sound you can imagine completely for free!

They recently launched a new FreeSound-side called Freesound Labs.

Freesound Labs is a directory of  apps, projects, hacks, and other initiatives that use content from Freesound or use the Freesound API.

Sound Bible offers free sound clips and Royalty Free sound in wav. and MP3 format for video editors, movie scores, game designers and musicians.

A few popular sounds are fight sounds, car sounds, animal sounds, gun sounds, wind sounds,… You can find absolutely anything!

With more than 140.000 sound effects, Audio Jungle is probably one of the 8 best websites for free sound effects and has the biggest choice of sounds effects.

Not all of them are free though and most of them are uploaded by users to resell and prices can vary from 1 to 5 $.

They do have a large choice of Sound packs in about any genre and for any purpose. From classical to ambient and from Funk to Rock!

Recently they added music kits to their library and they also offer logos and idents and sound effects like nature sounds domestic sounds, …

Why do I add it to my list if it’s not free? 

Well first of all because of the huge amount and tiny price of their sounds but also because you can sell your own sounds on Audio Jungle.

If you have some experience in creating sounds or if you are a music producer you can make some money by uploading your sounds and your profile will be  viewed by thousands of other people!

The 8 best websites for free sound effects

The 8 best websites for free sound effectsThe 8 best websites for free sound effects

Audio Micro is a stock music and sound effects library that offers 174,739 royalty-free stock music tracks from Grammy-winning artists, sound effects and loops packs.

Some are free and some are not but you will definitely find what you are looking for and for any purpose. You can subscribe from prices starting at 14,95 $ a month up to 199,95 $ a month but their free library is big enough for anybody that is looking for some free sounds.

You can subscribe from prices starting at 14,95 $ a month up to 199,95 $ a month.

They have clients such as Microsoft and Discovery Channel which is a god indicator about the quality that you can expect from Audio Micro.

One of the most up-to-date libraries of professional high definition sound effects available today, Free SFX offers almost every imaginable sound effect from its extensive collection.

They offer individual sound effects, downloadable packs, and HD drives packed full of cutting edge sounds.

They work together with free sound effect contributors such as


Audio Micro ( see above)

Blastwave FX

! I didn’t add those websites to The 8 best websites for free sound effects ( except for Audio Micro ) because they are not free but make sure to check them out anyways as they do have a huge choice of sounds that you might not find elsewhere.

Flashkit offers  an ever growing list of shareware and freeware Sound FX for downloads such as free sounds and sound loops.

They have other products as well such as banners, cartoons, screensavers, e-cards,mp3 and flash track versions of all effects as well!

Powerful searching, excellent organisation and easy real-time previews make this the most advanced Sound FX download site on the net! mp3 and flash track versions of all effects as well!

Partners in Rhyme has a large collection of Royalty free music and sound effects in different categories and genres that can be used in audio or visual applications such as music tracks, games, movies and video edition.

Acoustica doesn’t have a huge library of free sounds but the sounds are free and you will be able to find some interesting free sound effects to use for any purpose.


More Resources!

Need more Sounds, acapella’s, loops, samples and sample packs?

Make sure to check out my posts:

And discover the 10 best websites for Loops, samples and sample packs!

The 7 best websites for free acapella’s.

Spice up your productions and add a little extra touch to your tracks for free!


I hope you liked The 8 best websites for free sound effects?

I am sure you will enjoy those resources for sounds, acapella’s, loops and samples and I wish you all the best with whatever purpose you need them for!

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The best acapella websites – Spice up your productions!

The Best Acapella Websites

You want to spice up your productions with some uplifting vocals or a capellas but you don’t know how to sing? No problem, most of your favorite artists are auto-tuned anyways …

No, seriously, there are some great ways to make even the worst singer have the voice of an angel but if you have no time to lose with using some expensive software to make you sing like the latest winner of ‘The Voice’, there are plenty of options left!

let’s have a look at The best acapella websites and let’s find you some Royalty free, uplifting and professional vocals and a Capellas to give your productions the little extra touch that they are missing!

And… most of them are free!

If you are not sure what an a capella is, I invite you to read my post: ‘What is an a capella‘.

The best acapella websites

1. Looperman

Why? Because the samples, sounds and a capellas have been uploaded by users themselves and are completely free and no adds!


  • You can discover some great unknown talent in about any possible genre. Besides acapellas, you can find loops and samples, software and VST’s, complete tracks, beats and mixes.
  • The only thing to do is register and download in 1 simple click!
  • The easy to use search engine allows you to choose by member, by keyword, tempo, genre, male or female, vocal style and even auto-tune.
  • You can put your own samples to get feedback on your music


  • Quality depends because the samples are uploaded by users, some bad surprises sometimes…
Check Out Looperman Here


2. offers high quality and free a capellas in mp 3 format. They have a huge library of the most popular artists and songs of the moment and some classics in about any genre. From Madonna to Sia, from Muse to AC/DC and from 50 Cent to Pitbull, they really have plenty!


  • Their library is huge! You will be able to find about any a capella you want from top artists and famous songs
  • About any genre is represented. Alternative, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Metal, Pop, R’nB, blues, disco, jazz
  • Top notch quality in MP 3 format


  • You can’t listen to them right away and it’s a long road of annoying adds before you finally get to have a listen to it.
  • The adds! They warn you to be tolerant on adds and I guess that is the price to pay to get free a capellas. When you click on the download button, you first get 4 sec of adds before you can continue, when you press ‘skip this add’ you get another 4 seconds and then again 5 seconds before you finally listen and download your a capella. That makes at least 3 adds for each a capella …  even your ad blocker won’t work, so you better be tolerant and patient.
  • Royalty free? 1 question I ask myself, is if the a capellas are really Royalty free. It’s not mentioned anywhere and I can’t imagine how you can possibly use a capellas from famous artists just like that. I did some research but didn’t find anything and tried to click on ‘rules’ but nothing will open.
Check Out Here

3. Acapellas4u

Acapallas 4 u has been on for a while now and is supported by famous DJ’s, producers, and remixers. Acapellas4u offers a wide range of free a capellas, vocals,  loops, samples and DJ tools.


  • They have a very large library with more than 30.000 a capellas, DJ tools, and vocals
  • You can upload your own stuff!
  • You can support artists by buying their tracks on Amazon (or whatever place they are selling or promoting it)


  • The layout is absolutely horrible and navigation even worse. It’s really difficult to find your way and it doesn’t look professional at all.
  • You are allowed (only) 30 downloads in 30 days. Not sure if this is really a ‘con’ because 30 is already enough I guess, but I don’t like restrictions
  • You need to view an add before downloading ( not as intrusive and again, it’s the price to pay)
  • Audio previews, a capellas per artists and BPM data are only available if you are in the ‘forum supporters’ group or you need to upgrade and give a donation.
Check Out Acapellas 4 U Here is rather new but they are one the most fast-growing websites for a capellas. They have already built up a solid library of free a capellas and it’s growing strong!


  • Although the site is quite new, they have a library of more than 2000 a capellas and this is growing every day
  • A capellas are available for free download


  • You need to get pro to preview.
  • The filter menu is quite basic ( only bpm and key filters). You can find a capellas per artist through the search menu but not per genre, gender,…
  • On the second download page, I couldn’t find the download button right away. It is a greyish button that doesn’t really catches your attention. (but ok, this is small issue, I admit)
Check Out Here

5. Free Vocals

Free Vocals is a bit different than the previous websites in the way that they work together with professional vocalists and even though some are free, the majority is not.

The a capalles are licensed but not sold as a matter. That means that you will need to sign a license and agree to some terms and conditions. You pay, not for the ‘product’ itself, but to get the copyright of the track and publishing writer percentages go to the artist or vocalist.


  • The a capellas are professional and of outstanding quality performed by vocalists
  • You can upload your productions ( for non-profit promotion)
  • Great if you are looking for unique, quality samples


  • The whole paperwork behind the licence agreement and copyright.
  • You must obtain permission from the website to feature the vocalist’s name in the title.
  • Limited choice of free, Royalty free vocals.
  • Although the name of the website is ‘Free Vocals’, it’s not completely free
  • Samples are not Royalty free 8 see terms and conditions)
Check Out Free Vocals Here

6. Acapella heaven

The idea behind Acapella heaven is to bring creative people together. Artists and vocalists are submitting their tracks to the website and are exchanging services. As a producer, you need to submit your material and it has been approved by the songwriter and their agent.


  • New formula, a great way for songwriters to get heard.
  • The opportunity to work together with professional vocalists and get exclusive material


  • Not free! You need a full membership to use their service. Gold, bronze and silver membership are quite expensive
  • A lot of restrictions when you are not Gold
Check Out Acapella Heaven Here

7. is a music platform where musicians, vocalists and DJ’s, producers or remixers work together. they also have free a capellas and samples. You can get instant access to music for film, video games, video projects, podcasts,…


  • A great way to connect with other musicians. You can ‘work’ together with more than 45ooo artists from all around the world. Create samples for remixes, remix tracks and  use samples and a capellas into your own creations.
  • You can promote your creations on the website and get votes.
  • They have great events such as remix events and the big summer music fest.
  • You can license Royalty free music for commercial projects


  • None, it’s a really cool website
Check Out Ccmixter Here

Bonus! A cool website with some free sounds just for You!

8. Free Sound

Free Sound is a collaborative database of creative-commons licensed sound for musicians and sound lovers.

Not really specific to a Capellas for they offer some great sounds to use in your productions and you can upload your own samples, sounds, FX and vocals.

Check Out Free Sound Here


I know I had trouble finding quality acapellas and vocals when I started out so I hope you can use this and it will be a time saver to find the best acapella websites.

Make sure to always check out for Licence agreements and copyrights so that you don’t get yourself in trouble when you finished and released the track! It happened to more producers than you think, so be careful and always check out for Royalty Free material!

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The best Vengeance sample packs

The best Vengeance sample packs

If you are a music producer, you must have heard of the award-winning Vengeance Sample Packs and plugins. Vengeance provides the most downloaded sample packs and are used by producers all over the world! Producers like Armin van Buuren, Steve Aoki, Sebastian Ingrosso, Jean Michel Jarre or David Guetta can’t be wrong when it comes to quality. So let’s check out what are the best Vengeance sample packs and take your productions to the next level with some professional Vengeance sounds!


The best Vengeance sample packs

David Guetta

”Great banks!”, ”Great Sounds!”, ”Great FX!”, ”Great synths!” (*)

the best Vengeance sample packs


Armin Van Buuren

”… You can hear that the creators go to clubs often and know what works on a big sound system. The way I make music is I want to get excited about a certain sound of samples!…”(*)

(*) Taken from Vengeance testimonials 


The best Vengeance sample packs


Vengeance essential house ( vol 4)

the best vengeance sample packs


Essential House 4  is the most acclaimed of the Essential House series! The pack contains more than 3000 electro, funky house and disco funky sounds.

Kicks, groovy basslines, modern house loops, funky synths and riffs, singing vocoders and FX and their best collection of snares and claps so far.


Check out the demo!

Check price


Vengeance essential Deep House

The best vengeance sample packs

Vengeance essential Deep House offers  2450 sounds that will take your DeepHouse, Minimal and future house production to the next level!

Instruments played by professional musicians such as live played saxophone riffs, guitar strums and licks, powerful synth chords, deep basslines, crisp percussions, subterranean drums and FX. All drum loops are available in 120, 124 and 126 bpm.


Check out the demo!

Check price 


Vengeance Electro essentials ( vol 3)

the best Vengeance sample packs

The third edition of Vengeance Electro essentials is a collection 1,2 GB or more than 2400 fresh electro sounds.

Electro and Dubstep drums and basslines, heavy impacts and FX raisers, kicks, claps, snares, percussions, fills and complextro shots are waiting for you in this refined third edition!



Check out the demo!

check price


Vengeance essential Dubstep ( vol 2 )

The best Vengeance sample packs

Vengeance essential dubstep vol 2 offers 2700 brute samples that will make the day of any Dubstep producer!

Hard, strong drums and wobbles, the most crying leads and highest pitch and FX! Watch out for your speakers with all those rough frequencies!



Check out the demo!

 check price 


Vengeance total Dance Sounds ( vol 3) 

The best vengeance sample packs

Vengeance Total dance Sounds vol 3 is your most complete Dance music sample pack!

It contains more than 1750 samples. Hundreds of one-shot samples such as drums, hi-hats, claps, snares, percussions, vocals and a capella’s. It also offers 30 construction kits from 3 subcategories such as 128bpm electro, charts and dirty Dubby.


Check out the demo!


check price


Now that you discovered the best Vengeance Sample Packs there is only one thing left to do!

Make some kick ass beats!

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What Is An a Capella? How To Use It In Electronic Music?

What is An A Capella

You’ve probably come across the term A capella if you are a signer or songwriter, a music aficionado or a music producer but do you know what this term exactly stands for and what is an a capella?

You might be surprised to know that you have probably spelled it wrong your whole life. If you have already searched the net for a Capellas,  you will probably have noticed huge differences in spelling such as a Capella, acapella, accapella or acapela , …. and most versions are wrong as you will find out later.

What is an a capella?

The term A Capella has Italian roots and it literally means ‘manners of chapel’, probably because of it’s religious origins.

a capella in the Renaissance

what is an a capella

In The Renaissance, a Capellas were only performed in choirs during religious ceremonies. It’s only in the early Baroque that some instrument-accompanied forms emerged and were introduced to the public outside the church.

In the 18th century, the term has been introduced in the English language. At first it would still apply exclusively to choirs, to later evolve and expand it’s significance to any vocal act without the accompaniment of instruments.

A Capella now stands for a solo singer or group performing without any instruments.

A Capella or Acapella?

There seems to be a debate around the correct way to spell it.  Thought, the correct spelling is claimed to be  ‘A capella’  by experts and in the realm of musical terminology,  the other spelling ‘ Acapella‘, even though is wrong, is frequently used in the English vocabulary.

Why are a Capellas still popular?

what is an acapella

Even though nowadays,  it is hard to get around instruments in music, a Capella versions of songs seems to still make their way into the music industry.

If you are searching around for a Capellas on music platforms like Youtube or Soundcloud you will be able to find about any version of a song performed a capella. And how beautiful isn’t it to hear your favorite artist solo! 

How To Use It In Electronic Music?

A Capellas are commonly used in music production for remix purposes or to add vocals to a track.

Sampling techniques are used a lot by professionals and the options are endless if you like to play with sounds. Like music samples, A Capellas and vocals can be chopped and managed in any DAW ( What is a DAW? ) and add a Capellas or vocals tend always to bring that little extra that is sometimes missing in your productions.

What I like about using a Capella in my production is the fact that it’s fun to use and that you can be as creative with it as you want with it!

When you make a survey about music taste, people tend to choose songs with vocals above instrumentals only.

In Electronic music, it is a bit different, but vocals can be a great plus to go along with a strong beat and bass line. They are very popular in EDM and Big-Room, but in some genres like Techno or minimal, where the attention goes to drums, bass and details, adding a few vocals can lift up the sometimes ‘cold’ aspect of this specific genre.

When you are using a capellas or vocals into your music production you should always watch out for Royalty free material as you would want to avoid any copyright infringements in the future.

Some websites offer free, Royalty free acapellas that are ready to use….

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The 10 best websites for EDM Sample Packs and Loops

The 10 best websites for EDM Sample Packs and Loops

Sample packs are not mandatory when you are a music producer but they can be a great addition to your music library. Especially when you are a beginner.

Samples, Loops, VST plugins but also FX, construction kits and other drops and breakdowns can add a solid foundation on which you can rely when you don’t have any sound of your own (yet).

Although I don’t recommend to exclusively on Sample Packs, they can give you the inspiration you need to start from scratch. They can also be considerable educational tools to help you develop your music skills.

There are a lot of great websites out there that offer high-quality music samples, loops, construction kits, VST plugins in the box. The majority of these websites even offer free music sample packs. Since the samples are all Royalty Free, you can use en re-use them as creatively as you want. You can also recreate a new sound directly out of the box.

A lot of more experimented producers still use sample packs and some producers even make an income by creating their own sample packs and sell them.

So why not dig a little bit deeper into what the web has to offer us?!

To help you walk more easily through the vast jungle of websites that provide Sample Packs and other VST plugins, I made a list of the 10 best websites for EDM Sample Packs and Loops just for you!

The 10 best websites for EDM Sample Packs and Loops.


One of the best websites for EDM Sample Packs is LoopmastersYou will find a large variety of high-quality sample packs in their Sample Boutique.

They offer a wide choice of Royalty free loops and samples, one-shot samples, sampler patches or synth presets in any genre from electro-acoustic guitar samples, to EDM Big Room and from Deep House loops to a Dubstep construction packs.

It is definitely one of the top sites for royalty free EDM Sample Packs. Besides the variety of sample packs and plugins, they also offer production articles and tips and amazing discounts and deals + free packs offered at every order.

Splice Sounds

Splice Sounds is an online library of more than  700,000 Royalty-free samples. Some even come from industry-leading figures, companies, and artists. Where it differs from conventional sample packs is that you don’t need to buy the whole sample pack. Because let’s be honest, most of you will only use a few sounds for that pack.

Instead of downloading entire packs, you can now just download the sound you need. Splice Sounds works with a monthly subscription.

Splice Sounds is available at two price levels: The “Sounds 100” plan is $7.99 for 100 credits per month. The “Sounds 300” plan” is $13.99 for 300 credits. Each credit gets you one sample download. The website is also entirely database-driven yet friendly to use.

They are very committed to quality and use the most advanced and safe sample search engine. You will find only the best online samples, loops, presets, multi-samples, kits, and other audio production tools from premium labels.


Sounds to sample…

beatportIf you are an electronic music lover you MUST have heard of Beatport is probably the most famous online music store specializing in electronic music and culture and won many awards such as ‘Best Dance Music Specialty Retailer ‘ and best EDM/Dance Music Retailer.

It provides high-quality Royalty free loops and samples besides music from your favorite artists.

Sample Magic

Sample Magic-

Sample Magic is one of the world’s leading provider of pro-audio loops and samples to music producers across a range of genres, from house and electro through dubstep to disco to chillout and soundtrack.

Wave Alchemy

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Wave Alchemy is an innovative sound design company based in Nottingham in the United Kingdom. They specialize in the development of cutting-edge sample libraries which are produced to perfection, using a collection of highly sought after vintage and new-age studio equipment.



Sample Phonics sell royalty free loops, sample libraries, sample packs, sampler instruments, and other tools for music producers and composers. They strive to provide the very best sounds on the market. You will find Royalty free loops and samples for all of our products, so you know exactly what to expect before you buy.

Future Loops

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Since its launch Future Loops is rapidly becoming a favorite for royalty free sample packs in all fields of music. Their distinct philosophy is seen in their increasing catalog which features their own highly skilled production team. Future Loops also uses some of the most respected producers who decided to bring their own musical personality into the world of samples and loops.

Producer Loops

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producerloops is one the world’s largest distributor of downloadable Sample Packs. They sell more than 100.000 legal downloads from 340 sample pack labels and have all the sample packs you need to succeed!


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I probably don’t have to present the award-winning Vengeance Sample Packs. They are most certainly THE most used sample packs in electronic music production. Manuel Schleis is the producer and mastermind behind Vengeance- Sound. All their sample packs are of the highest quality possible.

The best vengeance sample packs

Function Loops

Function Loops

Function Loops is the ultimate resource for music producers. They have thousands of royalty free loops, samples, presets and midi files.

And last but not least… 1 extra just for you!


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Zenhiser is a Pro Audio Sample & Preset Company based in London UK & Noosa Australia. It was created for one simple reason, to bring a new & exciting sample and preset libraries to the customer at affordable prices. Their catalog is designed and packaged to be very specific which enables you, as a producer, remixer or/ and film soundscapes, to source exactly what you need quickly. Probably the best Royalty Free Loops and samples on the market.

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PS: This post had been updated in jan. 2019 to add some more cool stuff t the original post.

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Loops and sample packs : How to use them

Loops and sample packs : How to use them

” In music,  sampling is the act of taking a portion, or sample, of one sound recording and reusing it as an instrument or a sound recording in a different song or piece”

Loops and sample packs : How to use them

Whether or not to use samples ?

There is a lot of discussion around the use of loops and samples and sample packs. Major music snobs (from which I am a part too hahaha ) will say that ‘Real Musicians’ don’t use audio sample packs and I agreed with that… at first! Loops and Sample packs: How to use them correctly and don’t make the same mistakes that some producers do?

When you try to make it as a musician the main goal is to be great at it but also to have fun ! (and maybe make a living out of it ….but that’s another discussion) . You strongly believe you are going to be the next ‘Beethoven’ of the electro scene and you WILL create everything by yourself, rejecting samples that are only good for shitty EDM producers with no talent or inspiration…but it’s not that easy…and some website do offer high quality music samples and even free music sample packs that can help you out starting out or that can be used to recreate something new out of it for more experimented producers!


Using samples is ok…

I changed my mind about audio sample packs and because what you really want when making music IS HAVING FUN and when you start off it’s already enough struggling in a technical way , especially when like me , you have absolutely zero knowledge of what so ever. I never heard of scales, chord progressions and I have no musical background. I use a lot of A capellas for example.

The options are endless if you like to play with sounds. Like samples, A capellas  can be chopped and managed in any DAW and adding a capellas or vocals tend always to bring that little extra that is sometimes missing in your productions.

What I like about using a capellas in my production is the fact that it’s fun to use and that you can be as creative with it as you want with it!

So the use of samples makes it a lot more easier and fun too ! Sorry but I can’t make a kick drum or clap and don’t want to learn it … I like creating drum loops though and basslines …


Where to find samples ?

The internet is full of samples, sample packs , loops,…in any category from Deep House to techno, if you know where to look. To help you through the jungle of websites that provide Sample Packs and other VST plugins, I made a complete list of the 10 best websites for Loops and Samplepacks.

Good news is that most if these website offer free music sample packs !


Check it out here Royalty free Loops and Samples

UT ! Remember…

I think the use of audio sample packs is ok and there is an unlimited choice of very good free audio sample packs and free samples out there to enjoy from BUT until a certain point …Using kick samples because you don’t know how to create a kick or you want to recreate an electronic kick drum is ok but when it comes to bass line and melody , unless you are making a remix or you are completely recreating a new sound with this sample I wouldn’t recommend it.


Producers that only use samples have no credibility!

When you want to become a producer you should know how to compose a melody …but you can get ideas for composing a melody or a bass line through trying to recreate samples or edit samples them in a way that makes a difference. If you want to be serious about music and if you want to be kept serious in the Music business you shouldn’t overdue the use of sample packs because that makes the difference between a bad EDM producer and a respected deep house producer.


But of course that depends on what you wan to do and where you want to go in the electronic music scene. I am speaking of a personal choice considering the music I want to do and the fact I am not feeling rewarded when I use samples



The 10 best websites for Loops, Samples and Sample Packs

Top 10 websites for loops and sample packs


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