Charlotte De Witte alias Raving George: The rising star of the Belgian Techno Scene

Charlotte De Witte alias Raving George: The rising star of the Belgian Techno Scene

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To introduce our artist of the week section I’d like to be a little bit chauvinistic and feminist and introduce you to a young Belgian artist, from my hometown Ghent, who’s notoriety is growing in the Techno scene.


Raving George 

Raving George alias Charlotte De Witte is a 23 year old DJ/Producer born and raised in Ghent (Belgium) . Known for several years Ghent’s Techno scene, she caught the attention on international level with her remix of  an other upcoming rising star Oscar and the Wolf’ ‘You’re mine’.

She discovered her passion for techno as a teenager , frequenting the most avant-garde underground clubs of the belgian electro scene. She  started to mix herself when she was 17 and soon gained notoriety. Her dark, melancholic techno sets were respected in the scene it didn’t took her long to catch the ears of professionals and to get the mainstage in festivals such as Pukkelpop and Tomorrowland.

Lat update is that Charlotte De Witte killed Raving George… No, actually she decided to continue with her real name (Charlotte De Witte). She had choosen the name Raving George at fist because she didn’t want people to know she was a girl and to avoid clichés.

”Raving George is no more..

I started with the masculine name “Raving George” because I didn’t want people to book me because I am a woman, I wanted to put the emphasis on what mattered most to me: the music.

By picking Raving George as an artist name, I had the feeling that I avoided cliché thinking in people’s minds. Or at least, that’s what I was trying to accomplish.

Today I’m in an other place. I know where I’m going and most importantly, I know where I want to be. So I decided to continue this adventure under my real name: Charlotte de Witte.

I honestly believe this is the right decision to make and I can only hope I can still count on your love and support, which I’m very grateful for.

It’s time to stop hiding. This is who I am.”

(Credits go to Charlotte : Taken from Charlotte De Witte’s FB Page)


Or read article on the STUBRU website ( Dutch)


In a recent interview with Resident Advisor she explained  :

“I love the darkness you find in electronic music,” explains de Witte, “especially within Techno. I find melancholic music so much more interesting and dark sounding Techno really attracts me. When I look at the main stages of some of the world’s most famous festivals and I see everyone dancing to this commercial, happy music, I don’t really understand it.”

“Dark music contains much more emotion. When I’m DJ’ing I want to try and touch the crowd and tell a story with the music. Of course I want them to party, get loose and have fun but at the same time I want them to remember the music long after the lights go up.”


Raving George


Her mixing talents not having to be proved anymore, she could concentrate on producing tracks herself. She produces music that might be more accessible to a wide audience, although she admits herself that her preferences go to techno when she goes to clubs, she discovered a softer side of herself in producing and likes to remix different genres.

Her collaboration with Oscar and the Wolf ‘ in ‘ You’re mine’ was released on international level and was the starting point of an international career. She also performed  at several occasions on Studio Brussel in the ‘Switch Playground’ show and has a residency at Fuse Brussels.




Future looks bright for Charlotte and she a true artist that deserves to be discovered!



You’re Mine EP (Pias Recordings / Spinnin’ Deep – 2015)
JoeFarr – Confide (Raving George Remix)(Origami Sound – 2014)
Monodon Monoceros EP (Bad Life – 2014)
Obverse EP (Crux Records – 2013)

BRNS-Void( Raving George remix)




Charlotte De Witte Switch Playground ( Studio Brussel)  17-10-2015

Raving George @ Decadance Ghent 05-04-2014


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