FL Studio 12 review

    FL Studio 12 review

    FL Studio 12


    Overal rating



    • The beautiful, cleaner and more user friendly Vector based Ui with familiar but improved workflow.
    • Multi Touch Support
    • Channel settings
    • As well as ReWire support, the whole application can be hosted as a VST plug-in inside a different DAW.
    • Lifetime updates


    • still no 'Mac friendly version'
    • Price of the All Plugins Bundle



    Fruity Edition $99

    Producer Edition $199         

    Signature Bundle $299

    4,5 starsAll Plugins bundle $768


    FL Studio 12 review

    What’s new?

    In this FL Studio 12 review, I will talk about the newest version of FL Studio (formally known as ( Fruity Loops Studio) and is one of the world’s most downloaded DAWs. It has been developed by the Belgian company Image-Line.

    FL Studio has proven, over the years, to be a complete audio workstation with all the features that the best DAWs have to offer and one of the top music production software on the market.

    FL Studio can handle full audio tracking, editing, and arrangement – in addition to the MIDI sequencing and programming that it’s had all along. It added a new UI design, updated plugins, multi-touch support, redesigned mixer, improved 32 & 64-bit plugin support and improved file management.

    There were  three versions of FL Studio,  Fruity Edition, Producer edition and Signature bundle. The editions share common features, but The Producer edition and Signature Bundle have additional features, Instruments, Packs, and Effects.

    The new editions of FL Studio 12 have additional features.

    • The Fruity Edition: gained automation clips ( previously handled by the event editor)
    • FL Producer edition 12: added Sytrus ( synth) and Maximus ( a multi-band compressor)
    • FL Signature Bundle:  has all those plugins + New Tone for pitch editing and stretching, a pitcher which is a real-time pitch correction plugin, Gross beat ( time and level manipulation) and Harmless an additive/subtractive synth.
    • Fl studio 12 offers a new All Plugins Bundle which  is Signature version with All plugins included.


    New features 

    Before you try FL Studio or you buy FL Studio 12 or you are not sure whether or not to buy FL studio, and to make it a part of your home music production softwareI will  give you my personal FL studio 12 review but before, let’s have a look at the new features.



    FL Studio 12 review

    ‘New Look’ 


    FL Studio 12 comes with a beautiful ‘New Look’.

    One of the heading features is the Vectorial User Interface, which means it is inter scalable (Some parts like the mixer, can be rescaled in real time, others like the main tool bar and the windows require a program restart).

    FL Studio 12 review


    Main user interface and mixer have magnetic windows, that can be locked and unlocked. It is able to show dynamically show features depending on the size. Added to that is a show inspector switch windows.



    A newly reworked scalable interface for any screen or size resolution to work on. The new browser has a new category of tabs and the ability to delete contents with a right click.


    The multi-touch capability that extends to the mixer and makes it possible to add a second monitor to the application. Something that will be more and more common in the future.


    The step sequencer has been renamed as channel Rack. The pattern menu is now up in the menu bar and the channel menu has now moved o the channel Rack.


    FL Studio 12 review


    So The channel settings have been integrated into the plugin wrapper, the channel menu options have moved to the channel rack and the pattern menu to the toolbar menu. The pattern selector has some new features too ( lick the + button to enhance new pattern and preselection names)



    The Toolbar has a new short cut panel (number 3) which is nice for tutorials and shows the control keys you are using but the main reason is to be able to use the touch screens and you can now customize the buttons.


    FL Studio 12 review


    Plugins & discovery improved and simplified. There is a new Plugin picker button opening the VST plugin menu in just a right click + another add menu where you can add both generators and Plugin-ins.



    Channel Settings is now integrated in the The plugin Wrapper. A nice new features is that you can now click the track label bellow the selector and FLStudio will automatically add it to the next empty mixer track and auto name it.

    The mixer still has the same features but those are now improved, the biggest improvement being the magnetic window and the extra large view. New routing option and multiple routing option for creating links. Very handy to create sub mixes and separate them.


    FL Studio 12 review



    FL Studio 12 review


    The piano roll auto zoom can be deselected and can be interchangeable with the step sequencer. Swing on the step sequencer is now per channel with the pre channel swing knob. They now interact and share data all the time. The piano roll has added time markers and allows editing of ghost notes so can not only see them but edit them.

    FL Studio 12 review



    You can now multiple drag and drop stems from a windows files explorer onto the  Playlist just by right clicking and add them instantly to the mixer track.


    FL Studio 12 review


    Plugins have been updated : The Fruity Formula Controller , the Fruity Envelope Controller  and the Fruity Keyboard Controller have been updated and possess a new UI .




    System requirements 

    FL Studio 12 works on Windows (2000/ XP/ Vista 7-8-10) in 32 or 64-bit versions . It requires a 2 GHz  or  Intel premium CPU and 1 GB of free disk space and at least 1 GB of RAM is recommended.

    FL Studio processes audio using an internal 32-bit floating point engine. It supports sampling rates up to 192 kHz using either         WDM or ASIO enabled drivers.

    FL Studio Mac Public Beta. This is an experimental custom Crossover wrapped version of FL Studio for Mac OS X and so is bit-identical to the Windows installerVersions.





    • The beautiful, cleaner and more user-friendly Vector based Ui with familiar but improved workflow.
    • Multi Touch Support
    • Channel settings : Have been integrated into the Plugin Wrapper (no more Channel settings pop-up).
    • Lifetime updates This means you’ll receive FL Studio 13, 14, e.t.c., absolutely free
    • As well as ReWire support, the whole application can be hosted as a VST plug-in inside a different DAW.


    • Still no  ‘Mac friendly versionof FL Studio and existing one has only limited features.
    • Price of the All Plugins Bundle


    Rating and price 


    4,5 starsFL Studio 12 review



    Fruity Edition $99

    Producer Edition $199         

    Signature Bundle $299

    All Plugins bundle $768


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    *available only for new customers


    I think that the engineers did a great job and that the people of Image-Line did really listen to their customers and improved those features that the FL Studio users needed to be improved. Edition 12 has really elevated FL Studio to the rank of one of the best Digital Audio Software, adapting itself to the needs of every professional music producer.

    Over the years, each edition has become more professional and user-friendly. Long gone is the time where Fruity Loops Studio had a reputation of a toy for Edm producers! Producers who are using FL Studio all agree on the major improvements that engineers have done over the years and there is no possible way that FL Studio doesn’t deserve to be ranked top music production software as the other DAWs on the market.

    I really enjoy the new interface and they did a great job on working on the Multitouch capability. The workflow has improved and there is actually nothing bad I could say in my FL Studio 12 review about this newest edition unless the fact that I wished that FL Studio was more Mac friendly…The Beta version on Mac is a deception but they announced improvements on that matter soon.

    There is an fl studio 12 free download and you can try FL Studio for a 30-day free trial. so there is no reason why you shouldn’t try FL Studio to make your own opinion about the newest FL Studio 12.

    FL Studio 12 Multi Touch Support

    Try FL Studio here 

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