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To welcome you to Children of the Electronic revolution, I am happy to give away a 20 page E-book that I wrote to help you out with your music production.

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  • Music production tips Can apply to beginners and experts, just because you can never get enough tips to take you where you want to be

  • Boost your productivity instantly Getting lost in that loop and just be unable to finish that damn track you are working on for weeks?! Can get very frustrating ! We all have been there but there are some ways to get back on track and take that track to the next level!

  • Get inspiration You might be surprised by those simple techniques that will boost your inspiration to a new level and open your mind to new perspectives

  • You might not have thought about this … some of my tips might sound weird but it’s worth a try

  • Promote your music Because recognition of our art is what we all reach for

  • And much more!

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