Ghost producers list – the shocking truth about your favorite producers

Ghost producers list

The EDM scene and it’s ‘puppets’… Not only are they producing crappy music that brings the electronic music industry into shame, but their most famous and best-selling producers are just as full of s***t as the EDM industry itself. And I have a ghost producers list to prove it!

It’s been years now that we have to endure the rise of pseudo-music producers with their redundant big room sounds and other ear damaging bass drops.

In addition to damaging our ears and brains, they even got the guts to lie to their fans! Enough is enough!

The EDM industry is lying to us and people deserve to know the truth!

When I see people like Like Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike on the number 1 position of DJ Mag’s top 100 of 2015 and that the top 10 exists essentially of pseudo producers that have never written a track of their lives, it just makes me want to throw up…

These people that are considered the best DJ’s in the world  don’t even produce their own crap! ‘You gotta be kidding me!’

I think it’s clear that I am using EDM in the pejorative sense since they forced us to accept this term to design the most awful music that has ever been generated by mankind.

Long gone is the time when EDM stood for Electronic Dance Music … now it’s just a term to design Electronic Music’s most unrespected and hated genre in the electronic music scene. 

I am not trying to be a Major Music Snob here but people that listen to EDM clearly have never listened to quality electronic music before.

Maybe they don’t care about the music or they are too wasted to even make a difference… anyways, the reasons why someone would listen to EDM go way beyond my understanding.

The fact is that the industry has pushed it so hard to make you believe that it’s crap is good that some people even started to believe it…

Anyways, before my emotions and hatred towards EDM take over, let’s get back to the real subject here…

You have been sold lies by puppets in the hands of the EDM industry for too long now…’

It’s time to unravel EDM’s dirty secrets once and for all!  


What the music industry doesn’t want you to know

Ghost producers listBefore we dig deeper into the world of ghost producing, let me explain to you what ghost producing is.

It’s pretty simple.  ‘Artists’ use known or unknown producers to make their tracks and they get all the credit for it while the real artists only get a financial compensation for their work ( sometimes less than 100 $!) but are never mentioned in any way to have even participated in the making of that track.

An unethical  marketing strategy that worked quite well before a Ghost producers list has been tweeted by Mat Zo (and almost cost him his career!).

The list revealed some of the biggest names in the music industry such as David Guetta and Steve Aoki.

The revelation of Ghost producing created a snowball effect the electronic music scene and more names have been revealed since. Most of them being the best paid Star Dj’s in the world.

Now, what really hits me is that the ones using ghost producers are just the ones selling the most ‘easy’ music to make…

How can you claim to be 1 of the world’s best-paid DJ’s if you are not even capable of creating a beat or a melody in a DAW?

Ok, DJ-ing and producing are two separate things but where is the passion for music if you are not even responsible for the s****t you are selling us?!

So without further ado, let me present you the list of EDM puppets that have been lying to us for too long. (I am sure this is only a fraction of what’s really happening there but it’s a start)


The Ghost Producers list

David Guetta: Joachim Garraud

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, DVBBS, Danny Avila, Quintino: Maarten Vorwerk

Tiesto: Dennis Waakop Reijers and team

Diplo, Major Lazer: Derrek Allen

Armin Van Buuren: Benno De Goeij

Steve Aoki: Justin bates

Benny Benassi: Alessandro Benassi

Nervo: Zrog

Quintino: Laidback Luke

R3HAB: Fabian Lenssen

Quintino, Sander Kleinenberg, Marc Benjamin: Thomas Helsloot

Borgeous, DVBBS, Carnage: Niles Hollowell-Dhar ( KSHMR)


And the list will probably grow…

When DJ Mag asked producers to give their opinion about ghost production, 67% of the winners said they had no problem with it.

Funny thing is that most of them are the same ones that use ghost producers, so no wonder they don’t have a problem with it … but none of them confessed, though.

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike #1:

“There seems to be a lot of confusion around the topic. Sometimes artists get help in mixing, songwriting or additional production; it’s not exclusive to electronic music or any other genre for that matter. Ultimately, if that extra pair of hands makes the final sound of the record better, then it’s in everybody’s best interest to go down that avenue. But what’s important is clarity around how that collaboration works, and everybody involved properly credited and paid for their efforts.”

David Guetta #6:

“There’s a big difference between having ‘ghost producers’ or working as a team. It’s totally cool to work as a team and everyone should be credited. And paid. Bit like being in a band.” 

Steve Aoki #10:

“I don’t really have a problem with it so much…”

The truth revealed

This revelation hasn’t been bad for everyone because some Ghost producers could finally express themselves openly about it.

Ghost producing platforms like and  even gained in popularity.

Ghost producers list

Recently, Maarten Vorwerk, the ghost producer behind Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike’s hit tracks has written a book about music production tips. Small revenge I’d like to say….

Did you ever hear of the guy? Probably not! He is the mastermind behind some of the bestselling Beatport singles since 2011 and has never left the charts since.


Others are starting to give interviews and it became clear that Ghost Producing has been around for a LONG time and that most people don’t even seem to care.

An argument that some list in the debate around Ghost producing is that Ghost Producing exists outside EDM.

Artists like Britney Spears, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga have never written a song of their lives. Ok, I get it but we don’t ask them to do so…

Isn’t that a false debate?

Those people are ‘entertainers of the pop industry’. Everybody knows how it works there and only a few pop artists are capable of writing, signing and producing at the same time.

You will never ask them to master a song would you? Why would we even ask them to even do so?

If you read some interviews you will learn that most of the Ghost producers never produced Dubstep, Techno, Minimal or Electronica because that would be much too complex to do and they just never are asked to… What a surprise!

Let me make things clear. I have nothing against the people that are actually doing the Ghost producing.

I mean, I could easily be a Ghost producer for someone if they asked.

Some people don’t like to be in the spotlight and have a real passion for the creating music without wanting to become a Super Star Dj/ Producer.

Another thing is that some people are great at composing but suck at mixing and mastering. In that case, it is ok to call for someone to master the song for you as long as it is only a phase of the process, that’s just fine.

What makes me so angry are the lies that they are selling us! Where is the time when the Electronic Music scene still meant something?!

Not only do I hate the commercializing of EDM and the bad name EDM has given to the Electronic Music Scene but it also destroyed our underground nucleus of sincerity and the real passion for music that our little scene had before they destroyed it with their ‘Big Money making machines and other crap’


‘Their Big Money making machines destroyed what the Electonic Music Scene is all about ‘


What’s your opinion?

I can already see some of you frown their eyebrows. Do You disagree with what I said? that’s OK!

I’d like to hear your opinion on Ghost producing!

If you have something to add ( maybe a name or 2 to add to my Ghost producers list )

Or you are Ghost Producer yourself and you think I am telling crap,…

Or you like David Guetta and you feel like you should support him…?!

Feel free to open a discussion or debate in the comment section or in my forum 

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