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Learn how to make music online and START making music TODAY!

You decided to join the exciting world of music production or you are a home-based producer already? Great! You’re definitely in the right place! You will get all the keys in hand to learn

You will get all the keys in hand to learn how to make music online and by the end of this article you will able to start making music right away and for free!

You might even know some tips & tricks that will help you take your music where you want it to be …

So you want to make music online but you don’t know where to start …  

As a beginner, it is difficult to find it’s way into the jungle of software, monitors, headphones and other stuff that you will need to build up your home studio and become a music producer. 

The truth is that even if it is much easier now to make music online than it was back then, it also gets more and more difficult to find it’s way in the ‘jungle’ of music production software and gear. Do You want to know how to make music online right?

But before you can even start, you get overwhelmed by people fighting on forums over

What is the best DAW‘,

Why you shouldn’t go for FL Studio‘ when the next person it saying that ‘

FL Studio is the best DAW ever because Martin Garrix is using it

and  ‘Real music producers use Reason, all the rest sucks‘  … 

Isn’t that the most annoying thing? I know… I have been there.

It is not all that complicated if you know where to look …


Start making music today!

The basics

I will give you all the information you need so you WILL actually know how to make music online and you will have started making music by the end of the day!

I. Your operation system:

The very first thing to take into consideration is your operation system ( Windows or Mac).  Before even start looking up for a music production software or what we know as a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), which is basically, the software you will use to produce music ( and so your most important tool ). More on this here




II. Choose a DAW

Second thing is to choose your DAW based on the operation system you are working with. Like you have read in ‘How to make electronic Music for beginners‘, not every DAW is compatible with any operation system.

Your DAW will be your most important tool so consider before you buy! To help you choose between all the different DAW’s on the market I made a list of the top 10 audio production software on the market.

Those are professional Digital Audio Workstations used by your favorite artists and it will be your main tool for a long way to go!

Finding the right DAW might be your most difficult choice. You already know that you have to choose in function of your operating system but when you are not familiar with features and technical aspects of such software, it is quite difficult to make a choice.

The very good news is that most DAW’s offer a free trial period of 30 days ( sometimes 60)!

That gives you plenty of time to get your way around your software and decide whether or not to purchase the product. The truth is that there is not really something as ‘the best DAW‘ and all the DAW’s that I present in my top 10 audio production software are one fine piece of technology!

What will make the difference is how you work with it and your personal experience.

Another good news is that FREE DAWS exist! Read more  …


Top 10 audio production software

You can really start TODAY and for free! 


III. Headphones

Unless you already have a pair of professional studio headphones, the next best step is to invest in some. If you have no money right now, you can start out with the ones you have but eventually you will need to invest. There are some great values out there for an affordable price!

I have created a list of the best studio headphones under 300 $. Those are top 10 professional studio headphones on the market for an affordable price. There must be one out there for you!

But before you buy headphones you will need to know how to compare professional headphones and how to choose professional headphones.


IV. Sample Packs

You will find preset samples into your DAW but the choice is limited. It is always good to start out with some Sample Packs and built up a library. Whether or not to use samples has always been a huge debate by music producers and the truth is that it is more than ok to use samples if you know how to use them. More on that here…

There are plenty of websites providing quality Royalty free loops and samples. I made a list of the 10 best websites for Royalty free loops and samples and some of them have freebies! Check it here…


V. Use some tips and tricks from experts

And take your music where you want it to be! In all those years of being a music producer, I have learned a few things that improved my production skills of course but I have learned quite some tricks to boost my productivity, give me inspiration and taught me how to promote my music.

Some are quite funny actually… but anyways I wanted to share some with you so if you! Discover  Electronic music production ‘10 essential tips & trick’  that will take your music to the next level’

Read more:  Electronic music production tips


Building your home studio

Now you already have the basics and you can start experimenting with your DAW! Don’t rush it. Get used to using your DAW and experiment with it.

Over time, you will building your home studio but there is no reason to go to fast. Little by little you will add some monitors, synths and you will need an audio interface. Not sure what is an audio interface: Read more…


Ready to make an Electronic Revolution?

As you see, it is not complicated and you can start right now to make your own revolution in the Music Industry! You know how to make music online and it’s up to you now to show us your skills! 

Choose a DAW, a good pair of headphones to start with and continue building your home studio as long as your skills are getting better. Soon enough you will be playing around with your software as if it were a babies toy. 


So how can I help you with my website?

Let me just tell you a little bit more about myself and how I can help you all along through your starting process of becoming a music producer.

I am an electronic music producer and electronic music is my ‘fuel’ so some posts will be more related to electronic music production than Hip-Hop obviously.

You are not into electronic music at all? that’s fine!

Basically, it all comes back to the same thing as music producers in all genres use Digital Audio Software, monitors, and headphones … it is only what you do with it that makes a difference!

The main difference will be your own preferences towards the huge amount of software and audio units that you can find nowadays! And of course, any genre of music has it’s own specificities.

I am thinking about the choice of headphones, for example. You will be willing to choose the pair of professional studio headphones that are the most adapted to your specific genre. I will guide you along the way to make that choice based on my experiment and reviews, trying to provide you the most complete information that you might need before buying.

For beginners, it is sometimes difficult to find it’s way in this jungle. At least, I know I had a very hard time finding out what I really needed to get started …

For those who are expert amateurs or professionals in music production, you will find all the best tricks to get your music to the next level and you’ll discover reviews of the best software available!

Most websites are just too complicated…

I wanted to make a website that’s accessible to ‘newbies’ and that is also informative for expertswith a concentration of the best information that you will need to get started right away or get better in your continuous training to achieve perfection.

I want your experience to be as useful as possible, trying to explain things in a clear and simple way. I don’t pretend to be an ‘open bible’ for music producers, as I am only an amateur myself in a way.

Though, years of experience have made it possible for me to share my ‘wisdom’ with others.

Spending hours and days trying out new software, headphones, monitors, everything besides ‘music making’ itself  became a passion. I got interested in how it all worked, and even though I am not an engineer,  I have learned all the features and specifications of software and I think I gained enough knowledge to share it with you.


Don’t forget that the most important thing is to have fun! So enjoy the ride!


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How to make music online