How to choose professional studio headphones

How to choose professional studio headphones

What are the best headphones for music production?

Before investing in studio headphones you need to know which one suits you the best, your needs and preferences. There is not really something such as the ‘best headphones for music production’ just because there are many different types of headphones with distinct features that are involved and your preferences will go to one or the other considering those preferences. So how to choose professional studio headphones?

For recording or tracking you will need  closed-back headphones, while you’ll preferably use open or semi open headphones for mixing and mastering but more on that later…

Many other elements, such as your budget, preferences and specifications will play a major role in you definite choice.

There are some great values that can handle both if you are on a budget. I could have made a bigger separation in headphones for recording and headphones for mastering and mixing but as you continue reading , you will have a complete overview of the best studio headphones and their own specifications, pros & cons and for each situation.

How to choose professional studio headphones

You can’t start out without professional studio headphones!

When you are building your home studio or you start out as a DJ, the choice of the headphones you are going to be work with is one of the most crucial, if not the most crucial decision you have to make. You can start out as a producer or DJ without monitors, but you can’t without a decent pair of headphones. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to buy monitors eventually but some monitoring headphones are almost able to do the job as well although there are many reasons why you shouldn’t use only headphones.

Mixing and mastering with headphones?

Many say it is not recommended to mix and master your music with headphones… and they are right!

Reason why,  is that headphones can not reproduce frequencies at the exact response rate.  You also lose stereo balance when mixing down your tracks with headphones and you will eventually have to make corrections with your monitors.

So,why use headphones in a studio?

  • As a beginner, you might not have the budget yet to buy monitors, it is better to invest in a pair of quality headphones than in a mediocre pair of monitors.
  • You don’t have optimal studio conditions too work in….
  • How to choose professional studio headphonesLet’s say you live in small a flat. You work your  ass off all day long for a bad paying office job just to able to buy some software every 3 months with the little that you have left. Spending your days imagining the day you will finally be able to shout  ‘Hasta la Vista ‘ to your boss to make a career in the music industry.

And then you come home, it’s late but for you, the day finally starts  and you feel excited to work on your latest track! But then you realize  that the same grumpy 70-year-old neighbors from above – that’s friendly enough to put the level of her TV on max so anyone can follow the last episode of  ‘The Young and the restless’ with her, but who is also clearly not sharing your taste in music- is going to bed … I think you get the picture here and unless your neighbors appreciate your music at 2 am ( please give me your address…)  or you have the best isolation, you might need to do the job with your headphones! BTW, grumpy grandma could use a pair of headphones too 😉

  • Headphones can be used a second referral, to get a closer look at the stereo field and bass.
  • Finally, you will need headphones for recording to isolate to sound.

How to compare headphones?

You mostly get what you pay for but you can get great professional value for headphones that cost less than 100$ and even some of the best professional studio headphones under 300 $, if you know where to find them.

As a beginner, it is sometimes difficult to choose between the abundant offer off studio headphones? Why should you choose one above the other and how to compare them! Closed-back, open-air, semi-open headphones…enough choice but are they all worth each other? 

It all depends on what you are looking for basically, but I will help you making out which one you should go for, considering the different features that each one possess and your personal preferences. Out of the best professional studio headphones under 300 $ , there is certainly one for you!


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You will  understand the different types of headphones available and their own specifications. It is sometimes difficult to understand the specifications mentioned on the box. Before making a choice you should be familiar with some technical terminologies such as  frequency range, impedance, soundstage, …. because it’s those specifications that will make you choose for one model or another.

I am explaining those terms in the most comprehensive way possible, so check it out


How to choose professional studio headphones

Now that you made a balance between your budget, your preferences and that you understand the different features and specifications and that you know how to choose professional studio headphones…Let’s bring these specifications into practice and let’s find out which headphones will be the one you will go for !

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