How to make electronic music for beginners

how to make music online

5 steps to start making electronic music right away!

Did you ever wonder how your favorite DJ’s and producers are creating their music or do you want to become a Music Producer yourself? Then this is THE place for you… stay tuned as I’ll explain you the then essentials steps to follow on how to make Electronic Music for beginners.

How to make electronic music for beginners

1. Windows or Mac

Make electronic music on macMake electronic music on windowsWindows or Mac?

The first thing to take in consideration before investing in software for making electronic music before you actually know how to start making electronic music is the operating system you are going to work with.

The operating system you are on is important, as not every DAW ( Digital Audio Workstation) will work on both and performances will vary according to what operating system you are using. Ableton Live or Logic Pro won’t run on Windows and FLStudio, which is available on Mac now but has much better performances on Windows because it was created for Windows.

2. What DAW to choose?

how to make electronic music for beginnersBefore you can start creating some great sounds you have to choose a DAW ( Digital audio workstation).

”A DAW is an electronic device or computer software application for recording, editing and producing audio files”

You ask yourself ‘what is the best music production software for beginners?’

In reality, I think there is not ‘a best’ DAW for beginners because every DAW can seem quite difficult at first if you have no experience at all with how to make music with FL Studio, Ableton or any DAW out there. You might consider downloading a free DAW, but as you are getting better you will get frustrated by the lack of features that other DAW’s don’t have and you will eventually to turn to better quality, having lost some precious time.

Choosing the right DAW can be complex and you have to be willing to put a couple of hundred of dollars if you want the best quality audio software out there. I recommend you to read my article about the top 10 audio production software.

I’ll show you around the best audio production software 2015 and it will help you make a decision. By the end of reading it, you will most probably know what is the best DAW for you.

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Top 10 audio production software

The good news

is that most DAW’s offer a free trial period of 30 days before to decide to sign in for one of them.!

The decision depends on where you want to go with your music and on what purpose you are making electronic music. If you want to start out just for fun it is ok to try out some of the free DAW’s out there on the market but if you want to become a professional Music Producer you will have to put some money into it. The price is justified for what you get and you better see it as an investment in your future career as an Electronic Music producer!

The bad news is that once you have committed to a DAW it is difficult to change your mind on another DAW as you will have paid a lot of money on the one you get.

So my suggestion would be:

  1. To make a balance and decide what you really want to do with your music and how far you want to go!
  2. To test out the demo versions of the best DAW’s out there.
  3. To compare you what get from professional DAW’s in comparison with free DAW’s. If you are really serious in wanting to become a music producer you might want to choose from the best ones out there as you will have very limited features on free DAWs like Audacity * for example and you WILL have to turn to another one at some point so I wouldn’t waste my time on that.

3. The choice of headphones                                                                                                                                                how to make electronic music for beginners

Before you invest in kick-ass home studio monitors you’ll need a decent pair of headphones.

It is very important to choose high quality as you will be spending A LOT of hours listening to music and you wouldn’t want to damage your ears.

Again, you will get what you pay for! As the price of headphones can vary from 20 $ to 500$ I wouldn’t recommend going under 100 $ but if this out of your budget you can find the best producer headphones under 100 $ soon.

I use Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones  (Complete review: here )

As the most critically acclaimed model in the M-Series line, the ATH-M50x is praised by top audio engineers and pro audio reviewers year after year for best producer headphones. Critically acclaimed M-Series professional monitor headphones deliver accurate audio and outstanding comfort, perfect for long sessions in the studio and on the go. Contoured earcups seal tight for excellent sound isolation, with minimal bleed. And the pro-grade materials are durable, yet comfortable. Read more

 read more: How to choose professional studio headphones


4. Tutorials

When you have chosen your DAW, you will need to learn the basics of electronic music.  With almost every Daw you purchase comes a tutorial on how to start to making electronic music with that specific DAW. Perfect for all of you who want to learn the basics of electronic music production and get started making music right away!

I have been watching hundreds of hundreds of tutorials and I still am as you keep on learning in electronic music. Things change fast and you will get better and better over time as does your technique. In electronic music, you will never stop learning!

The quality of the tutorials provided with your DAW is of high quality but you can there are electronic music lovers all over the web that have some awesome tutorials too.

FL Studio

how to make electronic music for beginnersI started with FL Studio and like to share.  some of the best tutorials I’ve found on youtube on how to make music with FL Studio. Those guys helped me a lot in my way of becoming an electronic music producer and they deserve some credit for that.

This was the very first tutorial I ever watched and it still is one of my top favorites on How to make electronic music – the basics’. It is a series of several tutorials and even the video is a bit dated is still very relevant.


Video 01 – FL Studio Tutorials Beginner to Pro – The Basics from ste1438

Another one is from Beats4Beets, who has an amazing collection of tutorials in any genre.Dubstep/electro-tutorials and trance tutorials.

  FL Studio Basics Tutorial Part 1 – Interface from Beats4beets


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how to make electronic music for beginners

When I bought a Mac I decided to change DAW to Ableton. Although I was not very pleased with the moment because I just got used to FL Studio, I never regret my choice. Even if still use FL Studio once in a while, the limited use of it on Mac made me concentrate more on Ableton, which is my main DAW now and that is amazing to work with.

Some great tutorials on how to start making music with Ableton is this one:

Ableton Live 9 For Beginners Level 1 Tutorial – Creating A Drum Beat form Sonic Academy 

5. Experiment!

You choose a DAW, you have a pair of the best professional headphones  …and you ready to Kick Ass!how to make electronic music for beginners

If like I did, you start without absolutely NO knowledge of music production you will be feeling overwhelmed by what is in front of you… But no stress it’s going to become more clear as you get into it!

The first thing to is searching every corner of your DAW … understand how it is working. You will probably see a lot of terms you have never heard before and it will look like Chinese to you. Most DAW’s offer a ‘tour’ when you first log in and you can get info about anything when you click on a word.

Every Daw comes with integrated instruments, Plugins, effects and a large variety of samples to start with. You will be able to upgrade as you are getting the hang of it and according to the specific genre, you are producing.

Try things out…open an instrument and try to play! You will be amazed how quick you are going to be able to create music!

Last but not least…ENJOY !!!! 

how to make electronic music for beginners

Get started making electronic music!


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