How To Make Music for Free

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  • How Can You Start Making Music For Free?
  • Paid vs. Free Audio Production Software
  • Top Free Music Production Software
  • Why Pay When You Can Download Cracked Versions?
  • Where Can I Find Other Free Stuff?

How To Make Music For Free? The Ultimate Guide For Broke Musicians

When I started making music online, I was broke as hell so I had no other choice than to find out how to make music for free.

Becoming a home-based music producer can be an expensive matter and we all know that starting music producers are most often dead broke. Now, you will have to start somewhere and it doesn’t necessarily have to ruin your already small budget.

Now, you will have to start somewhere and it doesn’t necessarily have to ruin your already small budget.

All you need is a Computer, a DAW* and good Headphones to start with. Don’t take me wrong, you will need to buy some decent stuff if you consider building a home studio but you don’t need to put all your savings into expensive music production gear at first.

It also depends on whether you take it as a hobby or you are really wanting to become a music producer.

*If you are not sure what a DAW is, read my post: What is DAW? Creating a Track From Scratch

How can you start making music for free?

Supposing you already own a computer and some decent headphones, then you can start making music for free as for today!


Something you need to think of is if your computer has the basic specs that are necessary to support Music Production Software. If you are not sure I invite you to have a look at my post: The Best Budget Laptops For Music Production. You will learn about the must-have specifications for a music production laptop and I will recommend to you the 3 best value laptops for music production.


Most of the best DAWS on the market have a Free Trial Period of 30 days. This leaves you plenty of time to test it out and decide whether or not that the right pick for you. Try out different DAWS to get familiar with it. Every DAW has its own advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on your own preferences and workflow.

Since there is a relatively high price tag to all them, you will better make sure to choose the right one before you commit.

One thing you have to know is that Free Music Production Software exist as you will see later in this post.


You will need to invest in decent studio headphones at some point but if you don’t have the money right now, you can start with the ones you have. I started with some cheap earplugs! Since you won’t be mixing and or mastering your tracks at first, just a good pair of headphones will do.

Paid vs. Free Audio Production Software

If you are a newbie, you can easily get overwhelmed by all the different DAWS available.

Don’t worry, I made a list of the Top 10 Audio Production Software on the market. It is a complete overview of only the best DAWs on the market and will help you make a decision on which DAW to use whether you are on Mac or Windows, your preferences and budget and you can try them all out for free!

fl studio

Ableton live 9

logic pro


And much more here!


Free audio production software or open source software are mostly created by volunteers and I think it’s great that they exist! They can handle smaller audio tasks quite well, such as video editing.

Even if Free Music Production Software exists, I personally wouldn’t recommend starting with a free DAW.

Why? Because you will never achieve success with a free DAW. It is as simple as that! There is not 1 famous DJ/ producer that has ever scored a hit single with one of the free DAWs out there!

As your music production skills increase, you will quickly get frustrated by what you get from a free audio production software because they just have very limited functionalities compared to DAWS such as FL Studio, Ableton or Logic Pro.

Another thing is that most of those free DAWS have no technical support at all!

If you think that the most popular DAWS are expensive,  don’t forget what it needs to create professional audio software and everything you get with it! Engineers have worked for years to create the best result and you can get a complete audio recording program into your own home! Something that wasn’t even thinkable 20 years ago!

So yes, you will have to put some money but don’t forget it is an investment in your career!

Top Free Music Production Software

You are still not convinced or you just don’t have the money right now…

You are making music and it’s just a hobby? Or you need Free Music Production Software for Video Editing or small audio tasks?

So you don’t feel the need to invest, which is great. There is some free music production software out there that can handle audio production quite well if you don’t see any reason why you should pay. 

Free audio production software or open source software are mostly created by volunteers.  Some of the best free DAWS are:

Audacity Probably the most downloaded free DAW out there

Presonus One free only  for the most stripped down version

Ardour ( for Linux and Mac OS)

Reaper is not free really a free DAW but you can get 60 days of free trial and you don’t have to pay to use the most basic functions if you don’t want to buy it after the trial period

I won’t go any further in details and feel to try them out … but I’ll probably see you back in 2 weeks!

Why Pay When You Can Download Cracked Versions?

Though I have to admit that you will have to spend a few dollars, I am a fervent defender of buying your software and pay those who made it possible for you to even use and NOT download cracked software, samples, DAW’s and VST’s!

Those will not only damage your DAW, bring loads of viruses and destroy your system. They will most probably are from mediocre quality too and they will give you a very bad reputation.

So think twice!

You wouldn’t want to be related to the use of cracked versions, as you might have a lot of problems later on when you make a name as a musician.

Think of Martin Garrix’s video when he is of showing how he produced ‘Animals’. Shame to see that it was produced on a cracked version of FL Studio.

He lost all credibility afterward (at least to those who respect music).

No harsh feelings though if you like Garrix… just not my style at all and I wanted to give you an example why you shouldn’t download cracked software if you ever want to make it in the music industry.

‘I believe that in an ethical way if you want to be part of the music industry, the most basic thing to do is reward those who make it possible for you to get there’

Where can I find Other Free Stuff?

Good news is that you can find a lot of free VST Plugins, free sample packs, free acapella’s and free music making software on the net. Make sure to check the Best Websites for Free Sound Effects and if want some Free EDM Samples right away, you can download my sample pack here.


Now that you know how to make music or free, you are a step further into becoming the music producer you dream to be.

I was just like you when I started out. Still seeing myself struggling to get some sound out of my crappy computer and having no idea what I was doing. I learned how to make music for free and even if this wasn’t the ideal situation at the time, I learned a lot!

It takes time to learn all the skills to become a music producer and unfortunately, music production is far from being the cheapest activity but if you have the passion, you don’t nee the money (At least not in the beginning).

I hope you enjoyed this post? Feel free to comment below and don’t hesitate to share if you care!

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