Loops and sample packs : How to use them

Loops and sample packs : How to use them

” In music,  sampling is the act of taking a portion, or sample, of one sound recording and reusing it as an instrument or a sound recording in a different song or piece”

Loops and sample packs : How to use them

Whether or not to use samples ?

There is a lot of discussion around the use of loops and samples and sample packs. Major music snobs (from which I am a part too hahaha ) will say that ‘Real Musicians’ don’t use audio sample packs and I agreed with that… at first! Loops and Sample packs: How to use them correctly and don’t make the same mistakes that some producers do?

When you try to make it as a musician the main goal is to be great at it but also to have fun ! (and maybe make a living out of it ….but that’s another discussion) . You strongly believe you are going to be the next ‘Beethoven’ of the electro scene and you WILL create everything by yourself, rejecting samples that are only good for shitty EDM producers with no talent or inspiration…but it’s not that easy…and some website do offer high quality music samples and even free music sample packs that can help you out starting out or that can be used to recreate something new out of it for more experimented producers!


Using samples is ok…

I changed my mind about audio sample packs and because what you really want when making music IS HAVING FUN and when you start off it’s already enough struggling in a technical way , especially when like me , you have absolutely zero knowledge of what so ever. I never heard of scales, chord progressions and I have no musical background. I use a lot of A capellas for example.

The options are endless if you like to play with sounds. Like samples, A capellas  can be chopped and managed in any DAW and adding a capellas or vocals tend always to bring that little extra that is sometimes missing in your productions.

What I like about using a capellas in my production is the fact that it’s fun to use and that you can be as creative with it as you want with it!

So the use of samples makes it a lot more easier and fun too ! Sorry but I can’t make a kick drum or clap and don’t want to learn it … I like creating drum loops though and basslines …


Where to find samples ?

The internet is full of samples, sample packs , loops,…in any category from Deep House to techno, if you know where to look. To help you through the jungle of websites that provide Sample Packs and other VST plugins, I made a complete list of the 10 best websites for Loops and Samplepacks.

Good news is that most if these website offer free music sample packs !


Check it out here Royalty free Loops and Samples

UT ! Remember…

I think the use of audio sample packs is ok and there is an unlimited choice of very good free audio sample packs and free samples out there to enjoy from BUT until a certain point …Using kick samples because you don’t know how to create a kick or you want to recreate an electronic kick drum is ok but when it comes to bass line and melody , unless you are making a remix or you are completely recreating a new sound with this sample I wouldn’t recommend it.


Producers that only use samples have no credibility!

When you want to become a producer you should know how to compose a melody …but you can get ideas for composing a melody or a bass line through trying to recreate samples or edit samples them in a way that makes a difference. If you want to be serious about music and if you want to be kept serious in the Music business you shouldn’t overdue the use of sample packs because that makes the difference between a bad EDM producer and a respected deep house producer.


But of course that depends on what you wan to do and where you want to go in the electronic music scene. I am speaking of a personal choice considering the music I want to do and the fact I am not feeling rewarded when I use samples



The 10 best websites for Loops, Samples and Sample Packs

Top 10 websites for loops and sample packs


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