M-Audio AV32 Professional Studio Monitor Speakers

    M-Audio AV32

    M-Audio AV32

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    • Great value for multimedia purposes
    • Clear crips highs
    • Tight, accurate bass


    • Less adapted for music production

    M-Audio AV32 Professional Studio Monitor Speakers are a great value for any media creation, gaming, video editing or just listening to your favorite tunes with professional audio at a more than affordable price!

    They are compatible with a computer, laptop, tablet or any mobile device through a front panel 1/8” auxiliary input and possess some RCA inputs that allow you to connect gaming systems, DJ gear, mixers and much more.

    The first thing you need to be aware of is that those are multi-media speakers, meaning they will great for any multi-media purpose but won’t be the best choice for home-based music producers.

    Considering this, they will be accurate enough to do the job for any producer on a tight budget.

    Lets’ have a closer look at the features !

    M-Audio AV32 Features

    When opening the box you will notice the smal size ad weight, which makes them portable and able to fit in any studio setup or room.

    Their black laminate finished design gives them a neutral but professional look that you don’t always find in cheaper models.

    The M-Audio AV32 come with some cabling of course, which are silver plated (so nothing too fancy but decent material).

    You will find the basic cabling like the power cable, a 1/8 inch stereo jack and RCA inputs. which allow you to connect about any device you can think of.

    You will also receive small sticky foam pads to avoid resonance (again nothing too fancy but can be useful). They can be fixed on the speakers easily and will avoid some resonance.

    Yet I would suggest you to buy some extra foam pads to prevent sonic resonance and coloration from the monitors on their resting surface providing a clearer and more articulate sound.

    They will also stabilize your speakers and you can switch in any possible position you want.

    A good choice would be Auralex MoPad Monitor isolation pads .


    M-Audio AV32

    On the amplified unit you will find the volume control, an AUX input and a headphone jack.

    M-Audio AV32 possesses 3-inch polypropylene-coated woofers  and optimized bass reflex design to provide a tight accurate bass.

    The cone tweeters are made of 1-inch ferrofluid-colled silk and have Optimage IV waveguides that deliver quite some clear highs and extended bass.

    They also possess an OptImage IV tweeter wave guides for superior imaging and detail.

    Acoustically-inert MDF cabinets eliminate clarity-robbing resonances. 

    The Onboard amplification is  10 Watts per channel, which will enable you to boost the volume. On that matter will be great for parties and such.


    M-Audio AV32

    On the back you have the power input and power switch, the RCA input and the output to the right speaker

    Sound Quality

    The sound of the M-Audio AV32 won’t be optimal at first but once you have used them for a couple of hours, the sound will improve drastically.

    I was surprised by the sound quality and stereo imaging of these babies..

    They will be ideal for any multipurpose and offers a great listening experience, even in small setups and crowded places.

    The sound is detailed and the tweeters deliver some clear crisp highs and extended bass but might sound a bit static. 

    I have to say that they deliver a surprisingly tight accurate bass for the price!


    Like I mentioned before, you need to be aware of is that the M-Audio AV32 are multi-media speakers, meaning they will great for any multimedia purpose but won’t be the best choice for home-based producers.

    They are pretty good for gaming and video editing but those babies aren’t the best you can get for mixing or mastering purposes.( especially mastering)

    They are accurate enough to do the job for any producer on a budget, though.

    Would I buy them myself?

    Honestly, I think not because I am using my studio monitors essentially for mixing purposes and I am using  KRK Rokit 8 which, of course, are not in that price range but I wouldn’t change them for anything else and still recommend the Rokit G3 as a sure value for music production.

    Would I recommend them for other media purposes?

    Definitely! For any gaming, video editing or multimedia purposes they will be a great value at an affordable price!


    Any questions or do you like to give your input? 

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