Presonus Eris e4.5 Review – The Top of Low Budget Monitors!

    Presonus Eris e4.5 Review

    Presonus Eris e4.5


    Overall rating



    • Great value
    • Clear, neutral sound
    • Tight and punchy bass
    • Acoustic tuning !


    • Lacks low end


    Presonus Eris e4.5 are active 4,5-inch high definition studio monitors.

    They come in pair and will fit any entry level to medium- sized studio set up.

    They are compact but have a solid built up and are designed to last.

    In the front, ( on the left speaker) you will find the on-off switch, an 1/8” Aux-in and headphone out jack and the Gain or volume adjustment switch.

    Presonus Eris e4.5 FrontPresonus Eris e4.5 Review

    Also, the 4,5” woofer (Kevlar low-frequency transducer) and a 1” silk dome tweeter (which is the same as Eris 5 and 8)

    Presonus Eris e4.5 BackPresonus Eris e4.5 Review

    Both speakers are connected with 2 wired speaker cables, trough speaker input ports.  

    In the back of your left (or active) Presonus Eris e4.5 monitor you will find the balanced  TRS left and right inputs ( 1/4”) and the unbalanced RCA, with a straight 1/8” to 1/8” RCA connection cable.

    Some great feature on the Presonus Eris e4.5, is  the Acoustic tuning, on the active speaker, That allows you to tune your speakers to your space, depending on the size of your room and your studio set up. 

    You can control the gain on the mid and high and this will give you access to low cut off.

    With this feature you will be able choose from 3 different acoustic spaces, which is a pretty cool feature for monitors in that price range.

    Sound quality

    They are pretty powerful for such small speakers!

    The sound is more accurate that what you would expect from 4,5” studio monitors.

    They have a clear, crisp and neutral sound, which is some great feature for the mixing and editing purposes you will need as a home based producer.

    The Eris e4.5 have good bass response considering the size. The bass is tight and punchy but you can’t expect them to go as low as some more powerful monitors, so you could need a subwoofer to fill the missing low frequencies. 


    Weight: 17 pounds

    Dimensions: 10 x 15 x 10 inches

    Frequency response: 70Hz to 20 kHz

    50 Watt class AB Amplification: 25 Watts (per speaker)


    For 4,5 inch monitors, they deliver quite some impressive sound! They will definitely exceed the expectations you can have from 4,5” studio monitors.

    They will be a great value for level entry project studios and will be a valuable replacement for computer speakers and will the job just fine if you are looking for some high-end speakers for purposes such as gaming

    Are they the best studio monitors on the market?

    No, they aren’t but they are great introductory speakers for starting music producers on a budget and anyone wanting high quality sound of high end speakers, for a small price.

    They will enable you to monitor your mixes properly and give you an a much greater listening experience than any average budget friendly deskstop speaker in that price range.

    You will always find better (if you are willing to put more money) but for the budget of 300$ a pair they will definitely be on top of the list of low budget monitors!

    So would I recommend them?

    If your budget is 300$ max, Yes,definitely!

    Don’t be fooled by their price and size!

    I hope you enjoyed my Presonus Eris e4.5 Review

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