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How to make music for free

What will you discover?

  • You can start for free!
  • Audio Production software
  • 'To pay or not to pay?'
  • Not sure what DAW to start with
  • What are the best free DAWS?
  • Where can I find other free stuff?
  • Why pay when you can download a cracked version

You CAN start for free!

How much does a home studio cost? What budget do I need? How to make music for free? Same questions I asked myself when I started . Becoming  a home-based music producer can be an expensive matter if you want to have the best conditions possible to succeed. Depending on whether you take it as hobby or you are really wanting to become a music producer, you’ll need to invest in software no matter what.

But how to make music  for free?

What budget top build a homestudio

When I started out, I had a crappy computer and no idea what so ever on how to even start making music! But most of all, I didn’t have any money … As I couldn’t afford a new computer I did some research to know what audio program I could use that would suit my crappy PC and found some great free DAWS out there ! I wasn’t sure my PC was going to be able to handle them properly but yeah, whatever I wanted to give it try but not only I wanted it to be preferably free but it had to be good too. I didn’t really have time to waste in trying different ones and I suspected a possible ‘overload’ on my PC if I downloaded too many different DAWs so I came across FL Studio and I discovered they had a free trial period of 30 days!I could start making music right away…. And for free !


Audio production Software

‘To pay or not to pay?’

So the first month with a free trial period of a Daw of your choice, considering you already have a good PC or Mac and some quality headphones can be free ! So you can start out for almost nothing… 

Not sure which DAW to start with?

No problem, I made a list of the top 10 audio production software on the market. It is a complete overview of only the best DAWs on the market and will help you make a decision on which DAW to use whether you are on Mac or Windows, your preferences and budget… and you can try them all out for free!

fl studio

Ableton live 9

logic pro


And much more here!…


Great, you have now decided which DAW you are going to work with and you have a whole month for free to try it out

You will probably have decided by then if you want to continue making music and by then you will have chosen (or not) the DAW you will work with and you will have to invest in more sophisticated material….

Yeah, great,they offer a free trial but you’ll have to pay eventually ?!

It is true, all DAWS have a price. I’ll  explain why you should choose to pay for a Daw instead of starting out with a free version.

Investing in a DAW will need you to put a little money into it if you want the best possible tools out there to succeed! You will never achieve success with a free DAW… it is as simple as that!

There is not 1 famous DJ/ producer that has ever scored a hit single with one of the free DAWs out there!

As you getting skilled at making music you will quickly get frustrated by what you get from a free audio production software because they just have very limited functionalities compared to FL Studio, Ableton or Logic Pro.

Another thing is that most of those free DAWS have no technical support at all !

You might seem to forget what it needs to create professional audio software and everything you get with it! Engineers have worked for years to create the best result and you can get a complete audio recording program into your own home! Something that wasn’t even thinkable 20 years ago!

So yes, you will have to put some money but… 

don’t forget it is an investment in YOUR CAREER !

What are the best free DAWs?

You are still not convinced or you just don’t have the money right now…

You are making music and it’s just a hobby! So you don’t feel the need to invest which is great. There is some free music production software out there that can handle audio production quite well if you don’t see any reason why you should pay.

Free audio production software or open source software are mostly created by volunteers and I won’t say that you shouldn’t use them but I can’t really see the use of them when you know what you can get with payable DAWS -if you allow yourself to put sometimes less than $100 and you can benefit from Plugins, instruments, effects, that those just don’t have, adding a great technical support and free tutorials…. anyways, some of the best free DAWS are:

Audacity Probably the most downloaded free DAW out there

Presonus One free only  for the most stripped down version

Ardour ( for Linux and Mac OS)

Reaper is not free really a free DAW but you can get 60 days of free trial and you don’t have to pay to use the most basic functions if you don’t want to buy it after the trial period

I won’t go any further in details and feel to try them out … but I’ll probably see you back in 2 weeks!

Best DAW's for music production

Where can I find other free stuff?

Good news is that you can find a lot of free VST’s, free sample packs, free acapella’s and free music making software for HUGE SALES on the net and you can become a producer on low budget !

More on that here

Why pay when you can download cracked versions?

Though I have to admit that you will have to spent a few dollars, I am a fervent defender of buying your software and pay those who made it possible for you to even use and NOT download cracked software, samples, DAW’s and VST’s !

Stop sign with human hand. Warning sign, hazardous sign

Those will not only damage your DAW , bring loads of viruses and destroy your system because they will most probably are from mediocre quality too…and they will give you a very bad reputation… so think twice !

You wouldn’t want to be related to the use of cracked versions, as you might have a lot of problems later on when you make a name. Think of the scandal that it made when Martin Garrix posted a video of showing off how he produced animals’ proved it to have been produced … on a pirated software !

He lost all credibility afterwards (at least to those who respect music).

No harsh feelings though if you like Garrix… just not my style at all and I wanted to give you an example why you shouldn’t download cracked software if you ever want to make it in the music industry.

‘I believe that in an ethical way, if you want to be part of the music industry, the most basic thing to do is reward those who make it possible for you to get there….’

You want to start making right away?

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