The 10 best websites for EDM Sample Packs and Loops

The 10 best websites for EDM Sample Packs and Loops

Sample packs are not mandatory when you are a music producer but they can be a great addition to your music library. Especially when you are a beginner.

Samples, Loops, VST plugins but also FX, construction kits and other drops and breakdowns can add a solid foundation on which you can rely when you don’t have any sound of your own (yet).

Although I don’t recommend to exclusively on Sample Packs, they can give you the inspiration you need to start from scratch. They can also be considerable educational tools to help you develop your music skills.

There are a lot of great websites out there that offer high-quality music samples, loops, construction kits, VST plugins in the box. The majority of these websites even offer free music sample packs. Since the samples are all Royalty Free, you can use en re-use them as creatively as you want. You can also recreate a new sound directly out of the box.

A lot of more experimented producers still use sample packs and some producers even make an income by creating their own sample packs and sell them.

So why not dig a little bit deeper into what the web has to offer us?!

To help you walk more easily through the vast jungle of websites that provide Sample Packs and other VST plugins, I made a list of the 10 best websites for EDM Sample Packs and Loops just for you!

The 10 best websites for EDM Sample Packs and Loops.


One of the best websites for EDM Sample Packs is LoopmastersYou will find a large variety of high-quality sample packs in their Sample Boutique.

They offer a wide choice of Royalty free loops and samples, one-shot samples, sampler patches or synth presets in any genre from electro-acoustic guitar samples, to EDM Big Room and from Deep House loops to a Dubstep construction packs.

It is definitely one of the top sites for royalty free EDM Sample Packs. Besides the variety of sample packs and plugins, they also offer production articles and tips and amazing discounts and deals + free packs offered at every order.

Splice Sounds

Splice Sounds is an online library of more than  700,000 Royalty-free samples. Some even come from industry-leading figures, companies, and artists. Where it differs from conventional sample packs is that you don’t need to buy the whole sample pack. Because let’s be honest, most of you will only use a few sounds for that pack.

Instead of downloading entire packs, you can now just download the sound you need. Splice Sounds works with a monthly subscription.

Splice Sounds is available at two price levels: The “Sounds 100” plan is $7.99 for 100 credits per month. The “Sounds 300” plan” is $13.99 for 300 credits. Each credit gets you one sample download. The website is also entirely database-driven yet friendly to use.

They are very committed to quality and use the most advanced and safe sample search engine. You will find only the best online samples, loops, presets, multi-samples, kits, and other audio production tools from premium labels.


Sounds to sample…

beatportIf you are an electronic music lover you MUST have heard of Beatport is probably the most famous online music store specializing in electronic music and culture and won many awards such as ‘Best Dance Music Specialty Retailer ‘ and best EDM/Dance Music Retailer.

It provides high-quality Royalty free loops and samples besides music from your favorite artists.

Sample Magic

Sample Magic-

Sample Magic is one of the world’s leading provider of pro-audio loops and samples to music producers across a range of genres, from house and electro through dubstep to disco to chillout and soundtrack.

Wave Alchemy

Wave Alchemy à 13.03.42

Wave Alchemy is an innovative sound design company based in Nottingham in the United Kingdom. They specialize in the development of cutting-edge sample libraries which are produced to perfection, using a collection of highly sought after vintage and new-age studio equipment.



Sample Phonics sell royalty free loops, sample libraries, sample packs, sampler instruments, and other tools for music producers and composers. They strive to provide the very best sounds on the market. You will find Royalty free loops and samples for all of our products, so you know exactly what to expect before you buy.

Future Loops

Capture d’écran 2015-09-16 à 17.55.22

Since its launch Future Loops is rapidly becoming a favorite for royalty free sample packs in all fields of music. Their distinct philosophy is seen in their increasing catalog which features their own highly skilled production team. Future Loops also uses some of the most respected producers who decided to bring their own musical personality into the world of samples and loops.

Producer Loops

Capture d’écran 2015-09-16 à 18.10.05

producerloops is one the world’s largest distributor of downloadable Sample Packs. They sell more than 100.000 legal downloads from 340 sample pack labels and have all the sample packs you need to succeed!


Capture d’écran 2015-09-16 à 18.16.08


I probably don’t have to present the award-winning Vengeance Sample Packs. They are most certainly THE most used sample packs in electronic music production. Manuel Schleis is the producer and mastermind behind Vengeance- Sound. All their sample packs are of the highest quality possible.

The best vengeance sample packs

Function Loops

Function Loops

Function Loops is the ultimate resource for music producers. They have thousands of royalty free loops, samples, presets and midi files.

And last but not least… 1 extra just for you!


Zenhiser sample packs à 18.45.29

Zenhiser is a Pro Audio Sample & Preset Company based in London UK & Noosa Australia. It was created for one simple reason, to bring a new & exciting sample and preset libraries to the customer at affordable prices. Their catalog is designed and packaged to be very specific which enables you, as a producer, remixer or/ and film soundscapes, to source exactly what you need quickly. Probably the best Royalty Free Loops and samples on the market.

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