The 13 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads and Stands (2018)

The 13 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads and Stands (2017)
  • Why Use Acoustic Isolation Pads?
  • Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads
  • Best Deals (Less than $30)
  • Cheapest (Less than $20)
  • Desktop Isolation Stands
  • My Pick!
  • Conclusion and Tips Before Buying

You bought yourself some new studio monitors, but you feel like your recordings don’t sound like they should.

You invested quite some money on one of the most critical components of your home studio, so at least you expect your speakers to deliver a flawless, bright and balanced reproduction of your mix.

Instead, your desk is buzzing and the sound is blurred, unbalanced and distorted. You are not getting a precise bass response and the higher frequencies are obscured… 

Don’t blame your speakers…

Why Use Acoustic Isolation Pads?

The issue here is probably that you haven’t properly isolated your loudspeakers from their supporting furniture.

Speakers produce vibrations and resonant energy. If they are not properly isolated, these vibrations will be transmitted into your desk or monitor stand and degrade the stereo image of your sound.

Acoustic Isolation Pads prevent this from happening. They improve the sound by isolating your speakers from their supporting surface.

Isolation Pads are extremely useful for decoupling monitors, reducing structural vibrations and prevent sonic artifacts.

They also have an impact on both high- and low frequencies. Your monitors will reproduce brighter highs and a more precise bass response, which is much appreciated, especially by electronic music producers.

So, to get the right sound, you may want to consider getting some isolation pads … but which ones to choose?

Here are my picks for the 13 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads and Stands of October 2017!

Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads

MoPAD Monitor Isolators from Auralex Acoustics

Mo PADS Auralex

” The Best-Seller’!’

Award-winning Company Auralex Acoustics is the industry leader in acoustical treatment products.

The MoPAD Monitor isolators have been their best-selling product in that category for years!

Mo PADs are made of firm foam and are sold in pairs. A pair includes 4 base pieces and 4 angling wedge pieces.

They are designed so that they can be used to support virtually all sizes of loudspeakers or recording monitors ( even horizontal speakers) up to 100lbs, each.

ProsWhat I like about the MoPADs are the 5 different positioning options. You can easily tilt your speakers forward or backward to give you the perfect listening angle.

MoPADs can be used to calm vibrations that degrade the performance of delicate electronics.

The isolation pads also offer a clearer, cleaner and more articulate sound.

They decouple your loudspeakers to prevent sonic resonance and coloration.

Yields a tighter, more precise bass response while un-masking otherwise obscured higher frequencies.

ConsThey can be a little unstable with large monitors unless you use 2 pads to place them on.

You might find also it difficult to correctly fix the Wedge Adjusters at first but once you get the right position and angle, you’ll be glad to have spent some time doing it.

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Auralex ProPAD

The 8 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads

” Premium Version of the MoPADs”

Auralex ProPADS is a premium version of Auralex’s best-selling MoPADs.

They are more expensive than their predecessor but they are well built and more solid.

ProPADs are made of a three-layer foam construction. They added a Melamine-wrapped MDF base and their trademarked ISO-Plate on top to eliminate slippage and increase acoustic isolation.

ProsThey provide superior sonic isolation from the vibrations that are created from your speakers and the surface they are resting on.

Second, they moved the foam wedge to the bottom…meaning upward tilts are now possible, without needing to awkwardly reverse the pads, as you would with the MoPads.

The ProPads definitely provide a deeper soundstage and finer resolution in the midrange.

Cons: Though they really improve the sound, they are quite expensive.

They also could have been made a little bit wider for that price. There is a ProPAD-XL version (19 x 13 x 3 inches) but they cost double!

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 Primacoustic RX7 Recoil Stabilizer– 10 Degree Up Fire

The 13 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads and Stands (2017)

” The Stabilizer”

The Primacoustic RX7 Recoil Stabilizer is a platform for the loudspeaker that is different than your ‘usual’ foam pads.

The main difference is that it features a high-density urethane base that isolates the speaker from the shelf, monitor-bridge or stands, a heavy4″ laser-cut steel plate; and a thin neoprene top surface.

While resting on a foam-base, the steel plate introduces significant mass to the structure and stabilizes the speaker.

What I like about this version is the 10-degree Up Fire which gives you a perfect listening angle. As the speaker coil pushes energy forward, the initial transient no longer suffers lag and the sharpness of the resulting impulse is more defined.

The transient response and imaging are improved and it tightens up the bass response for greater accuracy.

Pro: The non-slipping surface ensures the stability of your studio monitors. The 10 degree Up Fire. They are built to last!

Cons: They are quite expensive (Sold per unit).

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KING DO WAY Two 5” Inch Quality Monitor Isolator Pads

The 13 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads and Stands (2017)

”Good Choice for 5” Speakers”

The King Do Way isolation pad is made out of high-density foam and high-quality elastic rose cotton material. The pads are shock-resistant.

It controls unwanted reverb and echo sound effectively and reduces unwanted protuberances that mix up with your original sound. It will offer a more clear and precise sound.

These do the job as well as the other brands that cost considerably more.

The dimensions are made to match 5” Studio Monitors. They are also available for 8” monitors.

Pros:  More precise sound and good isolation.

Cons: Tilt is minimal.

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Best Deals (Less Than $30)

Adam Hall SPADECO2

The 8 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads

” Best Price-Quality Deal”

The Adam Hall SPADECO2 isolation pads are a pretty good alternative for those who look for quality isolation pads without spending too many bucks on them.

These pads will definitely improve your sound and their high-density acoustic foam will avoid disturbing resonances with the surface on which they stand.

They can handle the weigh with ease and are broad enough to cover larger monitors.

Pros: They are cheaper than Auralex isolation pads and they are a good alternative to consider if you can’t spend too much.

Cons: There is only one unit for each speaker. There are no different positioning options which are a loss in value compared to the MoPADs.

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LyxPro MNS -4 

The 13 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads and Stands (2017)

”Great inexpensive solution”

They come in a package of 8 dense foam pads.  The wedges allow you to tilt your monitors or speakers forward or backward up to 8 degrees.

In terms of isolation, acoustic isolation pads do the job quite well any hard surface.

They provide improved accuracy of the entire monitoring system and will eliminate unwanted vibration and the Bass will sound accurate.

Pros: The tilted wedges for a better listening angle.

Cons: They sometimes come in slightly different sizes and/or colors. 

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MoFo Rizers

The 13 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads and Stands (2017)

”Rize and Shine”

The Mo Rizers come in 1 pair of Monitor Focusing Rizers. They are larger and higher than most foam pads available (12″ wide x 15″ deep x 4″ high).

The package also includes a pair of self-adhesive black tiles to place on the Rizer decks to stabilizes your speakers. 

A unique and nice touch is that they are adjustable. They have the ability to angle the monitors in any angle configuration you need. 

What I like about the MoFo Rizers is that they bring your monitor speakers up to ear level.  This can be an all-in-one cheap alternative to buying a speaker stand and pads all together.

They make the highs crisper, better defines the mid-range and tightens up the bass for a more defined sound. They also improve the overall imaging and soundstage. 

Pros: Since they bring your monitors at ear level, they can replace a speaker stand so you don’t need to buy both.

Cons: They are quite large for standard 8″ studio reference monitors and take some space on your desk.  They are not defined for monitor stands.

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Cheapest (Less Than $20)

Pyle PSi03  Recoil Stabilizer Speaker Risers 

The 13 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads and Stands (2017)”Stabilization, isolation, and absorption at a tiny price”

A great choice when your maximum budget on acoustic isolation pads doesn’t exceed $20.

Sold as a pair, the 2 Universal Recoil Stabilizers, assist in achieving optimal audio performance.

The platform bases are reversible to create upward or downward firing audio effects.

These risers efficiently eliminate unwanted levels of resonance and reversibility. They isolate vibrations with unwanted noise that confuses the ear. The vibrations might reach your neighbors.

Pros: They adapt to any speaker and subwoofers. The wedges are cut properly and present no color variations.

Cons:  Should have an extra wedge to add more adjustability.

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Studio Solutions High-Density Studio Monitor Isolation Pads Pair ( 5 Inch Monitors)

The 13 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads and Stands (2017)”Good product at better price”

These acoustic foam pads have the same characteristics as most of the other brands. They are a cheap alternative to Auralexs MoPads.

The main difference is that they are smaller than other acoustic foam pads on the market (7.4 x 11 x 1.5 inches) which might explain the low price.

They are sized to fit 5″ Studio Monitors but won’t be broad enough for 8′ monitors.

The foam wedge cut out for 5 different angle configurations which allow you to angle the drivers more appropriately.

Pros: No logo in the front.

Cons: Too small for 8′ monitors

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RightChoice XL-Pro

”Sleek & Minimalistic”

RichtChoice XL-Pro is a good choice when you are looking for cheap acoustic isolation pads with a low profile design. 

They come in a set of 2 high-density foam pads and allows for multiple configurations like flat, tilt up, and tilt down positions.

With their 6 x 9 inch dimensions, they are made to support smaller speakers.

Pros: Ideal for small 3′ or 4′ monitors. The pads are precisely cut. Again, no logo in the front which is appreciable for a lot of people.

Cons: The  ‘XL’ in RightChoice XL-Pro is misleading, their small size won’t suit 8’monitors.

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Rockville RRS190S 

The 13 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads and Stands (2017)”The Cheapest”

Each package contains 2 charcoal gray Isolation Pads. They have a 2-part angled design that provides you with a wide range of tilt options

The pads decouple and isolate your studio monitors and any sensitive studio device. 

For the price, they do a great job at eliminating vibrations and unwanted noises in your studio and will increase monitoring accuracy

The larger dimensions will fit 6 to 8-inch monitors. They can be easily cut for smaller speakers.

Pros: Lowest price for overall good isolation. Work as expected for the price you are paying. 

Cons:  Although the foam is thick and sturdy, I am not sure how long they can last in time.

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Desktop Isolation Stands

IsoAcoustics ISO-L8 Large Acoustic Isolation Stands

The 13 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads and Stands (2017)

” Excellent Choice for LARGER Monitors”

The IsoAcoustics Isolation Stands use patented isolation technology effectively to eliminate energy transfer to surrounding surfaces.

They also have 2 KEY features the others don’t.

First, the Precision Tilt Adjustment that lets you easily fine-tune the tilt angle to exactly as you wish rather than only offering 2 or 3 tilt options.

Second, the decoupling spikes.  Beneath the metal base plate is 4 spikes designed to reduce sound transfer by minimizing direct contact with your desk.

The structure is made out of plastic but fairly robust and allows to raise speaker height to ear level.

They allow your speakers to perform to their full potential and the overall image is enhanced.

Pros: Better listening experience and immediate improvement of sound. Sold in pair. Exists in small and medium.

Cons: Difficult to assemble. For the price, they could have used a metal frame instead of plastic.

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Ultimate Support MS-8

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”Way More Than Just Isolation”

The Ultimate Support MS-8 is an angling desktop studio monitor stand that offers both great sonic isolation and 4 layers of mechanical decoupling.

The frame is made of sleek anodized aluminum columns with 3 chambers.

One for routing power cables, one for audio cables, and a large central chamber to fill with the ballast of your choice.

The conductive aluminum effectively shields the cables, allowing them to live together in harmony without noise or interference. The ballast chamber means the MS Series performs as well or better than custom designs costing thousands more.

They are made so you can easily adjust the angle and axis of your monitors.

Pros: Top quality build and more reliable than foam pads in terms of stability. They will also last much longer so consider the investment.

Cons: Pricey when money is an issue.

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My Pick!

I use the MoPAD Monitor isolators from Auralex Acoustics together with my Ultimate Support jsms70 speaker stands.

As for my studio monitors, I have the  KRK’s Rokit G3 8. They are quite larger and heavier than most studio monitors. I have to admit that I had some doubts about these fitting into both the Speaker Stand and The Isolations Pads but once correctly settled, the whole thing was stable enough to do the job!

It’s been more than 3 years and my disposition is still as reliable and steady as the first day!

The 13 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads and Stands (2017)

Conclusion and Tips Before Buying

I hope you like my review of the 13 Best Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads and Desktop Stands.

Before you make your final decision I have a few tips:

The price of isolation pads often comes with the size of the pads. Before making any hasty decision, check out the dimensions of your monitors to make sure they fit.

You should also check double check if they come per piece or per pair. You might think you have a great deal just to realize you only got 1 piece.

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