The best acapella websites – Spice up your productions!

The Best Acapella Websites

You want to spice up your productions with some uplifting vocals or a capellas but you don’t know how to sing? No problem, most of your favorite artists are auto-tuned anyways …

No, seriously, there are some great ways to make even the worst singer have the voice of an angel but if you have no time to lose with using some expensive software to make you sing like the latest winner of ‘The Voice’, there are plenty of options left!

let’s have a look at The best acapella websites and let’s find you some Royalty free, uplifting and professional vocals and a Capellas to give your productions the little extra touch that they are missing!

And… most of them are free!

If you are not sure what an a capella is, I invite you to read my post: ‘What is an a capella‘.

The best acapella websites

1. Looperman

Why? Because the samples, sounds and a capellas have been uploaded by users themselves and are completely free and no adds!


  • You can discover some great unknown talent in about any possible genre. Besides acapellas, you can find loops and samples, software and VST’s, complete tracks, beats and mixes.
  • The only thing to do is register and download in 1 simple click!
  • The easy to use search engine allows you to choose by member, by keyword, tempo, genre, male or female, vocal style and even auto-tune.
  • You can put your own samples to get feedback on your music


  • Quality depends because the samples are uploaded by users, some bad surprises sometimes…
Check Out Looperman Here


2. offers high quality and free a capellas in mp 3 format. They have a huge library of the most popular artists and songs of the moment and some classics in about any genre. From Madonna to Sia, from Muse to AC/DC and from 50 Cent to Pitbull, they really have plenty!


  • Their library is huge! You will be able to find about any a capella you want from top artists and famous songs
  • About any genre is represented. Alternative, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Metal, Pop, R’nB, blues, disco, jazz
  • Top notch quality in MP 3 format


  • You can’t listen to them right away and it’s a long road of annoying adds before you finally get to have a listen to it.
  • The adds! They warn you to be tolerant on adds and I guess that is the price to pay to get free a capellas. When you click on the download button, you first get 4 sec of adds before you can continue, when you press ‘skip this add’ you get another 4 seconds and then again 5 seconds before you finally listen and download your a capella. That makes at least 3 adds for each a capella …  even your ad blocker won’t work, so you better be tolerant and patient.
  • Royalty free? 1 question I ask myself, is if the a capellas are really Royalty free. It’s not mentioned anywhere and I can’t imagine how you can possibly use a capellas from famous artists just like that. I did some research but didn’t find anything and tried to click on ‘rules’ but nothing will open.
Check Out Here

3. Acapellas4u

Acapallas 4 u has been on for a while now and is supported by famous DJ’s, producers, and remixers. Acapellas4u offers a wide range of free a capellas, vocals,  loops, samples and DJ tools.


  • They have a very large library with more than 30.000 a capellas, DJ tools, and vocals
  • You can upload your own stuff!
  • You can support artists by buying their tracks on Amazon (or whatever place they are selling or promoting it)


  • The layout is absolutely horrible and navigation even worse. It’s really difficult to find your way and it doesn’t look professional at all.
  • You are allowed (only) 30 downloads in 30 days. Not sure if this is really a ‘con’ because 30 is already enough I guess, but I don’t like restrictions
  • You need to view an add before downloading ( not as intrusive and again, it’s the price to pay)
  • Audio previews, a capellas per artists and BPM data are only available if you are in the ‘forum supporters’ group or you need to upgrade and give a donation.
Check Out Acapellas 4 U Here is rather new but they are one the most fast-growing websites for a capellas. They have already built up a solid library of free a capellas and it’s growing strong!


  • Although the site is quite new, they have a library of more than 2000 a capellas and this is growing every day
  • A capellas are available for free download


  • You need to get pro to preview.
  • The filter menu is quite basic ( only bpm and key filters). You can find a capellas per artist through the search menu but not per genre, gender,…
  • On the second download page, I couldn’t find the download button right away. It is a greyish button that doesn’t really catches your attention. (but ok, this is small issue, I admit)
Check Out Here

5. Free Vocals

Free Vocals is a bit different than the previous websites in the way that they work together with professional vocalists and even though some are free, the majority is not.

The a capalles are licensed but not sold as a matter. That means that you will need to sign a license and agree to some terms and conditions. You pay, not for the ‘product’ itself, but to get the copyright of the track and publishing writer percentages go to the artist or vocalist.


  • The a capellas are professional and of outstanding quality performed by vocalists
  • You can upload your productions ( for non-profit promotion)
  • Great if you are looking for unique, quality samples


  • The whole paperwork behind the licence agreement and copyright.
  • You must obtain permission from the website to feature the vocalist’s name in the title.
  • Limited choice of free, Royalty free vocals.
  • Although the name of the website is ‘Free Vocals’, it’s not completely free
  • Samples are not Royalty free 8 see terms and conditions)
Check Out Free Vocals Here

6. Acapella heaven

The idea behind Acapella heaven is to bring creative people together. Artists and vocalists are submitting their tracks to the website and are exchanging services. As a producer, you need to submit your material and it has been approved by the songwriter and their agent.


  • New formula, a great way for songwriters to get heard.
  • The opportunity to work together with professional vocalists and get exclusive material


  • Not free! You need a full membership to use their service. Gold, bronze and silver membership are quite expensive
  • A lot of restrictions when you are not Gold
Check Out Acapella Heaven Here

7. is a music platform where musicians, vocalists and DJ’s, producers or remixers work together. they also have free a capellas and samples. You can get instant access to music for film, video games, video projects, podcasts,…


  • A great way to connect with other musicians. You can ‘work’ together with more than 45ooo artists from all around the world. Create samples for remixes, remix tracks and  use samples and a capellas into your own creations.
  • You can promote your creations on the website and get votes.
  • They have great events such as remix events and the big summer music fest.
  • You can license Royalty free music for commercial projects


  • None, it’s a really cool website
Check Out Ccmixter Here

Bonus! A cool website with some free sounds just for You!

8. Free Sound

Free Sound is a collaborative database of creative-commons licensed sound for musicians and sound lovers.

Not really specific to a Capellas for they offer some great sounds to use in your productions and you can upload your own samples, sounds, FX and vocals.

Check Out Free Sound Here


I know I had trouble finding quality acapellas and vocals when I started out so I hope you can use this and it will be a time saver to find the best acapella websites.

Make sure to always check out for Licence agreements and copyrights so that you don’t get yourself in trouble when you finished and released the track! It happened to more producers than you think, so be careful and always check out for Royalty Free material!

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