V-MODA Crossfade LP review

    V-MODA Crossfade LP review

    V-MODA Crossfade LP review


    Overall rating



    • Design
    • built quality and durability
    • Comfort of headband and cushions
    • good noise isolation
    • Great sound for dance and electronic music


    • overpowering bass, clubby sound
    • not enough emphasis on mids and highs
    • echoing sound and vocals are a bit deficient


    When fashion meets function!

    The V-Moda Crossfade LP certainly look awesome but do they deserve their top rankings when it comes to sound quality? They beat Dre that’s for sure!

    v modaV moda collaborated with over 50 top artists , dj’s and musicians and their crossfade series are the result of 4 years of research. They developed an unique award winning sound and signature bass and probaly one of the most eye catching headphone out there.



    The result is a very sophisticated headphone with revolutionary design, comfort and great sound that will enthusiasm every audiophile, DJ or producer and it’s no surprise they are among the top-ranked headphones out of 20.000 on Amazon.


    Like I mentioned before the V Moda crossfade lp headphones’ design and sound has been developed with the collaboration of many DJ’s , musicians and audio engineers that tried to create the best product with the best design.


    The V-Moda crossfade LP come in 5 colors Gunmetal Black, Phantom Chrome and White Pearl and the newest ones Rouge and Black Chrome. All have customizable cushions and cables.v moda all colors



    What are you going to get?

    v moda case 2


    They come in a strong and great looking skeleton like case that’s built to make your headphones last.



    v moda case


    The case is quite big thought and that’s because the V-Moda crossfade LP focussed on durability and thus, in their commitment to quality, created headphones that are not collapsable.


    Inside you will find a lifetime V-Moda warrantee meaning if something happens or your V-Moda breaks for any reason, you can buy a new pair as long your product is registered for half price. Above that, you’ll get the user manual, a micro fibre tissue to clean you headphones and a VIP membership card that gives you access to a lot of promotions and other cool stuff.


    v moda case 3


    The headphones come in with a 36 inch, Kevlar reinforced cable with a handy 3 way clicker for sound adjustments and a 3.5 mm jack, that is not getting to tangle. With this comes a 174 inch adapter.

    The headphone itself has an all aluminum design with alu plates on the pads that not only look cool but don’t scratch easily and they are made of a material that avoids fingerprints.

    V Moda has a commitment to quality. This resulted in an ergonomic headband and hexagon shape to fit your facial features and minimizes gasps.

    The headband is flexible and can adjust every head size and can bend.v moda headband It won’t gasp your head or feel too tight in long listening sessions.


    Perfect noise isolation with the supple bliss memory foam cushions that are extremely soft provide ultimate comfort for long listening sessions. 


    Cool ! But how do they sound?

    A patent is pending for their 50mm Dual Diaphragm Driver. The driver has inner and outer rings to separate the bass from bleeding into the mids and highs. They have a consistent driver quality tested at 6 frequencies to maintain stricter consistency than the competition.

    This results is that the low end is pretty good and the bass more than satisfying but they seem to tend to focus maybe too much on the bass, that sounds a bit overpowering . Some highs sound too crispy and the vocals to echoing. It sounds like they added amounts of reverb to get a clubby sound.

    result is a sound that is not very well balanced. This might be just fine for listening but if you are looking for a neutral detailed sound for mixing or studio purposes they might not be the best choice.

    They sound great in any electronic genre and hip hop because the bass is accentuated but it seems to be deficient in other genres. The airy, echoing sound can be fixed but you’ll need to EQ if you want to optimize the sound.

    An other feature that is important to take in consideration, especially if you are using them for musical enjoyment instead of production is that they need ‘burning’ like monitors. This means you will have to listen for a couple of hours to 24 hours before they achieve the perfect sound.

    Most V Moda crossfade lp reviews go in that direction but that’s something they improved in version 2.



    • Type : Over-ear
    • Sound signature:LP-Class “Live Play”
    • Driver : LP Dual-Diaphragm 50mm
    • Kevlar reinforced cable :  3-Button mic cable and  Audio Only cable
    • Warranty :1 Year + Immortal Life 50%



    They obviously look cool and their design , a good noise cancelation and amazing sound make them a good compagnon for DJ’s, enjoyable listening and travelers. They understood and listened to the demands of  ‘DJ’s on the road’  and the importance for headphones to be functional and portable, whether you are traveling a lot or using them for any outdoor activity V Moda is a good balance between fashion and function !

    One important thing though, is that they provide a rather clubby sound and a very empowering, club inspired bass . They will sound great for dance music but they don’t fit with any genre of music like rock or reggae. Like Dre’s Beats, the error they made is  focussing too much on the bass, leaving no or little space for high or mids. There are better headphones out there concerning sound quality that offer better balanced audio.

    If your intentions go beyond enjoyful listening and you might consider V-Moda for studio purposes I would suggest you go for the V-Moda LP 2 .


    V Moda crossfade lp vs lp2 ?

    The newest model, The V-Moda crossfade LP 2, will be a better choice for mixing and mastering purposes, they refined the sound quality, leaving less space to the overwhelming  bass and more to high ends. They deliver a much more balanced sound and corrected the defaults that people complained about in version 1.

    All the aspects taken in consideration I think  V Moda crossfade lp headphones are great for electronic music lovers but as a producer, they really lack a neutral, well balanced sound that you need when it comes to mixing, mastering and recording.

    They won’t be my first choice when it comes to that but they are definitely top rated over ear headphones for Electronic music audiophiles! They deserve a place in the top ten over ear headphones and I think they are among the best headphones under 200 $, because of that little extra that makes them different and their great sound when it comes to electronic music listening.


    V-MODA Crossfade LP review


    • Design
    • built quality and durability
    • Comfort of headband and cushions
    • good noise isolation
    • detachable cables and customization
    • Great sound for dance and electronic music


    • overpowering bass, clubby sound that doesn’t suit all music genres
    • not enough emphasis on mids and highs
    • echoing sound and vocals are a bit deficient

    rating 4 on 5



    Price ( Gunmetal black) *

    USA: $119.99

    UK: £129.38

    Europe: EUR 114,28


    Best place to buy





    * Click on links bellow for prices on

     V moda crossfade lp colors:   Phantom Chrome, White Pearl, Rouge and Black Chrome

    V-Moda Crossfade LP 2 ( see conclusion)



    Sennheiser HD251-IIsennheiser hd 25


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