Worakls ‘La Parisienne’

This week I decided to dedicate my Artist of the week page to French DJ/producer Worakls.

Worakls is probably one of the few producers capable of bringing real emotions into electronic music and deliver an instant ‘goosebump’ effect in all his productions.

With sophisticated beats and powerful melodies, his style is difficult to define .

It can be categorized into melodic minimal techno but has a lot of deep house influences as well and his ability to bring together different sounds like classical, violin, percussions,…make him one of the most ‘complete’ artists of his generation.


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Kevin Rodrigues was born in 1988 and has grown in Paris in a family with musical background. He started to play the piano at the age of 3 and in his teens he experimented with different styles like Rock, Bossa Nova but turned exclusively to electronic music at the age of 18.

He has been quoted as the best newcomer into the minimal techno scene in 2009 and it is his encounter with Eric Prydz that lead him into becoming a DJ.


He created the label Hungry Music with his friend N’To which who he collaborated on different tracks. The most famous probably being ‘Bleu’. The were joined by Joachim Pastor later on and the trio started to develop several live performances through projects like ‘Worakls Band’, ‘N’To live perc’ or ‘Hungry band’ with the participation of artists and live instruments like the violin, guitar and percs.




‘La Parisienne’

The reason why I choose to dedicate my post to Worakls is not only because he is one of the artists that I respect the most but also because he released  a song ‘La Parisienne’ as a tribute to the victims of the attacks in Paris.

I wanted to contribute in some way and the only way I can do so is by creating or sharing ART….

The song is absolutely mind blowing and can be downloaded for free. It is a beautiful tribute to all those who vanished too soon…


Download ‘ La Parisienne’ for free here 



Bleu 2015 (Le rythme abstrait by Raphaël Marionneau, Vol. 2)

Adagio For Square 2015

Chemin 2015

Flocon De Neige 2014 (Coco Beach Ibiza, Vol. 3 – 10TH Anniversary (Compiled by Paul Lomax

Cerisier Blanc 2015

Question Réponse 2015

Good Night My Love 2014 (Issaya Siamese Club, Vol. 2 by Ravin)

Porto 2014

I Forgot My Last Night 2014

Et la pluie tomba 2013 (Soleil de plomb)

Siehst Du nicht 2013

Metaphore 2012 ( Chroniques variees EP)

Insolence 2012  (Chroniques Variees EP)

Souvenir 2012 (Chroniques Variees EP) 

004 2012 (Jane) 

Stripped 2011

Tension 2011

Future 2010

Roadtrip Ep 2010

Dark Issues 2010

Street Ep 2010 ( Dark issues, Street)

Pain Forest 2010

Ahuha 2010

Eibrab 2009 (All Night Long!)

Next Idea 2010

Salope 2010

Folie 2010

When The Birds Go In The Wrong Way 2010

Germany 2010 (Roadtrip Ep)

Deeply infected 2009 (Deeply Infected EP)

Keep my Lips 2009


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